The Challenge

A luxury lifestyle brand’s ecommerce site was experiencing one of those problems that many retailers would love to have. Demand was high – so high, in fact, that the company’s existing fulfillment systems were starting to stress as they tried keep up with processing the outbound orders volume. Realizing that their existing fulfillment infrastructure would not be able to scale to match anticipated growth, new OMS and WMS systems were selected to replace their existing systems. Following the vendor selection, Sophelle was engaged to provide project management oversight for the implementation of, and transition to the new systems.

Sophelle’s Assessment

Called upon to provide oversight and guidance on all facets of the project – requirements definition, development, testing, inventory planning, project timeline, cut-over, and post launch, Sophelle immediately identified certain key areas of focus:

  • Requirements – Well thought-out requirements would serve as foundation for successful development and testing phases.
  • Relationships – Working on-site at all key stakeholder locations was critical to building trust and mutual respect. It also was invaluable in gaining an integral understanding that feeds into the requirements.
  • Legal Agreements – Ensuring that service levels and shipment timing requirements are properly documented in the vendor contracts would be important in continuing to meet customer expectations.
  • Call Center The client’s in-house and 3rd party call center would be heavily impacted by the transition to the new systems, thus making them a particularly critical project stakeholder.


Working closely with all key stakeholders, Sophelle oversaw a detailed requirements analysis process, as well as a thorough review of legal contracts to ensure that service level agreements and shipment timing requirements were firmly established.

Sophelle was sure to include the client’s Customer Care center as a key player in the requirements and testing phases, carefully preparing them for how their existing methods, business rules, and processes would be impacted by the transition to the new systems. The call center was well positioned and confident at the time of transition.

Sophelle delivered not only project management, but an exceptional level of consultative project leadership, demonstrating a blend of operational and technical savvy, and providing a knowledge bridge across a variety of disciplines – legal, logistics, call center, and IT. This cross-functional insight was critical to the thoughtful planning and precisely orchestrated implementation and transition.


As a result of the project, the client was left with a more competent, fully functional order management system, a highly-scalable logistics framework, and an educated team of ecommerce fulfillment experts. Despite the ever-increasing volume of orders, fulfillment capacity is no longer a top concern.

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