System Selection

System selection can often be a daunting and time consuming process. Sophelle has been helping retailers successfully navigate all phases of the system selection process for years. Our clients are able to leverage our extensive experience and resources related to systems evaluation and implementation. The following is just one recent example of successful system selection engagement.


An internationally renowned performance company with limited retail presence to date was planning both a soft opening of a flagship retail location, as well as a re-launch of its ecommerce website. Despite a fast-approaching deadline on the horizon, there were no IT systems in place to support retail operations.

Months had been spent heading down the wrong path before it was determined that there were not enough in-house resources, nor enough in-house expertise to successfully lead and execute the system selection process. With less than four months to go before launch, Sophelle was called upon to accelerate system selection and implementation.

Sophelle’s Assessment

With such a wide array of retail system requirements, including point of sale (POS), sales audit, time and attendance, inventory, merchandising, purchase order management, forecasting and planning, replenishment, tax management, payment systems, reporting and an ecommerce transaction engine, Sophelle immediately initiated a detailed discovery phase to: (1) determine key objectives, (2) document specific business requirements, and (3) gain a comprehensive understanding of all potential system integration points.


Within three weeks, Sophelle delivered a detailed discovery document which included key objectives, recommended systems, criticality of each system and milestones necessary to meet key dates and requirements. Also included were cost estimates for the required hardware, software and services.

Sophelle then delivered a prioritized matrix of detailed business requirements, a vendor comparison matrix, complete cost and risk analysis, as well as detailed system integration requirements.

After an analysis of the discovery and vendor evaluation data, our client was able to confidently make an informed system selection decision.


Sophelle’s retail expertise and familiarity with the available solution options enabled our client to rapidly achieve a solution short list, and complete their system selection initiative with a high level of confidence and within their timeline objective. Thrilled with our work, Sophelle resources were called upon to support the subsequent system implementation.

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