The Challenge

A 1,000-store specialty retailer needed to update the operating system on which the company’s 15,000 cash registers ran. Its current system, built on a Windows platform, was four generations behind and unable to run new point-of-sale, time-and-attendance, inventory, and price management software that the company wanted to deploy. Additional goals for the POS platform included:

  • Increased system stability and reliability
  • A dependable backup process
  • Enhanced remote management capabilities
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

Before making a significant investment in new software and hardware, the company wanted to examine the feasibility and benefits of alternative operating systems.

Sophelle’s Assessment

Sophelle conducted a comprehensive analysis, looking at alternatives such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Unix and Linux, from a variety of vendors. Sophelle also evaluated factors such as software availability, maintenance issues, training requirements and the retailer’s projected needs and costs for the future.


With a thorough understanding of the store and home-office environments, Sophelle was able to calculate the up-front and long-term costs for the retailer to retool their organization. In addition, Sophelle put together a technical vision for the company, including a two-year roadmap for planning.


The retailer can confidently proceed in updating its operating platform, knowing that it has made the best choice for meeting its current objectives as well as its future plans for growth.

Sophelle has a long history of proven expertise in point of sale systems and technology. Other documented point of sale success stories include: a POS audit for a successful specialty retailer, a multi-national POS rollout for a leading luxury brand, and POS testingand roll-out support for a fine accessories retailer.

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