The Challenge

A national retailer with over 400 locations was experiencing a myriad of problems with the use of their in-store systems. Because the retailer relied heavily on seasonal employees, the lack of training materials led to management problems, poor customer service and ultimately disgruntled customers.

Sophelle’s Assessment

The retailer’s system documentation was outdated, poorly formatted and not user friendly. Furthermore, it failed to link policy to procedure, leaving many items subject to interpretation and personal judgment.


Building on the retailer’s existing materials, Sophelle created a complete set of user documentation tools, including Operations Guides for both the Back Office and Point-of-Sale, and a Management Training Manual. These tools married policy and procedure to help ensure consistency and smooth store operations.

The guides and training manual contained step-by-step instructions for all systems along with other user-friendly features such as: tables of contents, indices, glossaries, and cross-references using both text and hyperlinks.

Created in Microsoft Word, these documents were distributed in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formats to allow the client to update them as needed and generate both print and electronic versions.


Store customer service quickly improved. The new training materials resulted in improved employee morale, reduced training time and costs for new employees, and improved customer satisfaction leading to a positive ROI after just the first holiday season.

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