The Digital Tidal Wave Creating Exponential eCommerce Growth

There’s a digital tidal wave sweeping through ecommerce right now. Can you feel it? 

eCommerce spending increased 44% year over year in 2020, nearly tripling the 15.1% growth in 2019 and signaling the highest jump in the last two decades. This surge has continued into 2021, with nearly $1 in $5 spent on retail purchases in Q1 attributed to online orders. There’s no sign of the momentum stopping anytime soon.

While ecommerce was growing rapidly well before the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no doubt that this unprecedented global event accelerated the shift toward online shopping. 

Retailers that invested in ecommerce years ago have been well-equipped to ride this digital tidal wave. But those lacking the digital capabilities, innovation, and agility to capitalize on this growth are at risk of being pulled under and washed ashore. 


How Retailers Can Ride the Digital Tidal Wave

Are your investments in ecommerce infrastructure amplifying the capabilities required to deliver a connected user experience? 

Key elements to a strong digital infrastructure include: 

  • Immersive end-to-end user experience. An immersive retail experience that resonates with customers, differentiates you from competitors, and provides consistency across all omnichannel touchpoints.
  • 360-degree view of the consumer. The ability to capture, monitor, analyze, and use rich consumer data in real-time, across all channels, at every stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • Personalization across all channels. A personalized, omnichannel user experience that gives customers the chance to seamlessly move between digital devices and a physical retail location.
  • Transformative digital capabilities. The digital tools, structure, and talent required to leverage growth rates in ecommerce sales into scalable profit increases.
  • Agile system solution strategy. Flexible, easily adaptable technical solutions and processes allow your business to quickly capture new revenue opportunities and address the challenges of the digital age.


Sophelle’s Experience with Digital Strategy Planning Solutions

If you don’t have the innovation and agility required to accelerate profitable growth in digital channels, it’s not too late to reprioritize investments in your system infrastructure.

As a leader in digital strategic planning solutions for retailers, Sophelle can provide support with:

  • Consumer experience strategy. Real-Time Customer Behavior (RTCB) helps retailers better understand customers’ purchasing patterns and preferences, and then use those insights to enhance the customer experience. We offer a comprehensive strategy on how to harness your RTCB, including planning, road-mapping, and solution selection.
  • Customer insights and analytics strategy. Gathering data about customers is key to improving transactions. We then analyze the data and use the resulting insights to drive your retail strategy.
  • Omnichannel personalization strategy. Offering a personalized omnichannel shopping experience gives customers a seamless experience no matter where they’re encountering your brand. We develop a custom strategy and select a retail system that will maximize the user experience for your customer base.
  • Innovative digital strategy. In the crowded consumer market, retailers need to be different to stand out. We’ll help you develop a digital strategy that effectively reaches, engages, and converts your customers into loyal fans.
  • Agile retail system solution selection. Agility Is Oxygen™ for retailers. It helps an organization quickly adapt, flex, and adjust to the unknown. When selecting an agile retail system solution, we consider high-level agility factors like adoption, modification, enhancement, and scale.


Are you ready to ride the digital tidal wave? If you need support in one or more of these areas, Sophelle can help. Contact us today to learn more

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