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  • Services: Strategy, Implementation, Optimization
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    Sophelle helps retailers create compelling experiences throughout the customer journey.

    Retail personalization strategies require ongoing testing and optimization to deliver true value-and many retailers don't have the time or resources to conduct such extensive testing themselves.

    Sophelle's personalization experts work closely with clients to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to deliver on ecommerce goals-maximizing engagement, conversion, and revenue. Sophelle's strategies take a holistic view and work to leverage key touchpoints with hyper-targeted recommendations, content, and promotions.

    With so many critical factors to consider, even the most seasoned retailers find that investing in personalization technology alone isn't enough. They need retail technology consultants like Sophelle to help them navigate the personalization landscape, develop a personalization roadmap, select the right personalization software and tools, oversee the implementation, and manage the execution of these solutions with ongoing testing.