Location: Western Mass

You have a mind for marketing and metrics. You are all over PPC, SEO and analytics. Your roots are either in website management or digital marketing, and you probably enjoy having your hands in lots of tools that help you manage the big picture of the digital channel.

When it comes to your work, you’re happy maintaining a healthy balance between regular tasks (like analysis and adjustment to PPC, or updating ads on the site) and spearheading new initiatives and projects, while giving your team the attention and support they need.

This role reports to the Vice President of Marketing & Digital, and has three direct reports, representing the digital side of our growing department, which plays a pivotal part in the strategic initiatives.

You will be responsible for the daily management of our brand website as well as the 10-or-so other digital channels on which we sell (drop ship) our product.

Your primary responsibilities will rely on your proficiency with:

1.  Pay per click – Analysis, setup, and regular adjustment (Google, Bing, Amazon, social, etc.)

2.  Website management – Using administrative interface to update website (ads, merchandising, promotions, etc.) with support from your team, and pulling together all of the integrated tools/providers

3.  Analytics (Google) & SEO – Understanding data, reporting as appropriate, recommending adjustments

4. Email marketing – management of schedule, administration, automation, reporting/adjustment

5. Project management – everything from building our product line plan to overseeing all of the contributions for marketing collateral

6. Creative Marketing – understanding user behavior, guiding the visuals that will sell, and generally pulling together a digital marketing plan.

7. Product Lifecycle Management – influencing the line plan to purchase, determining which products work best in which digital channels, and managing price adjustments over time

Bonus:  HTML (for layout design – not just function) – extra credit for HTML5/Bootstrap (not required)

You are definitely:

1.  Organized, able to juggle multiple, simultaneous projects on schedule, and manage your priorities effectively.

2.  Collaborative, able to respectfully request and manage contributions from various departments including people who do not report to you.

3.  Flexible, because you know that the ecommerce industry is constantly evolving and every dedicated ecom professional is thrilled to flex with it and take on new and exciting challenges.

4.  Analytical, so that you can adjust your approach next time based on the response last time.

5.  An excellent written, verbal and oral communicator, with a proactive attitude and a penchant for seeking out opportunities to excel.

6.   Extremely comfortable using the common tools of the trade, such as the MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and web interfaces (for things like email marketing, ecommerce platforms, CRMs like Salesforce.com, etc.).

7.   Experienced, with at least 3-5 years under your belt in this field, managing most, if not all, of the above proficiencies.

8. A strong manager of people, providing guidance, inspiration, guardrails when needed, and helping to foster our positive departmental culture.

Apply Now: 

For consideration, submit a résumé and cover letter to: recruiting@sophelle.com. Please include the job title in the subject line.