Artificial intelligence for commerce – Separating the hype from the hip

There are over 500 million Google search results for “AI in retail”. What does it really mean, and how is AI actually being used across the industry today? Hear from technology experts and brands on real-world applications of this buzzy technology like better predicting what inventory to have on shelves, personalizing the shopping experience, pricing, even writing effective marketing copy. Robots and algorithms aren’t going to run retail, but they can help the human experts do their jobs even better— and keep TP on the shelves through a pandemic.
In this episode, you will learn:
  • How to recognize that AI is a tool not an outcome, and that many applications of this tool are over-hyped.
  • Uncover practical use of AI that can improve your business outcomes right now.
  • Learn how to leverage AI for your business today, as well was what you need to be doing right now, to prepare for AI use-cases in the future.


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Amit Aggarwal CTO and Co-Founder THE YES, Jason "Retailgeek" Goldberg Chief Commerce Strategy Officer Publicis Groupe, Steve Gurney Head of Worldwide General Merchandise Amazon Web Services
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