How to gain repeat customers with first-party data & personalization

Part of our 360 eCommerce Chat Series

Many online shoppers today are fickle. They have tons of ecommerce sites to choose from with more options added to the ecommerce buffet each day. That makes gaining repeat customers a major hurdle for many online retailers today. Getting a consumer to buy once is tough enough but getting that shopper to repeatedly come back and spend is an even bigger challenge.

Many retailers are finding that a key to gaining repeat customers is to personalize their online shopping experience by leveraging first-party data. Retailers that employ data to understand what their customers want and the marketing messages that resonate with them have found great success in retaining customers for the long haul.

Join us for a roundtable discussion with customer engagement platform vendor Emarsys and several retailers as we discuss the ways first-party data can help personalize the shopping journey and retain customers. We’ll also go over the pain points around multichannel and omnichannel campaigns, marketing to mobile and social shoppers and making marketing in general more personal to shoppers’ wants and needs.

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Digital Commerce 360
Speaker :
Ian Rosen (Executive Vice President, Digital & Strategy, Harry Rosen) ; Fred Gerantabee (CXO at FGX International) ; Dhiraj Rustagi (VP, E-Commerce and Marketing, NorthShore Care Supply) ; Alex Timlin (SVP Retail, Emarsys) ; Tabitha Cassidy (Content Manager and Research Analyst, Digital Commerce 360)
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