Secrets to Successful Ecommerce (Re)Platform Deployment

B2B TECHNOLOGY GAME PLAN Webinar Series – Part 1

According to Digital Commerce 360’s October 2021 Distributor report,  over 40% of distributors indicated interest in re-platforming in 2022.

These days, the ecommerce platform is the critical central hub connecting all the backend and front-end applications needed for achieving success in long term digital commerce. The pandemic accelerated the pace of B2B ecommerce—and the demand for a better, faster, and easier user experience from digital business buyers.

But selecting the right ecommerce platform the first time or re-platforming is more than just making a choice of new technology. It’s a strategic process that must meet the ecommerce needs of diverse players both inside and outside the enterprise.

B2B practitioners from companies of all sizes must get ecommerce platform deployment right each time. And this new webinar, chock full of best practices and know-how from some of the most knowledgeable minds in digital commerce technology, will help attendees do just that.


Agenda for Free Ecommerce Platform Webinar


  • Present market research on why B2B ecommerce is at a tipping point like never before
  • Provide high-level, yet actionable information about how to go about re-platforming with user case studies to help you understand if now is the time or not.
  • A live Q&A with 2-3 B2B panelists who have started or re-platformed recently to help understand how they knew the time was now.
Organizer :
Digital Commerce 360
Speaker :
Jenn Grabenstetter, Vice President of Digital Growth & Experience, Sealed Air; Mark Brohan, Vice President, B2B and Market Research Development Digital Commerce 360; Jay Schneider, B2B Digital Commerce Evangelist, Leader & Consultant, B2B-Squared; Nate Stohrer, Principal Consultant, Vertex; Ed Kennedy, Product Marketing Manager, B2B Commerce, Adobe
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