Supply chain testing ground: The future of last mile delivery

New experiments are pushing retailers and their partners to consider a variety of next-gen logistics strategies. is a new platform that consolidates packages into weekly deliveries and facilitates returns with an equally resourceful method. On the West Coast, the University of Washington is coordinating the Urban Freight Lab project. Designed as a microhub, the project is one of the first pilots in the country that brings together cargo bikes, electric vehicles and food trucks with the goal of slashing e-commerce emissions. Listen in as two entrepreneurs share their vision for the future of last mile.
In this episode, learn about:
  • The necessity of thinking differently about last mile
  • The probability of solving logistical inefficiencies
  • How consumers are reacting to shifts in this space
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Nate Faust, Founder, Olive; Anne Goodchild, Professor and Founding Director, Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center, University of Washington; Christine Russo, Founder, Retail Creative & Consulting Agency
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