The future of flagship stores in this new era of retail

Eighty-one percent of Gen Z prefers to shop in stores. Consumers want a great experience in stores, along with convenience, ease and good customer service. How can brands and retailers balance these basics with the new digital demands of consumers? Hear from industry experts building the new global flagship stores, and implementing technology to give consumers the best of both ecommerce and offline when they are in stores.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What technology to prioritize in your store formats, and what can be on hold on for later.
  • How to do “experience” right, in a way that works for your brand and doesn’t feel forced.
  • How to weigh investment v. returns when it comes to building out a flagship store model.
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Kate Ancketill, CEO and Founder, GDR Creative Intelligence; Amy Eschliman, Managing Director, Retail, Cloud Industry Solutions, Google; Daniel Hulme, AI Expert & CEO, SATALIA; Simone Sweeney, VP Global Retail Development, LEGO Group
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