The top 5 things retail marketers need to know about Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) has changed the game for successful brands looking to reach their audience, drive measurable conversions, and boost revenue. Regardless of their size or industry, top-performing retailers are also benefiting from the targeting and measurement capabilities of CTV. But is the platform right for your retail brand?
Join MNTN, the world’s first and only CTV advertising platform optimized for direct-response goals, as they share key insights, highlight CTV features, and demonstrate the crucial benefits for retailers.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How CTV’s targeting capabilities finds your audience when and where they’re watching
  • The benefits of A/B testing on CTV to offer different promotions
  • The key ways that retailers use CTV to track conversions definitively
  • How CTV leverages the data you already have through CRM targeting
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Brittany Haskins, Senior Lead Customer Success Manager, MNTN
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