Top Ecommerce Trends for 2022

The pandemic accelerated ecommerce growth and there’s no going back. 86% of marketing leaders believe digital commerce will be the most important sales channel within the next two years, Gartner reported.

Ecommerce leaders need a clear maturity roadmap to stay ahead of the competition, add differentiating value for customers, and improve commerce KPIs.

Join Lucidworks GM of Commerce in this webinar to learn about:

  • Emerging trends and disruptors that will shape the 2022 ecommerce landscape
  • Short-term strategies for mitigating supply chain issues and long-term strategies for sustaining ecommerce growth and customer loyalty
  • Integrating product availability, shopper preferences, and customer support to drive omnichannel profitability
  • Overcoming limitations of monolithic legacy platforms
Organizer :
Digital Commerce 360
Speaker :
Peter Curran, General Manager of Digital Commerce, Lucidworks; Tom Duggan, VP of Business Development, Digital Commerce 360
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