What Retailers Need to Know About Conversational AI vs. Chatbots

Conversational AI vs. Intent-Based Chatbots
One of the key differences distinguishing conversational AI from chatbots is the use of back-end systems to provide customers with information. Rule-based chatbots are rigid in nature because they follow a pre-determined set of guidelines. If a shopper were to ask a chatbot for information that’s not already programmed into its script, the chatbot becomes useless to the shopper and forces them to look for the information elsewhere. For example, a chatbot has no way of understanding a convoluted ask like, “I want to return the pink dress I bought from your Mulberry Street store on 5/27.”
Conversational AI, however, has the capacity to learn the human language and continuously layer various use cases on top of that understanding engine so it can keep pace and adapt to ever-changing content, datasets and customer demands. This is because, unlike rule-based systems, conversational AI platforms have direct access to information sources such as websites, APIs and databases. This allows the platform to gather the appropriate information and context to maintain a flexible and carried conversation, allowing all customer interactions to be more fluid and dynamic.

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Israel Krush, CEO, Hyro
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