[WEBINAR]: The future of retail personalization must blend marketing and IoT

The future of personalized shopping experiences is upon us. Retail and eCommerce leaders are using online and offline data to create better personalized experiences to disrupt their peers. IoT data like sensors, smart screens and augmented reality are being smartly incorporated, allowing forward-thinking retailers to leapfrog their competition in the next decade.
In this session we’ll explore the technologies that make this possible and look at a few real world examples of how data-driven strategies are being implemented by retail leaders Subaru, Muji, and Kirin.
You will learn:
  • Four tactics retailers can implement now by leveraging their existing infrastructure
  • Details on the fifth wave of computing and how this will empower the next wave of customer experiences like smart shelves and AI enabled cameras and what technologies are enabling them
  • How “Boomers”, “Gen X” and “Millennials” view the trust vs personalization relationship and what segments companies are most commonly using for personalization today

Organizer: Retail Customer Experience

Speaker: Erik Archer Smith (Marketing Director, Data Arm Treasure Data), Judy Mottl (Editor, RetailCustomerExperience.com Networld Media Group)

Session URL: https://www.retailcustomerexperience.com/whitepapers/webinar-the-future-of-retail-personalization-must-blend-marketing-and-iot/

Price: Free

Published on: 7/24/2019