Top actions retailers should be taking to safeguard customer dataThe internet has completely changed the way consumers feel about their personal data, with people sharing millions of photos, personal anecdotes and sensitive information over social media every day.

When it comes to retail, shoppers are increasingly happy to swap their name and address for a 10% off code, or share their email address in order to receive a digital receipt.

In the last decade or so, retail has capitalised on this consumer need for both discount and convenience – just look at the successful loyalty card programmes out there, never mind the more modern solutions such as Bluetooth beacons and in-store Wi-Fi tracking. To retail, customer data is the lifeblood of customer acquisition and retention.

But then along came GDPR, Cambridge Analytica and a plethora of cyberattacks on huge brands with headlines screaming about personal data being traded on the dark web. Throw in headlines about facial recognition hitting the high street and consumers are quite right to be more than a little concerned, leading to them to be more guarded with their personal data.

Are customers becoming more wary about sharing their data? And what is the knock-on impact for retailers if they can’t get hold of this information?

In this webinar, Essential Retail and expert speakers discuss the balance between best-in-class customer experience and data security. Key takeaways:

  • Is the concern around data and privacy putting a blocker on innovative shopping experiences?
  • What should retailers be thinking of when rolling out innovative shopping experiences?
  • The data value exchange – what are customers willing to share their data for? Is 20% off your first shop worth signing up to an email marketing campaign that will litter their inboxes?
  • Are millennials more likely to share data than Gen X? How do different customer segments approach data and customer experience differently?
  • No one wants to be the next Ticketmaster or British Airways – what are the main things retailers should be doing to safeguard customer data?

Organizer: Essential Retail

Speaker: Caroline Baldwin, (Editor, Essential Retail), William Long,(Global Co-Leader, Sidleys Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice), Richard Meeus, (Security Technology & Strategy Director, Akamai), Bhavesh Unadkat, (Principal Consultant in Retail Customer Engagement, Capgemini)

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Published on: 12/12/2019