360 Degree View of the Brand Is True Customer-Centricity

For decades, retailers have held fast and true to the marketing mantra, looking for a 360 degree view of the customer. The rise of ecommerce and the big data that it produced, created a world of promise for an all-knowing view of the customer that could be combined with relevant CRM information. Data such as:

  • Geographics: Where she lives, works, shops
  • Demographics: Her age, income, family size
  • Psychographics: Her goals, rationale, concerns in shopping

Today, even more data is available such as:

  • Social Media: How are her friends involved in a purchase or how does she impact her friends’ purchases
  • Digital footprint: Where was she before the sale, her touch points across the customer journey

What Does Retail Success Look Like?

At Sophelle we believe that all of this is still vital information, but retail success is all about customer-centricity and omnichannel capabilities. Customer-centricity doesn’t mean putting the customer in the brand’s bullseye. It means seeing the brand from each customer’s point of view. Whether she sees your store, website, Pinterest page, email, catalog, or any other exposure, she needs to see one brand, not channels. Omnichannel capabilities means making all channels look like one.

This is the 360 Degree View of the BrandTM. In order to deliver on this approach, Sophelle helps retailers coordinate operations, integrate systems, and share data.

Coordinated operations has people working with knowledge of the enterprise and in sync across channels. Integrated systems facilitate cross-channel functionalities and efficiency. Shared data is required to fulfill one version of the truth with real-time access.

To learn more about how Sophelle has helped retailers, from start-ups to the Fortune 50, please review our recent success stories here.

Contributed by Doug Weich