Retail Innovation – 4 Tips to Get It Right

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity not a threat.” - Steve Jobs If there’s an industry constantly pressured to innovate, it’s retail.  Look at fashion, for example. Every season has to bring in something de rigeur...

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EMV Compliance Yields Holiday Season Success

The Challenge  The CIO of an iconic apparel and accessories retailer was two years into a planned one-year POS and EMV compliance upgrade when they reached out to Sophelle for help. He knew his team didn’t have enough experience in...

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When Will Retail Establish Its “New Normal”?

  Eight months into the pandemic, COVID-19 continues to bring extreme uncertainty to the retail sector. On the one hand, case counts are higher than ever and continue to rise. On the other hand, promising trial results indicate a vaccine...

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The Millennial Report: Appearance versus Reality

Millennials grew up in the age of chat rooms and early social media sites, so it’s no surprise we have a heavy virtual presence as adults. We constantly surveil our friends’ lives through social media posts, assess potential partners on...

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