When Will Retail Establish Its “New Normal”?

  Eight months into the pandemic, COVID-19 continues to bring extreme uncertainty to the retail sector. On the one hand, case counts are higher than ever and continue to rise. On the other hand, promising trial results indicate a vaccine...

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Reaching Customers Through Digital Personalization

Taking the initial step into digital personalization may seem like a giant leap, and that’s why it can be better to take a phased approach. They are monumental changes that won’t take place overnight, so incremental improvement is the best...

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Today it’s about customer centricity. To be customer centric, successful retailers must put themselves in their customers’ shoes and see how she views the brand, giving her the seamless experience she expects. Throughout the journey and at all touch points,...

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Omnichannel Transformation

This is the tale of an organization that has taken a larger view, seeking to understand customer touchpoints in fresh ways and focusing on true omnichannel transformation rather than just updating technology. For the 33-year old Paper Source company, 2016 was...

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