Sophelle Takes an Independent & Objective View for Each and Every Retailer

Retail System Selection

When it comes to retail system selection, retailers understand that there is no ‘one size’ fits all technology platform. With hundreds of technologies across each and every processor silo plus thousands of integrators, the selection process can easily become overwhelming for even the most seasoned retail executive. That’s why Sophelle offers technology selection services across Stores, Digital, Supply Chain and the Back-End. In Selection Project, we take an independent, objective view that helps retailers to identify the best solutions that facilitate their innovative retail strategy.


Technology Selection with Mitigated Risk

Sophelle’s significant retail experience gives us a keen understanding on the current and future state of retail. One certainty is that there will always be unforeseen changes presenting challenges and opportunities. As part of risk management, Sophelle integrates “what if” scenarios into the strategic planning process to help its clients develop a flexible and agile organization and infrastructure, allowing them to react and change strategies when required. Sophelle calls this Reactability™.
Reactability™ enables retailers to develop strategies and processes that maximize flexibility and agility to minimize risk and maximize their ability to seize opportunities by strategizing for:

  • Business Development and Growth
  • People
  • Economic and Environmental Changes

Technology System Selection from Industry Experts

Sophelle traces its roots to 1995, when a seasoned IT executive founded our Boston-based retail consultancy. With over 20 years of experience, our industry-experienced principals and staff cover all areas of retail management, including a complete range of technology, systems, personnel and retail applications. Our team is:

Project Management | Change Management | Risk Management | Quality Management Related

Sophelle Success Stories

Sophelle has a proven history of expertise in retail strategy, selection, implementation, and support, creating success for both retailers and solution providers. With a No Surprises approach, Sophelle delivers projects on-time and on-budget.