Alice Kwak

Vice President, Practice Leader
Customer & Marketing Strategies

About Alice Kwak

Alice is a holistic and growth-oriented marketer who brings 25+ years of deep and broad experience in transforming marketing and customer-related operating models to their next & future state level. Alice’s core strength is her ability to bring together the company’s brand strategy with consumer experience frameworks and advanced analytics-based, integrated-marketing approaches.

Alice has extensive experience with leading transformation projects in large and small companies in many industries including luxury retail, consumer financial services, wellness, travel, etc.  She was Tiffany & Co’s Global VP of Brand Marketing and subsequently their Global VP of Customer, eCommerce & Omnichannel Marketing.

Alice also led several growth-oriented marketing teams at American Express and has been a strategic marketing consultant at various stages throughout her career.

At Sophelle, Alice will be leading projects to advance the short- and longer-term growth path of our clients by tapping into, intersecting, and evolving the company’s underleveraged growth-driving assets: their brand, customers and next-level marketing and customer experience operating models and strategies.

Brand Strategy
Integrated, Digital, and Growth Marketing
eCommerce and Brand websites
Omnichannel Customer Experience
CRM and Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Loyalty and Retention
Strategies & Growth Tactics leveraging Customer Data, Analytics, and Research (Qual and Quant)
Representative Projects
Brand Framework-based audience strategies (external & internal)
Integrated 360 marketing planning & execution
Advanced segmentation models for targeted growth strategies
Digital & omnichannel experience strategy, capabilities prioritization, and roadmap
Personalized & brand-based evolution of ecommerce/websites
Customer journey mapping and opportunity tactics
Customer Loyalty programs and Clienteling strategies
Advancing company’s marketing and customer teams’ functional and operating models

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