Analysis and Testing Lifts eCommerce Conversion Rates

Client:  European Apparel Retailer

The Challenge

A multinational European apparel client wanted to improve website performance. Their platform used various algorithms and business rules to make targeted product recommendations throughout the consumer experience, but the client struggled to identify which AI algorithms to prioritize.

They enlisted Sophelle’s services to analyze and improve key metrics across each country’s site.


Sophelle’s optimization experts got to work. They first performed detailed analyses using consumer behavioral data. This helped the team identify multiple optimization opportunities, which were then run in A/B tests.

Based on their findings, they provided the retail client with ecommerce site recommendations proven to drive marketing results.


In just one month, Sophelle improved conversion rates by 5.9%. And for continuous optimization, Sophelle instituted a process of regular testing according to data modeling, analyses, and client reviews.

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