Accelerating Test Processes Brings Rapid Deployment For Apparel Retailer

The Challenge

A booming online fashion boutique for women’s apparel and accessories was in the process of migrating to a state-of-the-art ecommerce solution. The transition was a substantial investment of time and budget, and the e-tailer wanted to ensure that the functionality, quality and performance of the new site would be completely consistent with their carefully crafted brand image.

Sophelle’s Assessment

Sophelle was engaged to aid with test planning prior to the completion of development. Given the frequency of anticipated code releases, Sophelle concluded that the automation of the functional and user interface testing could enhance the effectiveness of the testing process and accelerate the overall development cycle by reducing the time required for every regression test iteration.


During the final stages of development, Sophelle gained access to a pre-released test site. Leveraging our Accelerator² approach to automated testing, Sophelle QA Engineers rapidly configured approximately 100 test scripts to run on the new platform, covering a wide array of site functionality including search, product detail pages, checkout, gift card functionality, account administration, email notification, and more.

By the time development finalized, Sophelle was able to incorporate the automated test suite into the testing process. Through automation, a suite of 100 tests, which would have taken 20 hours to run manually, could be executed in three hours with greater accuracy and consistency than a manual test. The automated tests enabled Sophelle to not only execute more tests, faster, but also enabled testers to focus more on manually testing new functions that hadn’t previously been automated, and user interface testing that cannot be automated.


The acceleration of the testing process through automation enabled Sophelle’s client to launch on time. The quality of the site at launch exceeded the client’s expectations. They now possess a suite of over 100 automated test scripts that can be run before each new release, enabling them to catch new issues that could potentially break existing functionality.

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