Chris Corbin

Vice President, BI & Data Analytics Practice Leader

About Chris Corbin

Christopher A. Corbin is an accomplished data & analytics executive, renowned for pioneering transformative data initiatives across the retail industry and beyond. With over two decades of rich experience, he has masterfully driven the adoption of data-driven cultures, modernized technology infrastructures, and significantly enhanced decision-making processes through strategic data governance, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data modeling, and master data management practices.

His strategic foresight, paired with an in-depth understanding of the retail sector’s nuanced challenges and opportunities, has empowered Christopher to lead organizations through intricate transformations, culminating in operational excellence and sustained growth. Known for his visionary leadership, Christopher excels in assembling cohesive, high-performing teams, nurturing a culture of innovation, and an unwavering dedication to continuous improvement.

Christopher has held data related leadership positions for J. Jill, Alex and Ani, and Christmas Tree Shops where he was a champion of modernizing data infrastructure and architecture, to execute upon data strategies which championed intentional usage of information. He believes you can “have data, and make decisions” or be truly “data driven”, and his passion is in helping retailers develop and execute strategies to become the latter.

Data Governance and Strategy
Big Data
Business Intelligence
Data Modeling
Data Engineering
Data Architecture
Master Data Management
Machine Learning & AI
Data Integration
Application Integration
Representative Projects
Implement Big Data platforms
Establish and operationalize Data Governance
Design and implement Master Data Management solutions
Modernize data architecture during divestiture
Design and build dashboards and standard reports
Assess data utilization and quality
Develop enterprise data strategies
Integrate mission-critical systems
Implement enterprise retail solutions
Operationalizing ML models and Generative AI

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