Data Center Migration Offers Room for Rapid Growth For Growing SaaS Technology Leader

The Challenge

Despite its benefits, rapid growth can present a multitude of challenges. A leading retail SaaS-based vendor was in need of additional capacity and flexibility to keep up with growth and future demand. The business accelerated rapidly, and it needed greater data storage in the form of a private cloud. A previous data center move hadn’t gone as smoothly as it should, and company executives craved a more efficient solution.

After discussing and reviewing documentation for the previous project with management, Sophelle leaders determined that best-practice project management and change management tactics were not leveraged efficiently by the company. For an IT project that impacts an entire enterprise.


To address these issues, Sophelle designed the private cloud implementation hardware necessary for the company to make the data storage switch. In addition, Sophelle hired an expert with both technology and project management skills to oversee the project. The expert also provided guidance and support during the process. This ensured a smooth migration to the new data center.


The five-month project culminated in a seamless 6-hour migration with zero downtime for end users and business partners, with the time required to spin up new environments reduced from days to hours. The company gained the tools to easily transfer services to its new cloud system through a simple interface.

In addition, the concurrency of the failover database improved by 96 times, and the vendor hosting count was reduced from three to one with increased capabilities.

Sophelle’s data center migration was not only beneficial for company’s present goals; its implementation will serve as a foundation for the growing business in the future.

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