How a Personalized Omnichannel Experience Can Benefit Your Business

Offering a personalized omnichannel shopping experience gives your customers the chance to move between devices and into your physical store seamlessly

When reaching out to past and potential customers, providing a custom user experience is beneficial to both you and the user. The easiest way to create this experience is through omnichannel personalization, which creates a unified customer experience across all sales channels. From there, you can use integrated marketing techniques to present this customer with offers that your research suggests she will appreciate.

Ways that you can gather information and present these personalized offers include:

  • Web and email
  • Targeted offers
  • Mobile marketing
  • In-store promotions
  • Contact center

The goal is to give the customer as many reasons as possible to revisit you by providing the right incentives. Here are some ways that omnichannel personalization can benefit your business.

Higher conversions

Of course, the main benefit of omnichannel personalization is your bottom line. By presenting personalized offers to customers based on their browsing or spending habits, social interactions, and demographic information, you can improve the ROI on your marketing dollars spent.

You might also find that the average order per customer increases in this scenario. Spending more money is likely when customers receive targeted offers or automated recommendations because they see more items that interest them.

Research suggests that omnichannel shoppers spend 4% more during in-store visits and 10% more online than shoppers who rely on a single channel.

A one-on-one relationship with the customer

Dynamic personalization helps you to build a one-on-one relationship with the customer. Online shoppers want an experience where they’re free to browse for themselves, yet have any questions answered promptly.

When you’re able to provide a unified customer experience across multiple shopping channels, your customers are happy because they won’t struggle to find what they want. Shopping becomes more natural in this situation, allowing for a better conversion rate for you.

The increased lifetime value of the customer

It may not be surprising that customers are less loyal to brands than ever before. Why would they stay loyal when the goal is to find the best price on the products they want?

Through omnichannel personalization, you can build customer loyalty. This loyalty grows because consumers believe you know what they want. You become like a trusted friend, rather than just another retailer who is after their money, as you build this experience for your customers.

By building brand loyalty, you can increase the value of each customer by ensuring that they return whenever they’re looking for something within your niche. Since you’ll present them with personalized offers along the way, you’re never far from their mind, either.

Integrated marketing channels

About 67% of retail customers begin shopping on one device and complete their purchase on another device or in the store’s brick and mortar location. Customers want flexibility because they’re taking their time researching and learning about products before making a purchase.

Giving your customers the ability to move between devices and locations seamlessly makes it far more likely that they’ll purchase through you. Since you can provide offers to the customer regardless of the device they’re using, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to attract a consumer to your store.

The advantage over your competitors

You cannot overstate the competitive advantage that you’ll create through omnichannel personalization. Customers reward brands that meet their needs when they need them the most, and that’s what this strategy can do for you.

Companies that don’t use omnichannel personalization technology are fragmenting their customers’ needs because they aren’t creating a unified customer experience. You will lose customers if you are unable to create a portrait across all marketing channels.

The advantage is knowing that the customer who bought a shirt online and a hat at your brick and mortar location is the same person. As a result, this customer should receive offers for items related to both purchases, rather than just one of them.

Benefiting your business

Your personalized omnichannel marketing strategy integrates all of your customers’ behaviors into a single user experience. This information allows you to present each consumer with custom offers based on his or her browsing history, past purchases, and social media activity.

Sophelle can help you to provide a seamless customer experience by developing a strategy and selecting a retail system that will maximize your user experience. For more information on how we can integrate omnichannel personalization into your retail system, contact us today.