Optimized Performance Leads to Growing Transactions and Higher Revenue

The Challenge

A growing customer base demands optimized performance. A national department store chain faced challenges surrounding server capacity due to an increasing number of transactions.

The company had the ability to process no more than 40 transactions per minute causing consumers to endure slow check-out times. Sophelle stepped in to help.


Sophelle experts performed an environmental assessment and performed load testing to determine the underlying cause of the slow server performance. After reviewing these assessments, Sophelle determined that performance tuning was necessary.

Sophelle identified optimal technical configurations and proceeded to test and implement these recommendations. The entire process was completed successfully on time and on budget.


As a result of Sophelle’s implementations, stability and server performance Improved, load thresholds increased, and transactions capacity rose to 125 per minute. The department store chain gained the ability to effectively handle its growing client base.

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