IT Support Services Gets Growing Retailer Technology-Ready For Success

Retail Growth Overwhelming IT Department

The Challenge

Although fast-paced expansion is a byproduct of a successful retail business,  IT may struggle to adequately support that growth. An upscale designer of sportswear and accessories for women with a growing number of nationwide retail locations was experiencing these challenges; its recent rapid growth as a retailer threatened to outpace the volume that its existing store systems and IT staff could support. As such, the company retained the services of a Senior IT Advisor from Sophelle to assess the current situation and provide strategic guidance.

Sophelle’s Assessment

The business outgrew their current systems and the existing IT staff lacked the guidance, processes, and resources to adequately address the challenges associated with the continued expansion.

The business needed to build an IT staff capable of delivering services to the company in a manner consistent with its overall requirements and constraints. Additionally, numerous critical issues requiring remediation were identified with the company’s POS, inventory, merchandising, sales audit, and CRM applications.


Sophelle worked with both IT and business representatives to define IT strategies and ensure their alignment with corporate strategy. Sophelle was instrumental in identifying and prioritizing the severity of issues with retail systems, as well as planning and overseeing the remediation of the most critical issues. Sophelle formalized a number of previously informal processes and instituted new processes. All new and modified procedures were documented and communicated to the IT staff.

The updated procedures laid a foundation that would enable the IT staff to more effectively support the company’s continued growth and success. Additionally, Sophelle provided guidance and mentoring to the company’s IT staff, assisted in the development of IT departmental goals, and worked with both IT staff and vendors to achieve those goals.

Result of IT Advisory Services

Key issues with retail systems were identified and mitigated. The IT staff was well positioned to provide higher levels of service in support of the business goals for the foreseeable future. Executive management became more confident than ever in the IT department’s ability to support the business’ objectives.

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