NRF ENGAGE: Making an Immediate Impact on Your Companies Bottom Line

“May I scan your badge?” If this is your least favorite phrase, then perhaps you are not having the most engaging tradeshow experience. What if it were easier to maneuver the show floor, to connect with the solutions and providers that were most suited to your company and upcoming strategies? The truth is, there are more tradeshows, in larger venues year over year; and if collecting a wide array of fidget spinners wasn’t on your agenda, than it’s time to ENGAGE, as in NRF ENGAGE! The NRF understands that selecting the products and services that benefit your business is getting harder and harder and that’s why they have partnered with the team at Sophelle for NRF ENGAGE, a hosted buyer program for this year’s SHOP.ORG conference.

With more exciting exhibitors than years past, I couldn’t be more thrilled about the ENGAGE program. At Sophelle we’ve been connecting retailers and solutions providers for over 20 years, creating engaging experiences across the customer journey; and with just 15 short minutes, we can create productive connections that can help you to evaluate the products and services most valuable to your business. ENGAGE takes away the guess work from introductory meetings, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand, your business success.

Having just completed the first hosted buyer program for the PROTECT show, we know NRF ENGAGE was a success because of comments like this “I was happy with the program and found great value in having these pre-set meetings and I would certainly look to do it again next year.” 

NRF ENGAGE connects retailers, exhibitors, and tech startups for 1-on-1 private pre-scheduled meetings. These curated meetings will be informative and interactive, and provide you the opportunity to network and try new and innovative products for yourself.

ENGAGE is free, but space is limited. Qualifying retailers who participate may receive a fully paid conference pass to SHOP.ORG plus a $500 gift card. Contact me today to find out if you qualify.

SHOP.ORG is just around the corner, so mark your calendar for September 26th and 27th and ENGAGE with the NRF and Sophelle for the meetings that will impact your bottom line. For more information on the ENGAGE program please contact me at

Contributed by Beth Trudell