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Welcome to an early release of Sophelle’s Retail Solutions Directory. We’ve identified thousands of solutions from the leading solution providers. We’re just getting started. More solutions are added every day. The directory is free to search and free to list! Solution Providers – Let us know if you have a solution to list or if you’d like any changes to what we’re showing.

Logo Company Solution Type Solution Description Visit Website
24Notion24NotionMarketing ServicesCreativity With Flare
3dcart3dcarteCommerce PlatformBuild an online store that ranks higher and sells more.
4-Tell, Inc.4-TellExperience Optimization (Personalization)Customer Engagement Platform
4ALLPORTALPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Refine and qualify your product information with our product information management
4ALLPORTAL4ALLPORTAL Digital Asset ManagementDigital Asset Management (DAM)4allportal digital asset management (DAM) software packs a real punch! You can use it as a media and image database, or you can use it to easily manage all kinds of files (called assets) from different sources – like videos, PDF files, photos, InDesign fi
4R SystemsOmni ReplenishmentMerchandise PlanningProfit Optimized Store Replenishment applies a sophisticated economic model that analyzes demand patterns, inventory costs, margin, case pack size, lead times, and other supply chain parameters to determine the inventory level that maximizes profitability
4R SystemsDemand PlanningDemand PlanningTrue Demand Planning not only looks at what is selling, but also what could or should have sold if the appropriate stock was on hand.
4R SystemsMarkdown OptimizationPromotion Management4R’s Markdown Optimization Solution ensures that retailers achieve their merchandising goals each season by recommending the optimal timing and depth of end-of-season markdowns.
4R SystemsPhantom InventoryInventory ManagementPhantom Inventory is a common retail industry expression for goods that inventory accounting systems consider to be on hand but are not actually available for purchase. Some retailers refer to this as inventory leveling. These are items that should ...
4R SystemsSeasonal AllocationMerchandise Planning4R’s Seasonal Allocation Solution brings advanced analytics to an age-old retail challenge­—to never be out of stock on the products customers demand while ensuring you don’t overstock.
4R SystemsInitial BuyMerchandise Planning4R’s Initial Buy Optimization solution can turn that hit-or-miss exercise into a consistently profitable, and measurable, process.
4R SystemsDC ReplenishmentMerchandise Planning4R DC Replenishment delivers you true multi-echelon reorderpoints for every SKU, at every distribution center, every week.
4R SystemsAssortment OptimizationMerchandise Planning4R’s breakthrough solution for Assortment Optimization will change the way you think about how you manage your product offerings. Combining cutting-edge computing techniques, an agile continuous improvement methodology, and flexible customization ...
4R SystemsVendor Order OptimizationMerchandise Planning4R’s Initial Buy Optimization solution can turn that hit-or-miss exercise into a consistently profitable, and measurable, process.
7thonlineDirect-to-Consumer SuiteMerchandise PlanningStay ahead of Trends with Industry-specific Planning & Allocation
A&B POS SolutionsDessert POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSpecializes in bringing the latest electronic payment solutions to businesses of all types and sizes quickly, affordably and securely
AB TastyAB TastyExperience Optimization (Personalization)Build end-to-end experiences that drive growth across all digital channels. Marketing, product and engineering teams work together to deliver seamless user experiences with AB Tasty.
Ability CommerceSmartSite EcommerceeCommerce PlatformIn this digital age, online shopping has become more prominent than ever before. For multi-channel retailers, an ecommerce website solution that delivers optimized shopping experiences across all devices, particularly mobile, is key.
Ability CommerceContact Center ServicesCall CenterContact Center Services – Let Us ‘Speak’ To Your Brand Clients Entrust Ability to Engage With Their Most Valuable Assets… Their Customers We specialize in top-quality customer care, inbound/outbound selling, order-processing, support, and customer ...
Ability CommerceDigital Marketing ServicesDigital Marketing ServicesThe world of interactive omni-channel commerce is ever-changing. We offer Ability e-commerce marketing services that provide a cost-effective solution to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing, while staying current with the latest ...
Ability CommerceOrder Management SystemOrder Management System (OMS)Our Ability CCS OMS goes beyond basic order management software and handles the entire life-cycle of your daily business operations — from sourcing your inventory to depositing funds from completed orders. It is the perfect solution for mid-market ...
Ability CommerceMicrosoft Dynamics GPSystem Integrator (SI) - MicrosoftAs a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, our financial services team specializes in the implementation, configuration and support of the platform, particularly for retailers who have configuration requirements specific to retail, which requires a deep ...
AccentureStrategyManagement ConsultingWe help envision and execute your end-to-end transformation at speed and at scale.
ACCEO SolutionsACCEO Tender RetailPayment SoftwareACCEO Tender Retail is a recognized industry-leading middleware payment solution and is integrated in cash registers throughout North America, including Fortune 500 companies.
ACCEO SolutionsACCEO Smart VendorPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareProvides small and medium businesses in the retail sector with the best in easy to use, reliable, feature-rich, and cost effective point of sale software.
AccuPOSPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePowerful point of sale solution for retail and food industry businesses across the world.
Accuvia Software GroupVIA|marketingCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)Consumer engagement platform focusing on mobile, email and social media strategies
Accuvia Software GroupVIA|insightsAnalyticsBusiness intelligence solution designed specifically for retailers.
Accuvia Software GroupVIA|storePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareAdvanced store system platform including point of sale, mobile POS and central office solutions
Accuvia Software GroupVIA|loyaltyLoyaltyEnterprise loyalty solution including a cloud based customer data platform with rewards engine
ACE POS SolutionsACE Retail POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareACE POS solutions are built to handle all of your retail business needs.
ACI Worldwide, Inc.Money Transfer SystemPayment SoftwareMoney Transfer System is a global payment engine that offers multi-bank, multi-currency and 24x7 payment processing capabilities, in addition to seamless integration with multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms, as well as SWIFT messaging.
ACI Worldwide, Inc.UP BASE24-epsPayment SoftwareUP BASE24-eps is an enterprise-class payments solution that acquires, authenticates, switches and authorizes financial transactions across multiple channels. It is the next generation of ACI’s world-class payments platform, drawing on more than 40 ...
ACI Worldwide, Inc.ReD ShieldLoss Prevention SoftwareIntelligent eCommerce Fraud Prevention – Protecting Customers Anytime, Anywhere Real-time fraud management and ongoing monitoring of online and mobile transactions for merchants and payment service providers Focus on maintaining check-out conversion ...
ACI Worldwide, Inc.Universal Online BankerPayment SoftwareOur cloud based solution incorporates industry leading security, reducing your expenses and giving you peace of mind. This single platform promotes organic growth through our vast library of open APIs, feature rich functionality and extensive ...
ACI Worldwide, Inc.In-Store Merchant PaymentsPayment SoftwareGive your customers an in-store payments experience that mirrors the dynamic digital payments they enjoy while shopping online. Easy, safe and convenient, ACI’s solution provides a high level of service and security to create unyielding confidence ...
ACI Worldwide, Inc.Proactive Risk ManagerLoss Prevention SoftwareProactive Risk Manager — part of ACI's UP Payments Risk Management solution — delivers enterprise fraud management capabilities, including advanced machine learning, predictive analytics and expertly defined rules, to help card issuers, acquirers ...
ACI Worldwide, Inc.Postilion for Banks and ProcessorsPayment SoftwareAccelerate innovation and reduce costs and complexity with an integrated consumer payments processing solution for banks, processors and financial institutions.
ACI Worldwide, Inc.Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Services (EBPP)Payment SoftwareEasy Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment 25% higher customer satisfaction with 50% savings on document delivery costs. That’s the power of eBilling and payment with ACI. Check out this info sheet on why 3,700 clients selected ACI to improve ...
ACI Worldwide, Inc.eCommerce Payments GatewayPayment SoftwareA Cloud-Based Payment Gateway for Global eCommerce ACI PAY.ON Payments Gateway enables local and cross-border payments, quickly and securely across all channels and geographies. This solution gives you the freedom, flexibility and autonomy to ...
Active8 SoftwarePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareActive8 Point of Sale (POS) Software is an innovative point of sale software provider in the active entertainment industry.
ACTIVEVIAMActivePivotAnalyticsThe ActivePivot aggregates massive amounts of fast moving data from multiple sources, storing it in its in-memory database to enable optimal decisions in a timely fashion.
ACTIVEVIAMActiveMonitorAnalyticsWhether your goal is to adhere to delivery schedules, enforce traders’ risk limits, or minimize response time to customers - ActiveMonitor draws your attention to deviations from plans in real-time and helps you respond to events, issues and trends ...
ACTIVEVIAMActiveUIAnalyticsActiveUI is a UI environment designed to enable your organization to take full advantage of the analytics power offered by ActivePivot. ActiveUI empowers you and your to navigate easily through vast streams of data, bringing to the foreground the ...
Acuity InsuranceBusiness InsuranceInsuranceAcuity provides the insurance you need so you can focus on operating your business.
Acuity.AIShoppable VideosMarketing ProgramsTurn engagement into conversions Enable your customers to buy products directly from videos.
AdlucentPaid SocialMarketing ServicesCreating and Executing Performance-Focused Campaigns Across Social Networks, Leveraging Data to Drive Results
AdlucentPaid SearchDigital Marketing ServicesIntegrated Search Solutions for Performance-Focused Brands
Adobe SystemsAdobe Experience PlatformCustomer Data Platform (CDP)Real-Time CDP is a service built on Adobe Experience Platform that helps you combine known and unknown customer data in real-time for holistic, up-to-date profiles you can access in any channel to create true personalization.
Adobe SystemsExperience ManagerCustomer ExperienceA powerhouse combo for your content and digital asset management needs. Get personalized, content-led experiences into market faster with Adobe Experience Manager, which combines digital asset management with the power of a content management system.
Adobe SystemsAnalyticsAnalyticsData can come from anywhere. Insights come from Adobe. Only Adobe lets you mix, match, and analyze data from anywhere in the customer journey. Plus, get versatile reporting, predictive intelligence, and more.
Adobe SystemsAdvertising CloudAdvertising SoftwareWhere programmatic meets media. All media. Adobe has the only independent ad platform that unifies and automates all media, screens, data, and creativity at scale. So the days of siloed media are finally over.
Adobe SystemsMarketo EngageeCommerce PlatformKeep customers engaged. Every step of the way. Radically transform your customer experience management with Marketo Engage. Use it to align sales and marketing at every touchpoint.
Adobe SystemsCommerce CloudeCommerce PlatformAdobe Commerce Cloud Accelerate business growth by delivering the world's most powerful shopping experiences built with Magento Commerce at its core.
Adobe SystemsCampaignCustomer ExperienceSee the whole customer journey on a single screen. With Adobe Campaign, you can use rich customer data to create, coordinate, and deliver dynamic campaigns that customers actually want — through email, mobile, offline channels, and more.
Adobe SystemsAudience ManagerMarketing SoftwareActing on insight requires an audience. Create and activate the best audiences on any channel or device with Adobe Audience Manager, our best-in-class data management platform.
Adobe SystemsMagento CommerceeCommerce PlatformCheck out Adobe Commerce Cloud, which pairs the flexibility of Magento Commerce with the enterprise tools of Adobe Experience Cloud.
Adora POSPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareADORA POS specializes in Corporate and Multiple Store Owner Restaurant POS
AFA Protective Systems, Inc.Vision Remote ServicesLoss Prevention ServicesOur Vision Remote security monitoring service provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have instant access to video and control of your security system no matter where you are.
AFA Protective Systems, Inc.Central Station MonitoringLoss Prevention ServicesOur UL Listed, FM Approved, and FDNY Approved central station alarm monitoring services ensure prompt, reliable notification to protect your business or family. Our trained and experienced central station operators are available 24/7, ready to respond...
Afresh TechnologiesAfreshMerchandise PlanningAfresh uses artificial intelligence to transform your fresh supply chain.
Agilence, Inc.AgilenceAnalyticsPUTTING RETAIL DATA TO WORK
AGILIRONPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEfficiently manage all orders, customers and inventory from all channels in one place with the Agiliron all-in-one POS
Agora VisualsCustom Design Fabrication HouseStore DisplaysCarpentry, Acrylic, Lighting, Custom Sculpting, Master Mold, Resin Casting & Fiberglass Mass Production, Spray Finishing, Chroming, Print Services, Graphic Services, Metal Fabrication, Project Management, Installation Services, and Roll Out Fulfillment
AIFI INCSimStoreStore Cleaning ServiceOur proprietary simulator is built specifically for autonomous stores. It is the only system of its kind capable of simulating the complex and unpredictable world of retail. It enables us to train for the countless interactions and scenarios that might...
AIFI INCNanoStoreAutonomous StoreTo demonstrate the power of our platform, we designed and built the NanoStore - a fully automated, container sized, checkout free store that is currently deployed with partners in locations worldwide.
Aila Technologies, IncSoftScanStore SoftwareTransform your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a 1D/2D barcode scanner with live error detection and continual learning for scanning barcodes in any condition. Aila's SoftScan is fast, intuitive, and ready to scale for your enterprise.
Aila Technologies, IncInteractive KioskKiosksDeliver the ideal customer experience with the ultra-intuitive and highly-modular iOS platform for enterprise innovation.
Aila Technologies, IncEnterprise ServicesStore ServicesOur services are designed for every stage of your large-scale deployment. We can help your team define, design, and build industry-leading experiences that adapt to however the industry changes and be flexible enough to change the industry yourself.
Aila Technologies, IncMobile ImagerStore SoftwareWhere refined meets reliable—Aila’s Mobile Imager brings the next generation of employee handhelds to your associates' fingertips. Lower your TCO with smarter scanning and better ergonomics at half the size and weight of other iOS scanners.
AirshipAirshipEmail Service Provider (ESP)Deliver brilliant messages in the moments that truly define your brand.
AkamaiMedia Services LiveContent Delivery Network (CDN)Bridge the gap between live streaming and broadcast with Media Services Live’s purpose-built capabilities.
AkamaiDownload DeliveryContent Delivery Network (CDN)Download Delivery is a reliable, high performance file-based content delivery solution optimized to deliver large (>100MB) file-based content over the Internet. It is built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™ for superior capacity...
AkamaiClient ReputationCyber Security SoftwareStop malicious clients before they can attack, based on Akamai’s visibility into prior behavior of individual IP addresses
AkamaiAdaptive Media PlayerOther SoftwareThe Akamai Adaptive Media Player (AMP) is designed to empower content providers to simplify their player operations while ensuring quality online media playback to their web or app-based streaming video and audio experiences. In addition to optimized ...
AkamaiNetStorageContent Delivery Network (CDN)An essential element to scaling Akamai’s high-quality delivery and media workflow solutions. Providing reliable storage that is dedicated to the transfer of content in a secure, persistent, and geographically replicated method to enable digital content...
AkamaiWeb Application ProtectorCyber Security SoftwareWith limited security expertise, protecting your web applications is a daunting task. Web Application Protector provides automated web application firewall (WAF) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection that’s designed to offload the ...
AkamaiPage Integrity ManagerCyber Security SoftwareWith modern web pages relying heavily on scripts to run services and access data, attackers are exploiting those scripts as a new attack vector to steal sensitive customer information. Recent script-based attacks such as Magecart have increased in ...
AkamaiKona Site DefenderCyber Security SoftwareProtect your apps and APIs against the largest and most sophisticated attacks with a web application firewall and DDoS protection at the edge.
AkamaiAdaptive Media DeliveryContent Delivery Network (CDN)Captivate your online viewers. Deliver consistent, high-quality online video securely to growing online audiences.
AKENEOPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)As the leader in open source Product Experience Management, Akeneo offers a powerful, flexible, adaptable Product Information Management solution. Akeneo PIM provides a robust set of enterprise-level features and capabilities that help you and your team d
Alexandria ComputersPOS MaidPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe easiest POS Software you'll ever use
AlgonomyDiscoverProduct Discovery SoftwarePersonalized browse and navigation Dynamically predict and display product categories that match a customer’s style as they shop, in real time.
AlgonomyCustomer Data Platform CDP)Customer Data Platform (CDP)The only real-time intelligent hub for retail and brands with actionable algorithms and customer analytics.
AlgonomyVendorLinkVendor ManagementSupplier Collaboration Collaborate with suppliers, automate key processes, and share actionable insights to drive profitable growth.
AlgonomyMerchandise AnalyticsAnalyticsMerchandise Analytics Drive intelligent merchandising decisions across assortment planning, inventory management, pricing and promotions.
AlgonomyCustomer AnalyticsAnalyticsReal-time customer intelligence and advanced analytics that drive greater engagement and growth.
AlgonomyEngageExperience Optimization (Personalization)Personalized content and offers Increase customer engagement and reduce bounce rates by delivering highly personalized content across the buyer journey.
AlgonomyRecommendExperience Optimization (Personalization)Personalized product recommendations Create relevant, seamless and personalized shopping experiences across all touchpoints, driving significant engagement and lift in conversions.
AlgonomyFindExperience Optimization (Personalization)Personalized search Deliver a rich, interactive and personalized experience that connects shoppers with the most relevant search results by matching intent with individual preferences and wisdom of crowds.
Alien TechnologyHiggs® RFID ICsOther HardwareThe industry’s most trusted passive UHF EPCglobal™ Class 1 Gen 2 RFID IC’s Meets EPC Global Gen2 (V1.2.0) and ISO/IEC 18000-6C:2004/Amd 1:2006 (type C) Proven, real world performance Large memory or mass-market optimized variants
Alien TechnologyAlien TagsLabels and TagsDesigned for world class industry leading performance, Alien Technology® offers a range of UHF GS1 Class 1 Gen 2 inlays for today’s high performance applications.
Alien TechnologyProfessional ServicesOther ServicesAlien has developed a comprehensive set of Professional Services proven to reduce the risk, enhance the effectiveness and speed the time-to-value of RFID programs and projects.
Alien TechnologyReadersOther HardwareOur readers are built for the challenging environments that are representative in the real world. They are robust, tough and high performance even in the most challenging conditions. Our readers are different. They have advanced “filtering” and ...
ALL-TAG CorporationPeople Counter with USB ConnectivityTraffic CountingOur People Counting System’s infrared technology offers a reliable, user-friendly and affordable pedestrian counter.
ALL-TAG CorporationSensormatic AM CompatibleLabels and TagsThe ALL-TAG Guarantee – Having manufactured Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products exclusively since 1992, we at ALL-TAG guarantee the quality and performance of everything we sell. We design and develop them to be far superior to the low quality,
ALL-TAG CorporationAdvanced EASLabels and TagsThe ALL-TAG Guarantee – Having manufactured Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products exclusively since 1992, we at ALL-TAG guarantee the quality and performance of everything we sell. We design and develop them to be far superior to the low quality,
ALL-TAG CorporationInk TagsLabels and TagsThe ALL-TAG Guarantee – Having manufactured Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products exclusively since 1992, we at ALL-TAG guarantee the quality and performance of everything we sell. We design and develop them to be far superior to the low quality,
ALL-TAG CorporationCheckpoint / Nedap RF CompatibleLabels and TagsThe ALL-TAG Guarantee – Having manufactured Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products exclusively since 1992, we at ALL-TAG guarantee the quality and performance of everything we sell. We design and develop them to be far superior to the low quality,
Alliance DataAlliance DataPayment SoftwareMaking data actionable.
Alto USAImmuneHuman Capital Management (HCM)At Immune we are driven by the decrease in absenteeism, managing healthy workspaces for collaborators and employers. We have tools that identify, control and reduce the causes of absenteeism. That your collaborators are present is key and we take care.
Alto USAMovUpAnalyticsTechnological platform that integrates large volumes of data from the entire operational cycle. On our platform, you can monitor, view and analyze the movements of your assets in real time, so as to trigger actions aimed at an operational excellence ...
Alto USAAllianceAnalyticsWe close the gap between insight and action Technology solution that integrates analyzes and drives information to generate operational efficiency in companies from various industries.
Alto USAChecksCompliance SolutionsPlatform that allows your organization establish the highest levels of compliance, simplifying your recruiting process. Our Background Check management software gathers data from different sources of information to perform analysis that will help you to m
Amber EnginePIM SoftwareProduct Information Management (PIM)Managing your product data should be like what sunshine is to flowers. It’s about nourishing your bigger ecommerce strategy as you sit back and bask in the sales growth.
American Express CompanyVerify-ItPayment SoftwareReduce fraudulent card-not-present transactions
American Security ProductsCashWizard smart safesSafesYour Connection to Smart Money Management
AMLMonarch Interactive KioskKiosksThe Monarch combines the power of an all-in-one computer with a barcode-scanning kiosk.
AmperityAperityCustomer Data Platform (CDP)Patented technology that intelligently stitches all your customer data at scale, delivering a complete customer 360, predictive insights, and the power to personalize every interaction.
AmplienceAmplienceContent Management System (CMS)Amplience is the foundation of the progressive web app infrastructure for content, experience and commerce.
Amplifi.ioPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Product that is built with smart features to help you and your teams succeed and win on the digital shelf
AnagogAnagogExperience Optimization (Personalization)Smart, Individualized, Tailor-Made Experiences For Today’s Consumers
AnaplanConnected PlanningMerchandise PlanningOptimizing business performance in retail
ANT USA Inc.Planning RobotMerchandise PlanningComing in 2019, the Planning Robot offers the next evolution in merchandise planning. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Robot learns with you to correct irregularities, smooth data history, and empower your merchants.
AntuitDemand Forecasting and PlanningDemand PlanningLeverage Artificial Intelligence for dramatic improvement in forecast accuracy and planner adoption
Apex Supply ChainvariousLockersFast, contactless order pickup in seconds
APG Cash DrawerGuardian ShieldStore FixturesThe Guardiant™ Shield is a plexiglass sneeze guard ideal for grocery, convenience and retail settings and is built to help reduce the spread of contagious, airborne germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing.
APG Cash DrawerSMARTtillCash Management HardwareThe SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution is a revolution in cash management, enabling retailers to eradicate cash losses, reduce the cost of laborious cash handling and improve in-store customer service and experience.
AppetizeAppetizePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSecure, cloud-based POS software that speeds up transaction processing and scales with your business.
Applied Data CorporationFreshIQGrocery Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)The FreshIQ® platform gives you end-to-end visibility into your fresh operations with user-friendly products that will help you grow sales, cut costs, and improve operational efficiencies.
Appriss RetailVerifyLoss Prevention SoftwareVerify® Returns version 5 is a real-time, consumer-based return authorization system which uses predictive algorithms and statistical models to distinguish and deter fraudulent and abusive return behavior in-store, online, or in the call center.
Aptos, Inc.Aptos Digital CommerceeCommerce PlatformThis powerful suite provides everything you need to deliver a connected, consistent, and seamless experience to your customers online, on the go, as well as in your stores and through any other available selling channels.
Aptos, Inc.Enterprise Order ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)A retail order management system built for today’s complex customer journeys
Aptos, Inc.Aptos StorePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareWith Aptos, point of sale is no longer just about processing transactions; it’s about empowering experiences that increase sales.
Aralco Retail SystemsAralco POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareFocusing on multi-store operations in a wide variety of industries, Aralco POS has advanced functionality that can be easily customized for specific business needs
ArculesVideo Surveillance as a ServiceLoss Prevention ServicesRetail stores can reduce loss and increase sales and customer satisfaction with Arcules Video Surveillance as a Service
Armor Safe TechnologiesCacheSYSTEM 2400Loss Prevention HardwareThe CacheSYSTEM® 2400 series saves time, boosts productivity, and increases employee security with less cash exposure. It is ideal for cash-intensive businesses that do not require change-fund management.
AryllaAryliaProduct Tags and LabelsArylla invisible ink can be applied to any fashion product and read on any smartphone.
Asset Strategies GroupLease Admin & Rent AccountingReal EstateWe manage complex lease portfolios and save our clients millions of dollars every year. Our service includes lease administration, occupancy payment processing, audit and rent accounting.
Asset Strategies GroupStore Design & ConstructionReal EstateFrom flagships to outlets, we build brand right stores on time and on budget. Our turnkey service includes project management, vendor sourcing and procurement, and CIP accounting.
Asset Strategies GroupPredictive Analytics & StrategyReal EstateReal estate planning requires deep understanding of customers, markets and locations, guided by great analytics. We use millions of customer touch points, geo-analytics and our industry leading data to build impactful and predictive models that ...
Asset Strategies GroupTenant RepresentationReal EstateWe know markets, locations and market rents and how to get you the best possible deal. ASG has extensive experience with both new store deal negotiation and portfolio management, domestically and internationally.
Astound CommerceDigital Commerce StrategyManagement ConsultingOur digital commerce ecosystem model meets the demands of modern commerce, while generating enormous business value for our clients.
Astute IncAstuteCustomer Engagement Platform (CEP)Astute offers solutions to help e-commerce brands like yours align your customers' experiences to their expectations.
Aura Vision LabsAura VisionTraffic CountingUse your existing cameras to easily scale insights across hundreds of stores, and drive conversion in any store environment.
Aurus, Inc.AurusPayPayment SoftwareOne platform to handle all merchant transactions regardless of the channel, sales process or processor.
AvalaraAvaTaxTax Management SoftwareLet AvaTax calculate sales tax for every one of your business transactions based on jurisdiction laws and rules, without bogging down your IT or finance teams.
AvatriaConvertOnsite SearchAvatria Convert uses data and machine learning to make your category and search results pages smarter.
Avery DennisonTabletop PrintersPrintersDesigned for compliance with vendor and customer standards, our one-of-a-kind tabletop printers decrease chargeback incidents, increase savings, and improve the overall customer experience.
Avery DennisonDesktop PrintersPrintersOur desktop printers help customers in retail, logistics, and other industries effortlessly comply with vendor and customer standards.
Avery DennisonMobile PrintersMobile PrintersAvery Dennison offers a selection of integrated price management solutions designed to boost markdown productivity.
AViD InsightEMPLOYEEhealthMarketing ProgramsHappy customers are vital to the health of your business. Measure, understand and improve your customer experience to drive profit and make your business healthier! And our team of experienced market researchers are with you every step of the way.
AViD InsightCUSTOMERhealthCustomer ExperienceHappy customers are vital to the health of your business. Measure, understand and improve your customer experience to drive profit and make your business healthier! And our team of experienced market researchers are with you every step of the way.
Avid TechnologyvariousDigital Asset Management (DAM)Systems and options to organize, track, and maximize the value of your media
Axis CommunicationsNetwork camerasCamerasThe best in network video: innovation, quality and opportunity
Axper3D People CoutnerTraffic CountingManaging and optimizing the environment of retail stores requires people counters that can deliver reliable and accurate information. Before any strategic analysis takes place, our 3D camera is the key to capturing your traffic data.
AxsiumOpusWorkforce Management SoftwareA work measurement solution that is easy-to-use and designed to grow along with your business
AzpiredOutsourcingStaffingAZPIRED is a cutting edge leader in the contact service vertical.
Bailey Brand ConsultingBrand StrategyBrand MarketingWe position brands to the market
BailiwickHelp DeskStore ServicesOur customized, flexible technical services program keeps your IT running smoothly, allowing your store teams to spend more time supporting customers.
Bain CapitalBain CapitalInvestorsBain Capital Private Equity pioneered the value-added investment approach. Our globally integrated teams leverage deep vertical expertise and partner with management teams around the world to accelerate growth.
Balance InnovationsVeriBalanceCash Management SoftwareVeriBalance is the only enterprise software platform for retailers that connects all points of your cash operations, lowering the cost of accepting cash and increasing efficiency at all levels of the organization.
Bank of America Merchant ServicesFraud and Data SecurityLoss Prevention SoftwareGet help protecting your payment operations from the latest fraud and security threats.
Barilliance Systems LtdWebsite PersonalizationExperience Optimization (Personalization)Target customers with dynamic content, messages, and offers to increase conversions by 30%+.
Barrett DistributionBarrett DistributionThird-Party Logistics (3PL)It’s not just a box… it’s your business
Bass Security SystemsSafesSafesWe carry a variety of storage safes for documents, cash and other items.
BazaarvoiceBazaarvoiceRatings and ReviewsUser-generated content (UGC) is your most important asset. Why? Because customers who interact with UGC are 2x as likely to convert. Collect authentic ratings, reviews, and product photos with our Ratings & Reviews tools. Your product pages and your ...
Beekeeper USA Inc.BeekeeperWorkforce Management Softwareeach frontline and mobile employees in your retail locations quickly with the Beekeeper team app.
bePOSPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe next generation of Point of Sale that enables merchants to run their daily operations to better engage with customers, manage staff and grow market share in the most exciting way
BepozPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePowerful and cost-effective Point of Sale Software for any Restaurant, Retail Shop, or combo of the two
Best Security IndustriesRepairStore ServicesThrough our in-house Express Exchange or Repair service BSI offers repair or replacement of power or hand detachers and deactivators with same day turnaround.
Big Red RoosterStrategy ConsultingManagement ConsultingUncovering actionable consumer insights and defining strategic growth opportunities.
BigCommerce Pty. Ltd.BigCommerceeCommerce PlatformThe industry's most versatile solution for advancing your commerce experiences
BigCommerce Pty. Ltd.BigCommerce EssentialseCommerce PlatformThe easiest way to build, run, and grow a better online business is on BigCommerce.
Bindo POSBindo POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareBindo is the one-stop retail solution for local retailers
Bixolon Co., LtdSRP-Q300 POS PrinterPrintersSmart and Flexible 3 inch Cube Printer for mPOS
Bizerba GmbH & Co. KGScalesScalesVarious PC and basic scales.
BJSS Ltd.Management ConsultingManagement ConsultingWe’re helping retailers to create specific solutions that can differentiate their businesses in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
BloomNationBloomPOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareBloomPOS is designed to maximize your shop’s efficiency and profitability. Simple to use. Customizable. Cost effective.
Blue Dot SafesDepository SafesSafesMany models.
Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.Digital StrategyManagement ConsultingWhile IT infrastructure improves internal efficiencies and optimization, true Digital Transformation focuses on achieving business outcomes.
Blue TriangleReal User MonitoringWebsite MonitoringMonitor your web performance, quantify the revenue impact of optimizations, and find out what’s slowing you down.
Blue YonderMerchandise PlanningMerchandise PlanningIncreased accuracy and control of inventory management
Bluebird Inc.Mobile Solutions for EnterpriseMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) HardwareFrom inventory management to mobile payment, streamline your everyday operations with Bluebird.
Bluecore, IncBluecoreExperience Optimization (Personalization)Connect casual shoppers across channels to the products and experiences that transform them into lifetime customers with the only AI-driven retail marketing platform.
Blueday, Inc.Store Labor Optimization SuiteWorkforce Management SoftwareDesigned for today’s retail organization, Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization suite ensures retailers get the most out of their largest expense: in-store labor.
Blueport CommerceUnified CommerceeCommerce PlatformBuild experiences that unify your digital and in-store efforts
BlueShift Labs IncBlueshiftCustomer Data Platform (CDP)From unified data to intelligent decisioning, Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP provides all the tools to deliver the omnichannel experience your customers expect.
Booker SoftwarePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareTransforming the way local services are managed by businesses and discovered by consumers
BooxiBooxiCustomer SchedulingAttract online customers to your physical store
Borden Ladner Gervais LLPvariousLegal ServicesA collaborative, multidisciplinary firm
Bosch Security SystemsvariousCommunications and MessagingWith more than 90 years experience in designing and developing communication products, Bosch has established unrivalled leadership in the field of Paging & Mass Notification and voice alarm systems.
Bossa Nova RoboticsAI for RetailAnalyticsUse artificial intelligence to gain insights into every aspect of your store and improve your customer experience.
Boston Consulting GroupManagement ConsultingManagement ConsultingBCG refines our tools and approaches based on our experiences across retail segments and regions to help our retail clients achieve and sustain significant business improvements.
BottlePosPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareBottle POS was created and designed by liquor store owners to tackle the day-to-day challenges of running their stores
Brain CorpRobotic Floor Care MachinesStore Cleaning EquipmentCommercial Floor Scrubbers & Floor Cleaning Machines
Bravo Pawn PlatformPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareBravo is the most innovative platform serving the pawn industry
Braze IncBrazeCustomer Engagement Platform (CEP)Drive engagement and business results with smart, dynamic journeys
BriddleWood Facility ServicesFacility ServicesStore ServicesSmart, fast, reliable facility services nationwide.
Bridge Solutions GroupBridge Rabbit: Subscription Order ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)A module that integrates with your existing order management system and lets you manage customer subscription orders.
BrightpearlSales Order ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)Brightpearl provides efficient order processing workflows to ensure that orders from all channels are managed in one place and automated wherever possible.
BrightpearlBrightpearl POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareBrightpearl’s point of sale software is designed to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your retail business.
BringgBringgThird-Party Logistics (3PL)Accelerate your growth through delivery with exceptional visibility, efficiency and flexibility
Brinks, Inc.variousLoss Prevention ServicesBrink's cash solutions allow you to easily secure, manage, and access your cash through a simple subscription service.
BrixWare GmbHBrixWareTechnology DevelopmentWe turn ideas into projects, visions into products, and experiences to success!
Broadleaf CommerceOmnichannel CommerceeCommerce PlatformBroadleaf is an ideal platform for omnichannel retailers needing to provide an online experience that keeps up with their offline brand.
BroadVisionVmoso Retail Workforce Engagement HubWorkforce Management SoftwareThe Vmoso Retail Workforce Engagement Hub provides digital connectivity and accountability between company headquarters, regional offices and retail stores.
Brookfield Properties RetailShort-Term LeasingReal Estate - Short TermWhether you're a first-time retailer or an experienced merchandiser, our short term leasing options are designed to fit your business needs. Our weekend pop-ups, seasonal kiosks, customizable carts, and temporary inline stores allow you to find the ...
BTM GlobalBTM GlobalSystem Integrator (SI) - OracleWe know Oracle Retail inside and out, and we have an uncommon commitment to cost efficiency, honesty and stellar project management.
BTM GlobalBTM GlobalSystem Integrator (SI) - NetSuiteWe are the rare system integrator with actual experience within the NetSuite ecosystem because we’ve implemented it for our own daily work.
Business Wise SolutionsiWireless POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareiWireless offers affordable Cell Phone and Repair store Point Of Sale
BuxtonPortfolio AuditLocation ServicesIdentify where to invest resources to maximize return by understanding the underlying factors influencing store performance.
BuxtonCustomer Acquisition & RetentionAnalyticsTarget the right households with the right message and the right marketing vehicle.
BuxtonMarket OpportunityLocation ServicesDeploy capital more efficiently by prioritizing markets and identifying how many locations each market can support. Grow market share and gain a competitive advantage.
BuxtonSite SelectionLocation ServicesOpen home run store locations and avoid expensive mistakes using innovative techniques in data analysis.
BynderBynder Digital Asset ManagementDigital Asset Management (DAM)Digital asset management operates at the heart of your marketing ecosystem. A single source of truth for all your digital assets, DAM ensures maximum value from your digital assets and 100% brand consistency.
BYONDBYOND Digital ShowroomsProduct VisualizationByond’s digital showroom platform is fully digitizing the E2E retail selling process.
C2RO Cloud RoboticsPerceiveTraffic CountingThe very first GDPR-compliant AI video analytics solution to capture demographically classified visitor journeys for insights on visitor behavior and preferences in large public spaces.
CAKE CorporationCAKE POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareCAKE combines Silicon Valley innovation with decades of restaurant expertise
CallisonRTKL Inc.Store Planning and DesignStore Design ServicesAt CallisonRTKL, our retail legacy and experience gives us the tools to respond to today’s needs and the insight to forecast future industry trends, helping clients all over the world stay on the cutting edge in the most sought-after markets.
CAP IndexStrategic Security Advisory ServicesLoss Prevention ServicesWe evaluate threats and vulnerabilities at a single property and can perform a multiple-site survey up to and including national portfolios.
CaperSmart CartsStore FixturesCreate a delightful customer experience. Make shopping magic.
CapgeminiCapgeminiManagement ConsultingCapgemini is purpose-built to guide retailers as they master these market shifts and tech-triggered trends.
CapHorn InvestVenture CapitalInvestorsCap Horn is an independent Venture Capital Firm. We invest in B2B startups that drive digital transformation. We mainly focus on Series A & B in rounds ranging from 2 to 20M€.
Carr Maloney P.C.Retail and HospitalityLegal ServicesCarr Maloney’s Retail & Hospitality attorneys are experienced in all facets of litigation that might impact clients in this industry.
Caruso AffiliatedCarusoReal EstateCaruso has created a timeless collection of beloved destinations that reflect the unique fabric of the communities in which they live.
Cashier LivePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareWith Cashier Live you can ring up sales, accept payments, manage inventory, and more - all from your computer, iPhone, or iPad
Cassida CorporationCurrency Counting ScalesCash Management HardwareOur innovative products empower businesses of all sizes to operate more efficiently and securely in the handling of their lifeblood– cash!
Cassida CorporationMixed Bill CountersCash Management HardwareA Mix Bill Counter & Reader is able to read a mix stack of bills as it's fed through and automatically determine what denomination it is, while providing a total added value as well as a breakdown of all bills counted by their denomination.
Cassida CorporationCounterfeit DetectorsLoss Prevention HardwareCassida’s line of counterfeit detectors employ sophisticated technology to protect businesses from fraudulent bills, while also boasting the industry’s lowest levels of false positive results.
Cassida CorporationBill CountersCash Management HardwareCassida’s bill counting solutions can drastically improve the productivity of businesses, significantly reducing the time needed for bill counts while also ensuring that each count is spot-on accurate.
Cassida CorporationAccessoriesCash Management HardwareOur innovative products empower businesses of all sizes to operate more efficiently and securely in the handling of their lifeblood– cash!
Cassida CorporationCoin Counters & SortersCash Management HardwareStreamline the difficult task of managing large volumes of coins with Cassida’s coin counting and sorting products.
Catalyst Tags, Inc.Catalyst Source TagsLoss Prevention HardwareCatalyst is an industry leader in EAS retail security systems and is proud to supply the biggest names in retail.
CB4 Predictive AnalyticsCB4AnalyticsSophisticated (but Simple) AI for Next-Level Retail Execution
CBX SoftwareCBX CloudProduct Lifecycle Management (PLM)Regardless of how much experience your company has in the retail industry, our dedicated team takes pride in implementing PLM system software that is built to boost revenue, increase productivity, and ensure efficiency throughout your business.
CDW Corp.TabletsComputersCDW can help you get your organization working productively and successfully from anywhere. Get your work from home solutions up and running right away with CDW.
CegidCegidRetail Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Deliver unified shopping experience and increase sales thanks to #1 Omnichannel Retail Platform for retail and luxury brands.
CegidYourcegid RetailPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareComplete POS & omnichannel solution for your stores
Celerant Technology Corp.Cumulus eCommerceeCommerce PlatformCelerant can create and design your eCommerce website for you, with no up-front fees, and provides easy-to-use drag and drop tools so that you can easily make changes and add pages on-the-fly.
Celerant Technology Corp.Cumulus RetailPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareWith Cumulus Retail, small business owners don’t need to worry about using their retail point of sale system if their internet goes out, minimizing the risk of lost sales.
CellSmart POSPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePoint of sale software made by and for wireless retail stores. Track Receipts, Inventory, Customers, Employees, Reports, and so much more
CensharePIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Accurate, Up to Date Sales and Marketing Material. Every Time
Censharecenshare Digital Asset ManagementDigital Asset Management (DAM)censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM) automates all the boring tasks leaving you free to focus on creating the optimal customer experience. Use the latest images, documents, graphics, media files, and other assets to create, edit and update any content.
CenshareCenshare Content ManagementContent Management System (CMS)Universal Content Management simplifies the use of digital assets to create personalized marketing campaigns.
Centric SoftwareCentric PLMProduct Lifecycle Management (PLM)A ‘single source of the truth’ for all of your product related data. A hub for collaboration and idea sharing. An easy to use interface that boosts productivity. Discover the magic of Centric PLM.
CenturyLinkCenturyLinkNetworking ServicesGet built-in security, direct cloud connectivity, 450,000 route miles of fiber and a network spanning 60+ countries.
CeridianDayforceHuman Capital Management (HCM)A comprehensive, modern cloud HCM software platform for managing the entire employee lifecycle
CertonaCertonaExperience Optimization (Personalization)Reimagine personalization with Certona's patented AI-powered technology, and and create impactful one-to-one with your customers wherever they are.
CGI Group Inc.Advanced AnalyticsAnalyticsEnabling insight- and idea-driven organizations
Chain Store Guide LLCLocusData ServicesFor over 85 years, Chain Store Guide has supplied its customers with the highest level of quality that cannot be duplicated by any other provider.
Change Management GroupBusiness TransformationManagement ConsultingWhen market forces demand it, companies must adapt to survive.
Chargebacks911Chargebacks911Loss Prevention SoftwareEnd-to-End Chargeback Management
ChaseDesignChaseDesignStore Design Serviceshuman-centered It’s the only way we think, design, build, and partner.
Chatter ResearchChatterCommunications and MessagingAI-powered customer feedback that helps retailers and restaurants improve experiences and drive conversion
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.Intelligent TicketsLabel PrintingWhether you are looking to Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag garments at source, looking to comply with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) mandates from retailers or implement your own RFID project, Checkpoint has the products and the partners
Cherry Americas LLCPoint of SaleKeyboardsBased in America's Heartland, Cherry Americas is one of the world's leading manufacturers of computer input devices - focusing on applications for offices, industry, security, and German-engineered switches for mechanical keyboards.
CIMA SpaCash Management HardwareCash Management HardwareFor over 55 years we take care of securing and handling the money of our customers.
CIS Security Solutions, Inc.CIS Security SolutionsLoss Prevention ServicesPeter Morello and CIS Security Solutions have been providing Loss Prevention products and Solutions to the Retail Industry for the past 30 years.
Cisco SystemsRoutersNetworking HardwareCisco routing provides intent-based networking for the WAN, LAN, and cloud. Our network routers include advanced analytics, application optimization, automated provisioning, and integrated security to deliver a complete, proven solution.
CitiXsys - iVend RetailiVend Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareMove beyond processing transactions, to empowering experiences that increase sales with a fast, dependable Point of Service application for quick, convenient customer transactions
Citizen Systems America Corp.POS PrintersPrintersCompact, convenient printers for retail environments. These feature-packed, high speed printers are available in a range of designs to fit your application.
Cityscape ArchitectsCityscapeStore Design ServicesCityscape designs commercial buildings, custom tailored for each client. From design concept through manufacturer & government approvals, we have you covered.
Claris SolutionsDistribution StrategyManagement ConsultingClaris is a consulting firm founded in 1998 focused on design, implementation, and optimization of world class warehouses
Clarity Retail ServicesDesignStore Design ServicesClarity Retail is more than blue sky concepts and slick renderings. Our team takes the time up front to understand the client, the end user and the needs of both; Clarity Retail can deliver solutions that drive your business and generate sales. They ...
Clarity Retail ServicesImplementationStore Design ServicesRetail programs are one of Clarity Retail’s sweet spots— they can execute your design plan on time and on budget. Through exercises in store planning, cost analysis to execute, development of packages at multiple levels of investment for the client, ...
Clear DemandClear DemandPrice ManagementWith Clear Demand’s Third-Generation Science, you align your everyday pricing with category strategies across physical and digital channels and throughout the product lifecycle – from introduction to de-listing.
Clickit, Inc.SmartCam XiLoss Prevention SoftwareAll ClickIt's SmartCamXi systems, whether they contain advanced features or not, are delivered with the following attributes. Superior Ease of Use ...
Cliff ConsultingOrganizational Health AssessmentsManagement ConsultingThe customer experience matters more than ever. We create the strategies and plans to transform organizations to be customer-centric.
Cliff ConsultingStrategic & Operational PlanningManagement ConsultingThe customer experience matters more than ever. We create the strategies and plans to transform organizations to be customer-centric.
Cliff ConsultingCOE DevelopmentManagement ConsultingThe customer experience matters more than ever. We create the strategies and plans to transform organizations to be customer-centric.
CliftonLarsonAllenAUDIT, TAX, AND CONSULTINGAccountingWe offer planning and guidance to help you reach your professional and personal goals. Our people connect with a vast network of resources behind the scenes — seamlessly presented and delivered for you.
CliftonLarsonAllenWEALTH ADVISORYAccountingTrust one firm for all of the personal, family, and business guidance you need. At CLA, we take the time to understand what you want out of life and how you want to use the wealth you’ve accumulated — we’ll guide you on your financial journey.
CliftonLarsonAllenOUTSOURCINGStaffingCollaborate with industry professionals who can help improve your operations and decision making.
Clinton Electronics CorporationvariousCameras
Cloud4WiSplashNetworking SoftwareSimplify the management of your guest WiFi.
Cloud4WiCompassLocation ServicesLocation-based customer insights drive results in the new normal
Clover NetworkClover POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareChanging the consumer/merchant experience for the better, opening avenues for seamless customer-merchant interactions
Cognizant Technology solutionsCONSULTING & SOLUTIONSManagement ConsultingCognizant's Retail practice helps retailers turn today's pain points into new business opportunities.
Columbus Consulting InternationalIMPLEMENTATION PROCESSManagement Consulting
Columbus Consulting InternationalSTAFF AUGMENTATIONStaffing
Columbus Consulting InternationalBUSINESS PROCESS DEFINITIONManagement Consulting
COMBASE USAKorona POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareA modern cloud solution for local and franchise operations across the world
COMCASHPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe purpose of Comcash is to remove friction in retail transaction processes within stores to allow for increased human interaction between retail associates and customers
commercetoolscommercetoolseCommerce PlatformUse our highly scalable cloud platform with a flexible commerce API at its core, which supports a modern microservice-based architecture and offers a wide range of integrations.
Compass Experience LabsCustomer ServiceCall CenterOn-brand email, chat, social, phone and text Customer Care Partner. Built by eCommerce founders who successfully scaled in-house customer care teams and wanted to create the same level of quality and expertise for brands looking for an external partner.
CompeteraCompeteraPrice ManagementCompetera is an AI-powered platform helping retailers to set optimal prices. Dominate your market with the cutting-edge Machine Learning technology combined with the best econometric practices.
ComQiOnSiteExperience Optimization (Personalization)OnSite is the perfect solution to empower your users to create customized messages. It has a simple easy to use sit-down web-based interface. Authorized users, local to a site, can quickly and easily create and publish local content. Thus, ...
ComQiEngage CMSContent Management System (CMS)
Concrete Platform, IncRetail CloudWorkforce Management SoftwareConcrete Retail Cloud is the leading provider in the retail industry for task management, custom-branded intranets, and store visit forms.
Connors GroupContact-To-HireStaffingAllowing both you and the candidate time to assess the match before making a commitment.
Connors GroupExecutive SearchStaffingRecognizing the critical influence leadership has on company growth, we place both executives and the teams who support them.
Connors GroupStaff AugmentationStaffingProviding consultants to supplement your team quickly when workload outweighs your existing capabilities.
Connors GroupDirect Hire PlacementStaffingConnecting you with highly qualified full-time professionals through our relationship-based approach.
ConsignorConsignorShipping SoftwareSoftware for easy shipping, Consignor connects your warehouse to you customers. Consignor’s carrier library is the largest in the world, connecting our customers to exactly the carriers that match their shipping needs
Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete LLPWorkplace LawLegal ServicesWorkplace law is all we do – but we’re not your typical national law firm. Our clients tell us there is “a soul to Constangy that is unique and refreshing, that’s not found with other firms.” For more than 70 years, our clients have appreciated our ...
Contact PigeonContactPigeonCustomer Engagement Platform (CEP)Deliver meaningful engagements with your customers, anywhere. Award-winning Customer Engagement Platform for predictable eCommerce and retail outcomes.
ContentservPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Easily manage and deliver rich, accurate, complete and channel-ready product content – anytime, anywhere
ContentservMaster Data ManagementMaster Data Management (MDM)Leverage high-quality operational data to gain key insights on how best to respond to market conditions and better serve your customers and shareholders.
ContentservContentServ Digital Asset managementDigital Asset Management (DAM)A Digital Asset Management solution allows organizations to effectively and efficiently store, organize, access, manage and share approved digital content and rich media.
CONTROLTEKEAS & RFID SYSTEMSLoss Prevention HardwareAt CONTROLTEK, we provide a broad range of retail store anti-theft devices. Our catalog including EAS-AM, EAS-RF and RFID systems. These devices can help catch shoplifters in the act and discourage would-be thieves from attempting to take items.
CONTROLTEKEAS & RFID TAGS & LABELSLabels and TagsCONTROLTEK offers many options for EAS and RFID tags and labels to meet your asset protection needs. We have options for sporting goods, footwear, eyewear, apparel and many other product types.
Converge RetailConvergeAnalyticsConverge helps brands, retailers and creative agencies thrive in today’s increasingly competitive retail space. Learn how the Converge platform can help grow your business.
Core dnaCore eCommerceeCommerce PlatformGrow, manage, B2B & B2C commerce in one platform Manage your entire eCommerce operation in one platform by combining digital experience management, eCommerce, and content management.
Core dnaCore ContentContent Management System (CMS)A content platform your marketing and tech teams will never outgrow A suite of tools for marketing and technical teams to create interactive and personalized website experiences that inform, spark interest and convert visitors.
Core dnaCore IntranetCommunications and MessagingAn intranet & extranet CMS platform that simplifies organizational learning Engage your employees with a collection of pre-built tools designed to make communication, learning, and collaboration easy.
Core dnaCore MarketingMarketing SoftwareAcquire, engage, and retain your target customers with our end-to-end content marketing platform Tailored marketing tools to drive conversion and engagement.
Core dnaCore CommunityMarketing SoftwareA community management platform that's scalable, secure, and future proof Enterprise-level cloud platform for non-for-profit communities that want to deliver secure and scalable services.
Core dnaCore TeamsCommunications and MessagingPlan, execute, and manage your projects in one place with our digital workplace platform Run projects, support your customers, help share knowledge and get new ideas with your teams.
CoreMediaContent CloudContent Management System (CMS)CoreMedia Content Cloud is an open, Composable DXP and Agile CMS designed for business agility, openness and fast time to value. We empower companies to collaboratively create, preview, and optimize digital brand experiences across multiple countries, ,,,
Corrigo, Inc.CorrigoFacility ManagementCorrigo’s cutting-edge facilities management platform empowers our users to transform their building and facilities management operations. Connect with the right resources, maximize savings, and leverage advanced data analytics, all within a tool that ...
CosmoseCosmose AnalyticsTraffic CountingEver wondered how your stores are doing against your competitors? With Cosmose Analytics you can finally analyse consumers’ offline shopping habits and learn how your stores are doing against competitors.
CosmoseCosmose AITraffic CountingAt Cosmose, machine learning is the foundation of everything we do. We use artificial neural networks to increase the accuracy of location positioning, predict who is likely to visit a certain store and predict who should see your campaign in order ...
CosmoseCosmose MediaTraffic CountingUse Cosmose Media to connect with offline audiences via online ads. Cosmose keeps track of offline shopping behavior of over 1 billion people, you can finally take advantage of this data and increase your advertising ROI.
CountWise, LLCCountWiseTraffic CountingCounting traffic is a practice that may benefit any business or organization. The number of people walking into your establishment typically indicates that you are doing enough to grab some attention. Comparing your total quantity of visitors against ...
Course5 IntelligenceCourse5Experience Optimization (Personalization)Course5 Intelligence enables retailers with timely data support across the decision-making lifecycle. Our advanced capabilities along with proprietary frameworks help businesses achieve operational excellence, win customer loyalty, stay ahead of ...
CoveoCoveoExperience Optimization (Personalization)Provide effortless tailored journeys with the Coveo Experience Intelligence Platform. Imagine the experiences you could deliver by embracing the cloud, data, and AI today.
CradlepointCradlepointNetworking HardwareCradlepoint wireless edge solutions unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks to give your WAN the boundless reach, nonstop reliability, and real-time agility it needs to keep up with your business. Connect fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, ...
Creative Digital AgencyVideo ProductionVideo ProductionWe have our roots in Hollywood, working for more than a decade on film & television productions before transitioning into brand-side work full time. ​ Between us, we’ve written and directed television shows, delivered global media strategy & ...
Creative Digital AgencyTech DevelopmentTechnology DevelopmentThe world is undergoing a digital transformation. From the streets we walk down to the stores we shop in, every consumer touchpoint is becoming more interactive, more dynamic, and more data-centric.
Creative Digital AgencyEvent ServicesMarketing ServicesDA has produced 60 tours & events, selling more than 84,000 tickets for an international roster of artists that includes Lil Wayne, Baek Ji Young, and Bewhy. ​ With presence in 9 major cities encompassing the US, Canada, and South Korea, CDA ...
Creative Digital AgencyMedia & AdvertisingMedia BuyingMobile-first consumers are bombarded with 5,000 brand exposures every single day, but are only aware of 86. ​ Welcome to that 86. ​ In addition to maintaining ongoing relationships with high-profile traditional and digital publishers, CDA ...
Crimson Transaction TechnologiesCRIMSON RETAIL SUITEPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareFocused on providing the ultimate secure, industry-leading transaction software solutions for government and various retail industries
CrossCom NationalDigital Repair and RefurbishmentStore ServicesAt CrossCom, we believe in addressing problems completely the first time. Through our unique Express Restore program, we take repair to the next level. We conduct root cause analysis and completely refurbish assets, from cleaning to replacement of ...
CrossCom NationalOn Site MaintenanceStore ServicesWhether you’ve decided to implement new technology or retain existing systems, maintenance is a critical aspect of your investments. Every asset – new or not – should be sufficiently supported to maximize its value though out the equipment lifecycle…
CrossCom NationalStaging and ConfigurationStore ServicesDeploying technology across distributed locations with consistency and reliability is complex. CrossCom has more than 35 years experience in developing, testing and perfecting processes and protocols to minimize deployment issues and decrease costs ...
CrossCom NationalDeployment, Installation, and IntegrationStore ServicesInstalling new technology – hardware, software, or both – creates impactful change. It takes careful project management with end-to-end tracking and visibility to ensure that every implementation – single site, multiple locations, national, or global...
CrossCom NationalSupport DeskHelp Desk ServicesWe know that support needs are not necessarily convenient or occur during “regular” operating hours. That’s why our Support Desk is manned with knowledgeable technicians around-the-clock to address your issues or issues in the field.
CrownTVCrownTVStore DisplaysCrownTV’s digital signage solution makes it easier than ever for you to put content on any screen, at any location. Use it to control one screen, or a thousand, from anywhere in the world.
CRS, IncorporatedCASH REGISTERSPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareAll SAM4s ECRs (Electronic Cash Register) are designed and built to commercial grade standards. Only the highest grade components are used in our Cash Registers, ensuring reliable performance and long life. If the need for service arises, SAM4s Cash ...
CRS, IncorporatedPOS TOUCH TERMINALSPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareEach all-in-one terminal has been carefully selected from the world’s foremost manufacturers to meet your most challenging requirements for your POS Equipment. All are built from industrial grade components, and designed to meet the rigors of quick ...
CRS, IncorporatedPOS PRINTERSPrintersCRS takes pride in the relationships it has created to bring you the very best in extraordinary value POS Printers. CRS has teamed up with worldwide leading POS manufacturers to bring you an entire line of POS Printing Products to fulfil whatever your...
CRS, IncorporatedPOS TABLETSPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareCRS announced that it has entered in to an exclusive agreement with Hisense Intelligent Commercial System Co., Ltd. (HICS) to distribute select Hisense POS products, including POS Tablets and POS Touch Terminals in the USA and Canada. CRS will also ...
CRS, IncorporatedPOS PERIPHERALSPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareCRS takes pride in the relationships it has created to bring you the very best in extraordinary value POS Peripherals. CRS has teamed up with worldwide leading POS manufacturers to bring you an entire line of POS Peripheral Equipment to ...
CRS, IncorporatedUNATTENDED SYSTEMSPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareThe Hisense HS610 Self Checkout System serves as the framework for a full self-service one-stop shopping solution. Shoppers will enjoy the convenience, speed and simplicity of checking-out by themselves while retailers benefit with improved labor ...
CRS, IncorporatedSAM Series Polling and Inventory SoftwareInventory ManagementWith easy to use Windows based SAM Series Polling and Inventory software from CRS, you can poll your SAM4s Electronic Cash Register and automatically update your inventory records. SAM Software provides convenient PLU file management at your personal ...
CRS, IncorporatedKIOSK PRINTER LINEPrintersSNBC is the only Chinese enterprise that has mastered core design manufacturing technologies of special printers and formed large scale production through independant innovation. SNBC owns the most patents in the special printing industry of China, ...
CRS, IncorporatedTabby for WindowsPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareTabby provides a contemporary platform that is easy to use and maintain, but without the budget strains and complexity of a full-scale POS system. With minimal assistance, merchants can setup their own store database; establish and maintain items, ...
CRS, IncorporatedSAM4POS for AndroidPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe SAM4POS application may easily be configured for your food, beverage, or retail business and provides the functions and options you need to meet your point of service needs.
CustoraCustoraAnalyticsThere's no doubt that predictive analytics is a huge opportunity for retailers. But getting there is really difficult - data unification, machine learning, and integrations are just a few of the many new capabilities an organization needs to build.
CyberaCyberaONENetworking SoftwareThe CyberaONE Solution applies software-defined networking principles to modernize the Wide-Area-Network (WAN) into a unique form of SD-WAN. This approach dramatically reduces your networking costs while optimizing application performance, enhancing your
Cydcor, Inc.Sales AssociatesStaffingSince 1994, Cydcor, a leader in outsourced sales, has been helping Fortune 500 and emerging companies achieve their customer acquisition, retention, and business growth goals. Cydcor has garnered a reputation for sales excellence and expertise, ...
CymbioCymbioShipping SoftwareCymbio's pre-built integration to various retailer platforms automates all processes, while also ensuring compliance to your retail partners' requirements
Dare SolutionsOrdyx POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareWe focus on open and user-friendly solutions that fit your every need
DatalogicLASER MARKING SYSTEMSOther HardwareThe Datalogic LaserMarking product portfolio is focused on providing top value solutions for automotive, electronics, medical devices and high precision metal manufacturing. A complete range of products and solutions based on FIBER LASER , SOLID STATE ...
DatalogicFIXED RETAIL SCANNERSMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) HardwareThe most complete family of hands free readers and scanner-scales available to speed up the checkout process for retailers: Horizontal, Vertical and Multi-plane shapes, Patented ScaleSentry™ scale platter, Integrated EAS capability, Digimarc® Barcode ...
DatalogicSTATIONARY INDUSTRIAL SCANNERSOther HardwareEngineered for applications that are not permanently monitored by operators: Bar code reading for track & trace, Omnidirectional stations for sorting and tracking, Image processing for inspection and quality control, OCR and OCV for verification, Most ...
DatalogicOEM BARCODE READERSOther HardwareUltra-compact high performance 2D imager Scan Engines feature an exceptional high-speed sensor which enables image capture at a full 60 frames per second, delivering outstanding motion tolerance. The steady white illumination is pleasant to the user’s ...
DatalogicHAND HELD SCANNERSPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareData collection products with outstanding performance and unyielding reliability: Tethered or cordless, Laser linear or area imaging technology, With standard, rugged or antimicrobial enclosure, Patented green spot good read indication.
DatalogicMOBILE COMPUTERSComputersThe offer of the business unit Mobile Computers includes pocket-sized to full-alpha-keyboard hand-held devices, industrial PDAs, pistol-grip terminals, Vehicle Mount Computers and a very complete choice of middleware SW solutions, which guarantee our ...
DatalogicSENSORSOther HardwareDatalogic provides the widest range of sensors for universal and applications specific purposes, such as colour, contrast and luminescence sensors, fork sensors for label detection, as well as devices for dimensional and distance measurement.
DatalogicRFID SYSTEMSRFIDDatalogic offers a wide range of UHF RFID devices in multiple form factors and various technologies. These devices have been developed to satisfy RFID requirements in many industries and applications including: Retail In-Store (Real-time inventory, ...
DatalogicVISION SYSTEMSCamerasThe Datalogic machine vision product line encompasses both hardware and software while covering a wide range of performance and price point requirements. A complete offer of products and solutions ranging from smart cameras to embedded vision systems.
Datamax System SolutionsConsultingStore ServicesRetail technology is constantly evolving. Having experienced those changes first-hand throughout the years, DataMax has the experience, knowledge, and willingness to dive into any retail challenge. With the guidance of our talented project management ...
Datamax System SolutionsCustom Hardware SolutionsPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareYour floor team will love the solutions, your accounting will love the price point. From new to refurbished to completely customized solutions, DataMax has the POS technology you need. DataMax provides the highest standard in quality and service at a ...
Datamax System SolutionsPOS InstallationStore ServicesEquipment, installation, and maintenance—we do it all! DataMax offers the best end-to-end point-of-sale solutions in the industry, backed by maintenance and extended warranties. And, of course, these solutions are specifically customized to your needs.
Datamax System SolutionsProject ManagementStore ServicesTo say that upgrading in-store technology is a major project is quite the understatement. Technology is the heartbeat of your operation. Without the proper coordination and oversight, an upgrade can quickly turn into a nightmare. That’s why DataMax ...
Datamax System SolutionsPOS MaintenanceStore ServicesTake care of your equipment and it will take care of you. DataMax is equipped to preserve your POS equipment with a quality maintenance schedule that will keep to running like new for years to come. From bigger technology like POS terminals to handheld...
DatascanDatascanInventory ManagementAt Datascan, we built a solution designed to be easy to use, empowering our retail customers to control their inventory counting process. We built our solution as a service, so every component is designed to be easy to use, accessible to our retail ...
daVinciBuyingMerchandise PlanningdaVinci Buying is a software application designed to eliminate individual spreadsheets on users’ desktops which are error-prone and inaccessible to the rest of the organization. daVinci Buying is a collaborative platform that unifies all buy plans ...
daVinciAssortment PlanningAssortment PlanningdaVinci’s Assortment Planning software inspires merchants to buy inventory with our state-of-the-art buy calculation engine to support their omni-channels.
daVinciMerchandise Financial PlanningMerchandise PlanningdaVinci Merchandise Financial Planning is a software application that gives retailers the ability to develop and manage to their strategic financial merchandising goals. Your planning team can identify opportunities to increase or decrease product ...
DaySmart SoftwareSalon IrisPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSalon management, plain and simple.
Deck CommerceDistributed Order ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)Deck Commerce is a cloud-based solution that addresses the data, system integration, and business process challenges retailers encounter as they operate in today’s competitive retail environment.
Deep NorthDeep NorthVideo AnalyticsDigitize your physical environment today with Deep North AI Platform and unleash the power of your existing video assets by deploying our game-changing enterprise software. Drive intelligent decision making utilizing revolutionary artificial intelligence
Dell Inc.BoomiData Integration SoftwareRetail businesses are at a tipping point – fueled by new market pressures and new opportunities to understand and anticipate customer needs. Shoppers have access to more information and connect using many platforms. Today’s connected consumer wants a ...
Deloitte Consulting, LLPLegalLegal ServicesIn today's business world, you need to be ready for tomorrow. Deloitte Legal works with you (not just for you) so that you can make an impact that matters.
Deloitte Consulting, LLPAudit & AssuranceAccountingAudit is about much more than just the numbers. It’s about attesting to accomplishments and challenges, and helping to assure strong foundations for future aspirations. Deloitte illuminates the what, how, and why of change so you’re always ready to act...
Deloitte Consulting, LLPTaxAccountingWhat’s most needed in the global tax environment is also most elusive: Confidence. Deloitte helps you connect for impact by anticipating change, unlocking the full potential of your people, extracting strategic insights from your data, and creating new va
Deloitte Consulting, LLPConsultingManagement ConsultingIf you’re ready to innovate and transform your business, Deloitte can help you imagine, deliver, and run your future, wherever you compete, using the latest technologies, from strategy development through implementation. Because impact isn’t created ...
Deloitte Consulting, LLPRisk AdvisoryManagement ConsultingLeading organizations understand that risk is a source of competitive advantage. By managing risk more effectively these organizations unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for all of their stakeholders.
Deloitte Consulting, LLPFinancial AdvisoryManagement ConsultingDeloitte’s end-to-end advisory solutions help unlock and preserve value in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, investigations and disputes.
DematicPouchInventory ManagementThe Dematic Pouch System is a flexible and scalable solution to store, transport, sort, and sequence individual items (eaches). Pouches suspended from rollers travel in an overhead track. Each pouch carries a single item, either placed inside the pouch...
DematicMicro-FulfillmentFulfillment SoftwareOn-Demand Fulfillment Starts Here Advanced technology has accelerated consumer expectations for online shopping — cars arrive in minutes, groceries within hours, and merchandise is delivered within a day. It's immediate. It's easy. It's affordable.
DematicMerchandise ReturnsReturns Management SoftwareThe Dematic Merchandise Returns System is a reverse logistics processing solution for omni-channel retailers. It is a material handling sub-system for distribution centers that accelerates and streamlines all the processing steps required to provide custo
Denso ADCvariousMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) Hardware
Deposco Inc.Bright OrderOrder Management System (OMS)Deposco’s Bright Order optimizes sourcing and fulfillment from warehouses, 3PLs and stores to consumers and businesses based on realtime inventory, demand and locations.
Deposco Inc.Bright PerformanceAnalyticsDeposco’s Bright Performance allows businesses to harness massive data stores in real-time, with on-demand dashboards and reporting.
Deposco Inc.Bright WarehouseWarehouse Management System (WMS)Deposco’s Bright Warehouse streamlines warehouse operations by optimizing inventory and order management, picking and putaway, shipping and returns.
Deposco Inc.Bright StorePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareDeposco’s Bright Store allows you to extend omnichannel fulfillment capabilities and inventory visibility to your physical retail stores.
Deposco Inc.Bright SourceSourcingDeposco’s Bright Source improves inventory management and offers extended network sourcing. Avoid stock-outs and utilize drop-ship and crossdock fulfillment strategies to offer products faster.
Deposco Inc.Bright SocketData Integration SoftwareDeposco’s Bright Socket provides pre-connected sockets to systems you already use including Ecommerce Shopping Carts, Marketplaces, Accounting and Financial Applications, Enterprise Resource Planning, Shipping Carriers and more.
DETEX CorporationLocks - variousLoss Prevention Hardware
DiCentralDiCentralEDI Software
Diebold NixdorfVynamic FCxPoint of Sale (POS) Hardware
Digi InternationalCellular RoutersNetworking Hardware
DigilockNumerisLockersNumeris by Digilock offers advanced firmware for a flexible management system that increases security in the workplace. A variety of available finishes and body-styles enhance the aesthetics of any furniture, cabinet or locker while keypad or RFID ...
Digital Prophets NetworkConsultingManagement Consulting
Digital Prophets NetworkExecutive PlacementExecutive SearchOur executive placement group has 20+ years experience sourcing candidates and managing clients in the retail and merchandising industry, which translates not only to a vast network of contacts but also to unsurpassed prowess in the arts of persuasion...
Digital River, Inc.Onshore AdvantagePayment SoftwareWe help you grow online revenue by giving you the Onshore Advantage™ of local acquiring, a significant upgrade from cross-border processing models. While cross-border solutions allow you to enter new markets, they diminish the customer experience.
Digital River, Inc.MyCommerceeCommerce Platform
Digital River, Inc.Order ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)Managing global ecommerce orders is a complex undertaking, but with the right tools you can deliver exceptional customer experiences from checkout to delivery. Integrate our scalable solution with existing supply chain partners or leverage one of over...
Direct Commerce GroupOnline Brand ManagementMarketing ProgramsFrom direct-selling to marketplace management, leading businesses look to Direct Commerce Group to manage and protect their brand online while growing their ecommerce.
Direct SourceInstallationStore ServicesFor more than 25 years, we’ve helped businesses open new stores, update existing technology, manage the change over to new systems, deploy new mobile and digital technologies, enhance security and productivity, and much more. We work across the ...
Direct SourceIntegrationStore ServicesOur longstanding relationships with OEMs and processors give us the latest insight on best practices for integration. We support point-to-point encryption (P2PE) across devices, applications and processes – including on-site key injection – ensuring ...
Direct SourceHardware ProcurementComputersFor more than 25 years, we’ve developed unrivaled relationships with best-in-class hardware and software suppliers across categories such as POS equipment, mobile and rugged devices, tablets, touchscreen displays, digital store signage, scanning, ...
Display DataAura seriesElectronic Shelf Labels (ESL)Fully graphic Seen through 180° Full two-way communication Freezer option to -25°C
Display DataChroma seriesElectronic Shelf Labels (ESL)Fully graphic Three bold colours Full two-way communication Long life, changeable batteries
DMIData Platforms and AnalyticsAnalytics
Dominpos Pte LtdGoToMalls.comLocation ServicesGoToMalls is the best geo-located and profile based smart directory of malls and stores to improve the Online to Offline business in shopping complexes. GoToMalls converts online users to offline buyers by referencing shopping malls, stores, promotions...
Dor TechnologiesDorTraffic CountingMeet the world’s first thermal sensing, battery-operated people counter. Grow your retail business by understanding your in-store traffic, peak hours, conversion rates and marketing effectiveness.
DTiQSMARTAUDITSVideo AnalyticsLet us measure & help improve compliance to every standard, best practice and government mandate — all with your existing video system!
dunnhumby Venturesdunnhumby mediaMarketing Servicesdunnhumby media harnesses the power of Customer Data Science to help some of the world’s best-known brands capitalise on the huge potential of Retail Media.
dunnhumby VenturesRetail EssentialsPrice ManagementAn intelligence and decision-making toolkit for retailers. Customer insight, operations and merchandising teams benefit from this solution, as it facilitates data analysis and interpretation to make informed decisions and deliver up to 5% like-for-like...
DXC TECHNOLOGYApplication ServicesTechnology DevelopmentShift your IT spend from legacy to leading edge. Modern applications deliver the experience customers want and the results you need. DXC Technology can help you accelerate to a secure, digital, data-driven enterprise.
DXC TECHNOLOGYAnalyticsAnalyticsBusiness insights deliver the most value when they’re fresh. DXC Technology offers analytics services and a robust partner ecosystem to help you uncover and apply insights rapidly to improve business outcomes.
DXC TECHNOLOGYCloud & Platform ServicesNetworking ServicesRapidly modernize applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely manage your multi-cloud environment.
DXC TECHNOLOGYConsulting ServicesTechnology ConsultingAccelerate your journey to a digital enterprise. DXC Technology’s Digital Transformation practices and partnerships bring world-class talent with a breadth of expertise and unique IP to confidently guide you from strategy to implementation.
DXC TECHNOLOGYSecurityLoss Prevention ServicesEmbed security in your digital enterprise and ensure compliance.
DXC TECHNOLOGYWorkplace & MobilityNetworking ServicesBusinesses thrive when they support individual styles of working.​ A more consumer-like, digital workplace experience helps you attract, delight, engage and retain employees. That’s MyWorkStyle from DXC Technology.
DXC TECHNOLOGYEnterprise & Cloud ApplicationsTechnology DevelopmentRealize your business potential through your applications and digital capabilities. DXC Technology’s strategic framework helps you simplify and transform applications, standardize platforms, digitize business models and automate operations to improve ...
DXC TECHNOLOGYBusiness Process ServicesManaged ServicesImprove customer experience, optimize processes and reduce costs and time to market. DXC can help manage your business processes from front to back, freeing you to focus on what’s next.
Dynamic YieldDynamic YieldExperience Optimization (Personalization)Build amazing digital experiences with great agility and speed
DynamicActionDynamicViewAnalyticsOur newest solution in our Retail Analytics Program, DynamicView overlays retailers’ critical metrics and analytics on their website, identifying immediate actions for more revenue, profit and value from day one.
Easy As Business SoftwarePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareA totally new perspective on business software
EasyPostShipping APIShipping SoftwareEasyPost is a flexible, modern API that makes it easy to add shipping and tracking to your app. Sign up and start shipping. Thousands of developers already have.
EchosecBeacon: Dark Web SearchLoss Prevention SoftwareDiscover dark web threats, learn about attackers and their motives, and prevent future attacks.
ECI Software SolutionsRockSolid MAXPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEasy-to-use point of sale that helps suppliers with outdated or manual systems upgrade technology and get more done
Ecwid, IncEcwideCommerce PlatformWe’re putting free trials on trial. With Ecwid, you get free FOREVER. Set up your free account once, and keep it as long as you like. Seriously.
EDITEDMarketing Intelligence PlatformMarketing DataProducts to drive sales & increase margins Gain real-time access to the retail data you need to make the right decisions every day. Move with speed and agility with full pricing, assortment, and trend analysis.
eHoppereHopper POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareProvides intuitive management systems to small businesses worldwide
EKR OrchestraERK Component Content Management SystemContent Management System (CMS)A Component Content Management System, or CCMS, works like any other CMS content management system, but manages content at a more granular level.
Elastic PathElastic Path Commerce CloudeCommerce PlatformOur API-first, cloud-based, headless Commerce Service provides you with the speed and flexibility required to deliver differentiated customer experience faster than your competitors.
Element AITask OrchestratorWorkforce Management SoftwareA game-changing software that dynamically optimizes tasks in real time
Elo Touch SolutionsPOS TerminalsPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareElo delivers industry-leading POS terminals, all-in-one computers, monitors & self-service solutions that Fit Your Business.
EmarsysEmarsysExperience Optimization (Personalization)Leverage your customers’ digital footprint for perfectly timed, contextual experiences — on any channel. Emarsys consolidates data and makes it accessible so you can create a customer-centric experience.
Emperium POSPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEmperium POS is the number one choice for retail and hospitality management
EmpowerEmpowerMarketing ServicesThe difference between media and creative media is what’s possible in the space between, and the process that gets you there. We’re in the relationship era, when brand is in the eye of the consumer.
Encounter AIEncounter AICall CenterEncounter AI provides a comprehensive contactless ordering solution for restaurant brands that often stitch together separate digital partners for mobile, payment, order management, loyalty, personalization, and customer-relationship management.
EndearEndearCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)Target your customers based on what they've done online and in-person. From purchase history to zip code, layer the right details together to find the audience you're looking for.
EndorEndor EnterpriseAnalyticsThe First Do-It-Yourself Predictive Behavioral Analytics Platform
Engagement AgentsEngagement AgentsMarketing ServicesThe Engagement Agents platform makes it easy for you to engage your already-paid-for & under-utilized shopping centers’ marketing channels and…
Engineered Network SystemsKiosk SolutionsKiosksENS Group offers smart, sleek Kiosk options that can be configured with a wide variety of tablets, monitors, payment solutions, scanners and printers.
EntrupyEntrupyProduct AuthenticationThe World's First and Only on-demand authentication solution for luxury handbags
enVistaPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Deliver the experience customers expect with seamless product information management
enVistaAnywhere POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareenVista’s cloud-based Point of Sale rapidly scales to grow with your business. Empower your store associates with an omnichannel POS and deliver seamless, personalized shopping experiences to delight customers and exceed expectations.
Epicor Software CorporationEagle POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEpicor provides complete, secure, user-friendly business solutions to local and specialty retailers in nearly 8,000 locations across North America and the Caribbean.
Episerver Inc.Commerce CloudeCommerce PlatformGive your customers the experiences they want with Episerver Commerce Cloud. Add personalized search and recommendations to increase revenue and improve experiences even more.
Epos NowPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareAll-in-one solution that helps restaurants and retailers of all sizes run their business through one powerful and easy-to-use system
Epstein Becker & Green, P.C.Employment LawLegal ServicesEpstein Becker Green’s Employment, Labor & Workforce Management practice is one of the largest and most respected in the United States, advising domestic and global businesses of all sizes.
ERPLY Retail PlatformErply Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePowerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based POS that works on your preferred devices
eShopWorldeShopWorldeCommerce PlatformThe world's most powerful global eCommerce solutions We give brands control over their own success by providing the tools, features, services + expertise to optimize the end to end customer journey.
EthocaEliminatorLoss Prevention SoftwareDeflect Chargebacks and Preserve Revenue Customer disputes from friendly fraud are a significant, and growing, problem for merchants.
Experian Marketing ServicesMarketingConnectIdentity ManagementEmbrace the power of identity to boost your marketing performance.
Exponeahttps://exponea.com/Customer Data Platform (CDP)Stop using outdated metrics. Become customer‑centric with a CDXP to fuel growth through loyalty.
ExtantaExenta’s apparel PLM softwarProduct Lifecycle Management (PLM)Exenta’s apparel PLM software for the fashion industry has the power to turbocharge your product lifecycle.
Extenda Retail ASFresh Food ManagementGrocery Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Optimise your fresh food operations to drive sales, improve freshness and reduce waste.
Extreme Point of SaleMusicwarePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareOne of the first POS software applications to specialize in providing systems designed by music store owners for music store owners, and continues to maintain that quality of design today
EYTaxAccountingOur tax professionals offer services across all tax disciplines to help you thrive in this era of rapid change.
EyeFitUEyeFitUProduct DataWe help apparel retailers increase online conversions, reduce returns and optimize production with the power of AI and data.
EZRentOutPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareHelps you grow your rental business by simplifying equipment bookings, inventory management and order management
FacebookFacebook AdsMarketing ProgramsTake the guesswork out of Facebook ads.
Fair Factories ClearinghouseAudit Management & CollaborationCompliance SolutionsOut of the box Multi-stakeholder community management and supply chain monitoring
Fashion Tech ConsortiumFashion Tech ConsortiumOther ServicesDeep Learning Merchandising/Product Assortments RFID and IoT Connectivity and Solutions Frictionless Shopping: In-Store, Mobile, Social Media, Video, Magazines...
FastSpringFastSpringeCommerce PlatformAs a trusted partner for thousands of software companies around the world, FastSpring’s full-service ecommerce platform helps companies sell more, stay lean, and compete big.
Fattmerchant IncContactless OmniMerchant ServicesSo much more than payments Your financials, payments, customer management, inventory, and more, all under one roof. Omni is here to provide you with the simplicity you need to efficiently run your business.
FCB/REDFCB/REDMarketing ServicesWe create seamless solutions that holistically address the complexity of commerce and shopping behavior in the ever-changing retail landscape.
FedExFedEx FulfillmentThird-Party Logistics (3PL)Spend more time focusing on what you’re passionate about – growing your business – and leave the behind-the-scenes to us.
FeedonomicsPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)#1 Full Service Product Feed Platform
Feefo IncfeefoRatings and ReviewsConsumers have never had so much choice when it comes to shopping. Feefo gives you the tools to stand out and be seen, whether you’re online or on the high street.
FIND Innovation Labs Inc.FIND PlanInventory ManagementFIND Plan empowers your inventory planners to do in minutes what usually takes them weeks
FINDMINE, IncFINDMINEProduct Discovery SoftwarePredictive intelligence empowers Merchants and Marketers to automate looks for 95% catalog, and drive millions in incremental revenue.
Finger Food StudiosUser Experience and InterfacesTechnology DevelopmentWe harness emerging technologies to create transformational results for clients around the globe.
FirePine Group LLCPrivate EquityInvestorsFounded in 2009, FirePine Group, LLC (“FirePine”) invests in impactful, special situations requiring structured capital and operational catalysts, with a particular focus in the rapidly transforming, branded retail-consumer product industry.
First AdvantageInstant and Lab-Based Drug TestingEmployee ScreeningFirst Advantage provides screening solutions that help retailers stay abreast with the changing retail landscape, manage loss prevention, and keep up with the needs of seasonal hiring.
First InsightFirst InsightPrice ManagementOne of the greatest challenges retailers face today is consistently driving effective product pricing. Gain control of your pricing strategy from Day 1 with First Insight's retail price optimization software.
FirstMark CapitalVenture NetworkInvestorsThe FirstMark Platform is engineered to create company-defining moments.
FIS GlobalWorldpay ONEPayment SoftwareWorldpay ONE is a web-based, all-in-one developer network that makes it easier to integrate payments into your environment.
Fiserv, Inc.Enterprise Payments SolutionsPayment SoftwareEnterprise Payments Solutions from Fiserv enables financial institutions to simplify their payments infrastructure and deliver an effective payments strategy.
Fit AnalyticsFit IntelligenceProduct DataFit Intelligence gives you a range of data analytics tools that unlock revenue opportunities and help you harness the power of machine learning to make informed business decisions.
Fit AnalyticsFit ConsultProduct DataFit Consult lets you take advantage of the strength of our sizing platform to plan and produce apparel more profitably while optimizing your supply chain.
Fit AnalyticsFit FinderProduct DataThe world's best size advisor delights shoppers, gives you an instant e-commerce uplift, and unlocks incredibly valuable consumer intelligence for your business.
Fit AnalyticsFit ConnectProduct DataFit Connect gives you on-demand access to sizing and style data to help create highly personalized shopping experiences and compelling promotions.
Fit:MatchFit:MatchProduct DataThe FIT:MATCH AI-based matrix integrates data from high precision human body scans and manufacturing data to accurately match apparel buyers with inventory that fits them. The system optimizes the matches by minimizing return risk through analyzing ...
FitForCommerceEcommerce StrategyManagement ConsultingWhether you are a retailer, brand manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, FitForCommerce consultants work with you to develop a comprehensive, data-driven strategy across ecommerce marketing, technology, and operations, putting you on the path to success
FitizzyFitizzyProduct DataFitizzy offers an omnichannel solution to help your customers choose the ideal size according to their unique morphology
FitleFitleProduct DataFitle recommends the best size to each of your customers based on their age, height, weight and body shape
Fixturelite Inc.Design ServicesStore Design ServicesAt Fixturelite we aspire to create satisfying experiences by designing unique spaces your customers, employees, or tenants want to be a part of.
FlagshipRTLFlagshipReal Estate - Short TermAccess premium retail locations, beautifully built, without long-term commitments or headaches. Whether you’re an emerging brand looking to open your first store, or an established retailer looking to scale, Flagship supports you every step of the way.
Flex Technology GroupMPS & PaaSManaged ServicesWe create custom managed print & print-as-a-service programs that allow people, processes, and technologies to work together seamlessly to help achieve your goals.
flexEngagePAPERLESS DIGITAL RECEIPT SOLUTIONSReceipt SolutionsA digital receipt from flexEngage is a smarter, more engaging alternative to paper, PDF and standard email receipts.
FlooidFlooid App SuitePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareOut-of-the-box apps to transform engagement
FlowspaceE-Commerce FulfillmentThird-Party Logistics (3PL)Flowspace is a cloud-based fulfillment platform for e-commerce companies, fusing world-class technology with human expertise. Think of us as your one-stop solution to manage all your fulfillment needs.
Focal Systems, Inc.focal OSInventory ManagementThe End of Out-Of-Stocks. The Start of Truly Data-Driven Stores.
Food Marketing InstituteFood Marketing Institute (FMI)Trade AssociationFMI is the champion for feeding families and enriching lives with nutritious, safe and affordable food at retail.
FranposRetail POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThousands of retailers, quick-service restaurants and salons/spas use Franpos to simplify operations, lower costs and increase sales
FRCH NelsonStore Design ServicesStore Design ServicesWe deliver compelling experiences for both established and boutique brands all over the globe.
FujitsuConnected RetailPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareAt Fujitsu, we understand the retail environment in which you operate and the need for reliability, agility, and flexibility.
Futura Retail SolutionsFuturaERSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareProvides an all-round, completely integrated, enterprise retail software solution to support every aspect of your operation - and is designed specifically for dynamic multi-channel lifestyle retailers, just like you
Future POS, Inc.POS SystemsPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePoint-of-sale software designed for the hospitality industry
G.M. Jerolman and AssociatesExecutive SearchExecutive SearchG.M. Jerolman and Associates is an executive search firm dedicated to clients in the greater retail technology marketplace.
G4S Retail SolutionsSecurity OfficersLoss Prevention ServicesWhether your location is local or global, involves extensive customer interaction or significant security challenges, G4S Security Officers are prepared to meet your business’ specific safety and security needs.
Gatemaster TechnologyPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareGatemaster is invested in the success of your business, giving you all the flexibility and control you could desire in a point-of-sale platform, integrated E-Commerce solution, revenue management tracker, and more
Genesis MannequinsMannequinsStore FixturesWe are happy to invest in long-term and trusting business relationships because they are the driving force behind our desire to become a little bit better every day.
GiftapartGiftapartGift RegistryGiftapart is the world’s first social ecommerce supermall with 25,000,000 products from hundreds of America’s most trusted and well-known stores.
GiftiblyGiftiblyGift RegistryGift buying can be tough. Some people are super hard to buy for, and asking what someone wants can take the fun and surprise out of giving. That's why we made Giftibly.com. Think of Giftibly.com as a giant wish list.
GiftLogic POS SoftwarePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSimple, intuitive point of sale software with the flexibility to meet your needs
GK Software AGOmniPOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareOmniPOS is the platform that enables you to access every functionality, not only in the store, but throughout the entire enterprise.
Glass-Media, Inc.In-Store DisplaysStore DisplaysEnhance customer experience and influence behavior via projection on nearly any 2D or 3D surface within the store.
Good's Technology ServicesStoreLIVE!Point of Sale (POS) SoftwareFull-featured point-of-sale and inventory management system designed for the unique needs of independent small and medium-sized retailers
GoogleGoogle AnalyticsAnalyticsGoogle Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.
Groove CommerceeCommerce Website SupportSystem Integrator (SI) - BigcommerceWe're committed to helping you scale your website over time. That's why we work with you to continually improve your site's performance and stay up-to-date with technical requirements.
Groove CommerceeCommerce Website DesignDigital Marketing ServicesWe believe great eCommerce website design combines form with function. That's why we create custom online shopping experiences that elevate your brand and inspire your customers to purchase.
Groove CommerceeCommerce DevelopmentSystem Integrator (SI) - BigcommerceWe believe business strategy should drive your technology decisions, and not the other way around. That’s why we’re platform agnostic. Our team of certified developers is here to help you evaluate eCommerce platforms and lead generation technologies ...
Groove CommerceeCommerce StrategyManagement ConsultingWe believe eCommerce strategy is the starting point for successful campaigns. Through extensive research and discovery, we design brand strategy and plans that align your marketing, creative and technology expectations with your overall business goals.
GroupBy IncData EnrichmentData Integration SoftwareProduct information that is enriched with relevant and accurate descriptive details enables your customers to make better decisions. We use a proprietary data enrichment process and custom machine learning models to identify the most important ...
GroupBy IncIntelligent SearchOnsite SearchA predictive, intelligent search will call up exactly what your customers want as quickly as possible. You have the benefit of understanding buyer behavior based on the search, and they find products and convert faster with search autocomplete.
GroupBy IncAnalyticsAnalyticsEasily become a data expert as you improve product discovery, reduce hidden inventory, identify and fix under-performing search terms and boost navigation engagement. Strategically reduce null-searches and adjust low-converting terms.
GroupBy IncCMS AcceleratorContent Management System (CMS)Powered by Zesty.io, GroupBy's CMS allows you to manage content for multiple brands, multiple websites, and multiple destinations in one central hub, regardless of destination or presentation. Simplify your workflow without sacrificing ease of use ...
GroupBy IncETLData Integration SoftwareData that comes in from different sources and in different formats needs to be unified to be used effectively with your eCommerce platform. Our data experts work with you to ensure the system is well-designed and runs effectively. Your product listings...
GroupBy IncSEO AcceleratorSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) ServiceSEO Accelerator combines the data from crawlers, advanced analytics, ranking, links, social data and the sitemap to help you make the most of your SEO and content marketing efforts. Sub- second page load times improve SEO ranking and capture more ...
Handshake CorpHandshake DirecteCommerce PlatformA powerful, easy-to-use website and mobile app for your B2B customers to place orders anytime, anywhere.
HappyOrNot LtdHappyOrNotCustomer ExperienceHappyOrNot is the leading solution to help companies transform real-time customer feedback into CX data insights.
HarbortouchECHO POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEcho POS combines the performance and functionality of a traditional POS system with the simplicity and sleek design of a tablet
HarbortouchONYX POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareOnyx POS combines state-of-the-art software with top-of-the-line hardware to deliver a high quality POS system that is unmatched in both functionality and performance
Harbr Inc.HarbrOther SoftwareKnow your opportunity costs in construction performance
HCL Technologies Ltd.CommmerceeCommerce PlatformOmnichannel, enterprise eCommerce platform with best-in-class storefront supporting B2B & personalization
Heartland Payment SystemspcAmericaPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareKnow more, do more and sell more! pcAmerica is ideal for any retail scenario: convenience, grocery, gift, electronics, tobacco, liquor, apparel and more.
Heit GroupMerchant ServicesMerchant ServicesWe are the only merchant processor that puts in writing: CAPPED RATES - RATES GUARANTEED FOR LIFE - NO CONTRACTS No gimmicks. No teaser rates. No hidden fees. Just the best rates with the best live, US based, service.
HelmBotPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSoftware for appointment scheduling, point-of-sale, staff management, marketing automation, and a whole lot more
HeuritechHeuritechDemand PlanningHeuritech’s Artificial Intelligence-powered platform is used by leading brands worldwide to predict what product trends are coming and how they will behave for next seasons.
High Lantern GroupStrategic planningManagement ConsultingEvery solution requires a tailored approach. We’ll design a roadmap of services that takes you exactly where you want to go.
High Meadow Business SolutionsRetailEdge POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareRetailEdge POS has many options and functions to match your retail business’ needs and help lower your business costs
Highjump SoftwareWarehouse Management SystemWarehouse Management System (WMS)Agile WMS solutions for the dynamic supply chain. Configure. Adapt. Scale.
HikeHike POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareHike POS can help you hike up your sales and customer service levels
HoneywellCCTV variousLoss Prevention HardwareHoneywell Video Systems CCTV provide reliable identification of potential security threats, keeping public spaces and the people in them safer and more secure.
HPPoint of Sale Solutions - variousPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareFrom traditional to mobile, HP is reinventing the customer experience with technology solutions that empower employees and engage customers.
Hyper Drive SolutionsHDPOS smartPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareWe offer innovative, feature rich POS and ERP software products for small and large businesses from various sectors
i3 International, Inc.variousCamerasIP and HD-over-Coax Cameras
IBM CorporationIBM Product MasterProduct Information Management (PIM)Provides product information management and collaborative master data management capabilities with cloud deployment options
IBM CorporationBusiness AnalyticsAnalyticsInfused with AI, IBM's analytics solutions help small and large organizations maximize the value of their data, unearth insights, build plans and respond in real-time to customer demand.
ICX AssociationInteractive Customer Experience Association (ICX)Trade AssociationThe Interactive Customer Experience Association's mission is to connect B2C brands to technology that elevates the customer experience.
Illinois Engineered ProductsGates - variousLoss Prevention HardwareIllinois Engineered Products (IEP) is your No. 1 Loss Prevention Solution. Provide a safer, better ventilated, and more secure location.
Impinj, Inc.RAIN RFID SoftwareRFIDImpinj software offers data services and systems management making it easy to deploy, manage, and garner Item Intelligence.
Impinj, Inc.RAIN RFID Tag ChipsLabels and TagsAn endpoint comprises an Impinj tag chip attached to an individual item, providing a unique identifier and enabling connectivity devices to determine the item's identity, location, and authenticity.
In-Stall Cabling & SolutionsDigital SignageStore DisplaysDeliver timely, relevant and useful branding message
InCommInCommGift CardsYour trusted partner for building a gift card program that drives profit
Independent College Bookstore AssociationIndependent College Bookstore Association (ICBA)Trade AssociationICBA provides Education, Networking, and Vendor Programs that empower college stores to remain independent and be both financially and operationally successful.
Indyme Solutions, IncSmart SenseLoss Prevention HardwareProtect Your Customer Experience While Protecting Your Products.
Infinite PeripheralsvariousMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) HardwareWith over 25 years of experience helping top Fortune 100 companies gain visibility and simplify their operations, we create intuitive hardware and software solutions that move businesses forward.
InforCloudSuite™ HCMHuman Capital Management (HCM)CloudSuite HCM's powerful set of cloud-based human capital management software solutions replaces complex processes, workflows, and systems with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology, empowering your HR professionals to deliver streamlined workforce ...
InforSupply Chain ManagementWarehouse Management System (WMS)Infor® Supply Chain Management solutions deliver intelligent, real-time supply chain orchestration by digitalizing end-to-end supply chain processes, allowing companies to gain real time visibility that empowers data-driven decisions and optimal ...
InforInfor POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareInfor POS helps operators in hotels, food services, restaurant chains, and other hospitality locations control incoming data from multiple revenue centers
InformaticaProduct 360Product Information Management (PIM)Best-in-class product information management fuels an engaging omnichannel product experience
InformaticaInformaticaMaster Data Management (MDM)Leverage Data for Transformative Customer Experiences Attract, retain, and delight customers with personalized experiences informed by a complete understanding of your customers and their shopping journeys.
Infosys LimitedDigital MarketingDigital Marketing ServicesInfosys Digital Marketing practice helps enterprises build deeper customer relationships by delivering personalized experiences.
InfoTouchInfoTouchPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareOur Retail Operating System brings simplified POS together with sophisticated back office, inventory management and CRM. The same powerful solution running large enterprises affordably scaled to smaller businesses.
InfoVistavariousNetworking HardwareFind out why 60% of the top mobile operators have chosen Infovista's 5G planning and testing solutions.
InfrasysPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSpecializes in the development of point-of-sale solutions in the hospitality sector
IngenicoSmartPOSMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) HardwareOur smart terminals and payment modules cover all points of transactions, be they unattended, multilane, in-store, outdoor or mobile.
Ingram Micro Inc.Technology SolutionsOther HardwareWith Ingram Micro, the world will realize the promise of technologyTM.
inRiverinRiver PIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Product Information Management solutions that help enterprise organizations speed time to market, scale to new channels and marketplaces easily, and improve customer experience
Insite SoftwareInsiteCommerceeCommerce PlatformCreate an eCommerce solution your customers will love. Provide a digital experience they can’t live without.
InspectorioSightCompliance SolutionsYour quality management command center
InstaKey Security SystemsLocks & Keys - variousLoss Prevention HardwareGet more than just locks and keys No matter what needs securing, we provide economical mechanical and WiFi lock systems and an easy way to manage it all
InstorePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareNext-generation point of sale designed with small business owners in mind
Intel CorpNetwork Communications & I/ONetworking HardwareGet advanced performance from the core of the data center to the network edge with industry-leading products and intelligent, programmable, and scalable software-defined infrastructure.
Interface Security SystemsManaged ServicesNetworking ServicesRetail technology solutions to help you grow your business
IntershopCommerce SuiteeCommerce PlatformWith Intershop Commerce Suite, you can showcase your brands online; open up new target groups, channels, and markets, or digitize every aspect of your sales processes.
InterTrade Systems Inc.InterTradeEDI SoftwareSince its foundation in 1996, InterTrade Systems has established itself as a partner of choice for companies, large and small, seeking to address their supply chain challenges and associated EDI needs.
IntraPositionIntraPositionStore ServicesAs more and more brick-and-mortar stores develop eCommerce operations; they struggle with excessive order-fulfillment costs. Our technology optimizes order picking and help grocers to save money.
Intuit QuickBooksQuickBooks Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareIt’s built for your retail business—online and in-store—with seamless ecommerce integration, contactless payments, multichannel inventory management, and a whole lot more
Invatron Systems CorpE-plumOther SoftwareOur enterprise scale management software platform seamlessly manages and distributes item level data and scale resources to a retailer’s entire network of production scales and labeling equipment.
Invatron Systems CorpPeriscopeInventory ManagementOur fresh item management software platform supports the following operating activities: order replenishment, production planning, recipe management, inventory management, and regulatory compliance.
Ipsos Retail PerformanceIpsosTraffic CountingPeople counters are the foundation of our retail technology suite and are key to optimising store performance.
iQmetrixPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareiQmetrix’s intelligent retail management software is designed to power the telecom industry
IronPlaneMagento DevelopmentSystem Integrator (SI) - AdobeWhether you’re starting a new site, migrating, or improving your business, IronPlane helps you select the best Magento development strategy and tools to allow you to focus on your business rather than the technology.
Isima Incbi(OS) for EACAnalyticsThe BI Operating System for Enterprise Application Cognition, frees developers to focus on building an enterprise brain by translating tribal knowledge into cognitive apps in days.
Island PacificSmartStorePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareIsland Pacific SmartStore delivers fixed and mobile point of sale options within a single solution.
ISS (Integrated Systems Solutions)Microsoft Dynamics ERP ConsultingSystem Integrator (SI) - MicrosoftWe specialize in coordinating systems into a single solution centered around Microsoft Dynamics ERP
ITASCAInventory OptimizationInventory ManagementYou'll have the right amount of inventory. In every store, every day.
January DigitalStrategyMarketing ServicesWe provide strategic vision and leadership for organizations looking to build a best in class approach to digital. Our teams lead brands in business planning, brand positioning, customer intelligence, tech adoption, financial planning, agency selection..
Jasper PIMJasper PIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Sell More. Sell Faster. Work Smarter with Jasper PIM.
Jesta ISVision SuiteRetail Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Jesta Vision Suite is a set of retail business software solutions that easily integrate to form a robust ERP for retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers.
Jesta ISe-DOMOrder Management System (OMS)Jesta’s Order Management module, e-DOM, is the brain, or engine, or CPU if you will, of our entire omnichannel solution.
Jesta ISVision StorePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareJesta’s Vision POS Store irons out your POS kinks so satisfaction and, in turn, sales grow.
Jesta ISStore MobilePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareJesta’s Mobile POS busts through lines by meeting customers where they are instead of making them wait to get to you.
Jesta ISVision Central PortalVendor ManagementVision Central Portal (VCP) functions as a single point of entry for all the Vision Suite solutions: Vision Sourcing & Demand, Vision Merchandising, Vision Store & Omnichannel, and Vision Analytics.
Jordan Alliance GroupManagement ConsultingManagement ConsultingEnabling Digital Strategies Across Retail Supply Chain.
JRNIJRNI AppointmentsOther SoftwareJRNI provides a platform for scheduling and managing personalized experiences at scale. With apps for facilitating appointments, virtual queuing, and events, and industry-leading analytics.
KalioCommerceKalioCommerceeCommerce PlatformWe designed Kalio from the ground up to authentically reflect who we are – human beings who thrive in helping mid-market companies grow their online businesses.
KameleonKameleonExperience Optimization (Personalization)Making Conversions Happen Powerful web and full stack experimentation and personalization platform for product owners and marketers.
Katana PIMKatana PIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Centralised solution that helps you store, classify and syndicate your product data
Kenstan LockLocks - variousLoss Prevention HardwareSince 1963, Kenstan Lock Company has been the leading global manufacturer of high-quality showcase and cabinet locks.
Kepler AnalyticsRetail AnalyticsAnalyticsVia our easy to install retail traffic sensors, our clients are able to count not just the volume of people entering the store, but accurately measure shopfront and fitting room conversion rates too.
Key ServicesRepair SolutionsStore ServicesOur Repair Solutions are designed to help extend the life cycle of all your technology needs, while helping you reduce your costs without sacrificing quality.
Kibo Software, Inc.Kibo B2C eCommerceeCommerce PlatformA feature-rich platform that’s recognized as a strong performer by key analysts, and one that enables the personalized experiences today’s customers crave.
Kibo Software, Inc.Kibo PersonalizationExperience Optimization (Personalization)From sophisticated A/B testing to AI-driven personalization, harness patented technology to delight your customers with impactful experiences, resulting in increased engagement, conversions, and lifetime value.
Kibo Software, Inc.Kibo B2B eCommerceeCommerce PlatformDeliver seamless B2B experiences that your customers enjoy from their daily lives as B2C consumers. Emulate your offline B2B relationships for each of your accounts to create personalized and memorable shopping experiences.
Kibo Software, Inc.Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareWith Kibo’s POS, store associates become personal guides to lead consumers through tailored experiences that create lifelong loyalty.
Kibo Software, Inc.Kibo Order ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)Kibo Order Management is architected for scale and flexibility, so you can adapt to evolving business needs, market demands, and global disruptions.
KlarnaCheckoutPayment SoftwareKlarna Checkout comes with everything you need to create the smooothest shopping experience for your customers.
Kliger-Weiss Infosystems, Inc.KWIeCommerce PlatformThe KWI Unified Commerce Platform provides a completely unified online and offline experience that puts the end customers’ needs front and center.
Kliger-Weiss Infosystems, Inc.Cloud 9Point of Sale (POS) SoftwareWe just made retail 5x faster! With a complete codebase rewrite to Apple’s latest language SWIFT, plus a complete UX / UI overhaul, Cloud 9 POS Version 5.0 is the most user-friendly and powerful POS on the market.
KOAMTAC, Inc.Payment ProcessorsMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) HardwareKOAMTAC has a wide variety of payment companions – from MSR Card readers to full-fledged EMV payment processors, there is sure to be a payment hardware solution to fit your business needs.
Kondrat RetailRetail Growth ConsultingManagement ConsultingRetail is an ever-evolving entity and customer sentiment is shifting faster than ever. I tailor my services to your retail business’ unique needs, challenges and objectives. I help executives to improve their understanding of the retail landscape, hone...
KontainerPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)User-friendly features that ensure that product data and assets are created, enriched and shared professionally
KontainerKontainer Digital Asset ManagementDigital Asset Management (DAM)Improve ROI, save time and professionalize with Kontainer Digital Asset Management that enables brands to organize, tag, convert and distribute photos, videos, graphics, PDFs and templates that are easy to search and ready to share and integrate.
KPMGTaxAccountingKPMG International has a comprehensive, robust and publicly available Global Code of Conduct setting the standards of ethical conduct for everyone in our KPMG member firm network. Tax professionals are also bound by our Global Tax Principles, which set...
KPS AGDigital StrategyManagement ConsultingAt Infront Consulting & Management, a KPS subsidiary, we have over 15 years' experience in business model development and digital transformation. We're right behind you when you want to protect your market position and boost your competitiveness.
Kronos IncorporatedHuman Capital ManagementHuman Capital Management (HCM)Kronos® Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions provide HR confidence with tools to help manage the modern workforce — so you can build trust, increase transparency, deliver real-time feedback, and give your employees the best experience from their ...
Kronos IncorporatedWorkforce ManagementWorkforce Management SoftwareKronos® workforce management solutions , such as our Workforce Dimensions™ suite, are purpose-built for your industry to help you drive business outcomes by engaging your employees, controlling labor costs, increasing productivity, and minimizing ...
Larson Design GroupArchitecture, Engineering and Consulting servicesStore Design ServicesLarson Design Group is a national, award‐winning provider of Architecture, Engineering and Consulting services, with a vision to deliver more by elevating our client relationships, enriching the careers and lives of our employee-owners, and enhancing ...
Lavi IndustriesNeXtrac Portable GondolasStore FixturesNeXtrac Portable Store Gondolas will take your merchandising plan from concept to reality faster than you think. Incredibly quick and easy to assemble, they’re perfect for use as part of your checkout queue, as a seasonal stand-alone display, or as ...
Lavu IncLavu POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePoint of sale system that simplifies restaurant or bar management and improve your bottom line
Leap Services, Inc.LeapReal Estate - Short TermBy leveraging technology, world class store management and real estate expertise, the Platform makes retail turnkey for brands. We’ve made launching and scaling retail as simple as starting an online store — while turning it into a single line item.
Legion TechnologiesDemand ForecastingDemand PlanningMore science and less art in forecasting
LenovoLaptopsComputersShop for a laptop by type, filter and compare tech specs, or browse the latest for work, gaming, and school.
Level10Help Desk ServicesHelp Desk ServicesStaffed by technical resources 24/7/365, our help desk provides on-demand store level hardware and software support, software application expertise, and support on selected software for retail and hospitality.
LexmarkManaged Print ServicesStore ServicesWherever you are today with managed print services, the flexibility of Lexmark MPS allows you to start where it makes the most sense for your stores. We make it easy to optimize, manage and streamline your document environment.
LightspeedPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSophisticated, yet intuitive. Powerful, yet simple. Lightspeed is more than a POS—it’s the center of your business, online and in store
ListrakListrakCustomer Data Platform (CDP)The retail digital marketing automation platform trusted by 1,000+ leading brands for email marketing, mobile messaging, customer insights and cross-channel orchestration.
Littler Mendelson, P.C.Training - Compliance, Ethics, LeadershipLegal ServicesLittler makes the extra effort in serving its clients. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the vast network of employment training and coaching services we provide employers through our training practice. Every program combines extensive employment ...
LivePOSLivePOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareProvider of Real-Time Cloud Point of Sale solution for chains and franchises
LiveShopperLiveShopperMystery ShopperLiveShopper is the only way to crowdsource your REAL customers to gather REAL data for insights important to your brand. It is the modern, realtime based solution that enhances research methods like customer surveys, mystery shopping, panel groups, etc.
Loeb PartnersPrivate EquityInvestorsLoeb's businesses are composed of private equity investments through its parent entity, Loeb Holding Corporation, and wealth management services through its registered investment advisor, Loeb Partners Corporation. We establish long-term relationships ...
Logile, Inc.LogileWorkforce Management SoftwareOptimizing Workforce Management. Transforming Store Operations.
LogilityDemand PlanningDemand PlanningCapture the needs of an entire enterprise in one plan to guide your business. Logility Demand Planning allows you to increase product availability and improve profitability with advanced forecasting models.
LoomisSmart Safes - variousSafesSafePoint Titan technology combines the latest in secure hardware with Loomis’ advanced proprietary software to streamline cash-handling processes, improve accuracy, minimize downtime, and keep customers, employees, and funds secure.
Loop CommerceGiftNowGift CardsLeveraging the Loop platform, GiftNow combines the emotion and thoughtfulness of a chosen gift, the flexibility of a gift card, and the convenience of online shopping. The unique GiftNow digital gifting experience, customized to match the retailer’s ...
Loss Prevention Research CouncilLoss Prevention Research Council (LPRC)Trade AssociationThe LPRC is made up of researchers, retailers, solution partners, manufacturers, law enforcement professionals and many more who believe developing a community will lead to a safer world.
LotHill SolutionsCashFootprint PosPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSimple to use retail point-of-sale software application for Windows that will organize your inventory, manage employee access, securely process transactions and provide real-time reports
LoyversePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePOS tools to help merchants around the world to manage their sales, inventories, employees, and customers
LS RetailOne POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareLS One is a light, quick-to-learn and easy-to-customize retail POS software. Fast to implement and easy-to-use, LS One can benefit businesses of all sizes – from startups, to small and medium retailers, to larger businesses which can advantage from the...
Lucidworks, Inc.Predictive MerchandiserMerchandise PlanningLucidworks Predictive Merchandiser lets you visually optimize the shopping experience for your customers.
Luxer OneLockersLockersIndoor & outdoor lockers for customers to pick up their online orders in under 15 seconds. Customize configurations for your store’s needs.
MachineCore, Inc.MachineCoreCustomer ExperienceMachineCore's AI provides executive-level insights aimed to improve competitiveness and performance
Mad MobileConcierge AssociateMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) SoftwareA quick, secure, and seamless checkout experience for the customer
Magnitude AgilityAgility PIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Get products to market faster with a simple-to-use, comprehensive Product Information Management solution that makes it easy to support commerce across digital and traditional channels
Magstar, Inc.Total Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSmoother, faster transactions, that yield detailed sales and customer profile data
MagTek, Inc.USB ProductsData Storage HardwareThere are 100s of USB styles and models available and Magtek can help you with any of them. We specialize in custom models and feature a few of our most popular below. If there is something you are interested in and do not see it below, don’t worry we ...
Maket DefenseMarket DefenseChannel ServicesComplete Brand Management, Simplified. We eliminate unauthorized online market resellers and diverters and keep your business, your business.
Manhattan AssociatesPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareManhattan Point of Sale is the next generation POS system for retail, helping retailers sell, fulfill, and engage anywhere.
Manhattan AssociatesTransportation ManagementTransportation SoftwareManhattan transportation and logistics management solutions are available in the cloud or on premise to help your organization manage every transportation function, across any mode or size of network, including freight and billing conciliations and ...
Manhattan AssociatesActive Warehouse ManagementWarehouse Management System (WMS)It is versionless, with continuous access to new capabilities. It was born in the cloud, so when your business needs more, it automatically scales to match that need. It has been infused with intelligence to learn and adapt. It is engineered to be ...
Manhattan AssociatesActive Customer EngagementCustomer ExperienceCustomers desire more than a sales transaction: they want a relationship with Manhattan that combines unstructured customer insight – like social conversations – with structured data, like real-time customer orders, interaction history and preferences ...
Manhattan AssociatesActive Store Inventory & FulfillmentInventory ManagementIn today’s climate, the retail store must be capable of transitioning seamlessly to any combination of fulfillment: ship from store, pickup in-store and even contactless curbside pickup, simultaneously. Associates need intuitive tools and guidance, and...
Manhattan AssociatesActive Order ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)Manhattan Order Management helps retailers balance the customer promise and profitability, using a retailer’s resources in the most efficient way to always meet those twin objectives.
Marathon DeploymentBreak-FixStore ServicesBreak-Fix is designed to service clients that want on-going support. Benefits of a break-fix program include flexible and cost efficient service to keep your IT business equipment up and running. When a problem arises simply contact us and our project ...
March NetworksIP Cameras PortfolioCamerasChose from our portfolio of high-quality IP cameras for the more reliable and clear video surveillance - no matter what your application.
Market BeyondMarket BeyondAnalyticsProviding actionable insights, that optimize e-commerce inefficiencies, at the product level.
MarketDialTesting for StoresWorkforce Management SoftwareWith MarketDial Testing for Stores, complex analyses can be designed in minutes by anyone in the organization from high-level analytics professionals to non-technical users.
MarketSourceSOLUTIONS FOR RETAILStaffingWe provide the team and process that become an extension of your brand—delivering personalized customer experiences with superior sales results for your business through: Direct sales Experiential demo days Consumer engagement Merchandising ...
Marxent3D CloudProduct VisualizationPainless to deploy and easy to use, Marxent® 3D Cloud-powered 3D product visualization apps are used by top furniture retailers to superpower sales and reduce returns.
MastekDigital StrategyManagement ConsultingWe do more than just build cutting-edge digital platforms. From designing a customer journey map that accounts for all the ways you can exceed your customer expectations to building the digital experience to support it, our approach is truly comprehensive
MasterCardSecure Digital CheckoutPayment SoftwareIntroducing Mastercard Click to Pay – a next-generation online checkout experience that makes passwords a thing of the past
McFadyen DigitalUI/UX ServicesDigital Marketing ServicesCreating new brand identities across all consumer touch points across the web, print, mobile, etc. and establish new digital identities centered on usability excellence.
McFadyen DigitalContent Marketing/Management SolutionsMarketing ServicesTarget your key audiences with complete end-to-end digital information management systems that connect across your enterprise content landscape.
McFadyen DigitalCustomer Relationship Management SolutionsMarketing ServicesHelping your workforce remain committed to customer happiness with trusted customer relationship management tools that provide real-time information access.
McFadyen DigitalSocial Relationship ManagementMarketing ServicesEnsuring that your brand sentiments across social media are listened to and responded at all times and your fans are engaged enough to be easily converted into quality leads.
McFadyen DigitalMarketing Automation SolutionsMarketing ServicesDrive more quality leads for your business with user behavior insights based automated marketing solutions.
McFadyen DigitalTesting and QAQuality Assurance (QA) ServicesEnsuring that your online store is equipped for unprecedented spikes in traffic and user interactions making them ready for optimal performance throughout the year.
McFadyen DigitalSEO/SEMSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) ServiceDrive more quality traffic to your web real estate with frugal optimization strategies and targeted content marketing.
McMillan Doolittle, LLPStrategic PlanningManagement ConsultingWe work alongside your business to examine internal capabilities and assets, analyze competitive conditions and develop a series of strategic options, inclusive of business strategies, digital transformation, fulfillment, customer care, and any other ...
Mercatus Technologies Inc.MercatuseCommerce PlatformOur Digital Commerce capability enables you to process customer orders faster, create more satisfied shoppers, and improve operational efficiency—all through a single, fully-integrated platform.
Mercatus Technologies Inc.AisleOneExperience Optimization (Personalization)With AisleOneTM on the Mercatus Platform, you get a personalization intelligence engine, powered by a platform with both the commerce data inputs and holistic engagement experience destination you need.
Merchant Account SolutionsSmartSwipe POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareCloud based point of sale system built for any and all business owners
Messaging ArchitectsEmail MigrationMarketing ServicesFrom files and documents to largescale projects, we can help you migrate from SharePoint to OneDrive or Office 365 or a newer version of SharePoint. Planning is an integral step when facing a large migration to SharePoint or OneDrive and if your team ...
MetaPackMetaPckShipping SoftwareWorld's Largest Label Library. 470+ carriers. 5500+ services. 220+ countries and territories. One single point of integration.
Metier MarketingMarketing CommunicationsMarketing ServicesWe focus our talent and experience on a single vision: to develop creative concepts that captivate your audience and clearly communicate your message. M�tiermc, bright ideas nurtured and growing every day.
MetricstoryMetricstoryAnalyticsMetricstory delivers timely and relevant opportunities for your eCommerce business straight to your inbox so you can take quick action to gain revenue and efficiencies. Start writing your more profitable story today.
MG MallsMall MarketingMarketing ServicesMG Malls is the mall-marketing specialist, combining the ownership of media along with National Representation to expand, build, and design targeted marketing plans in malls. In addition, MG Malls’ reputation in the mall space enables us to maximize ...
Mi9 RetailDemand ManagementDemand PlanningAnalytics and artificial intelligence are woven throughout the Mi9 Retail demand management solutions to help retailers continually improve their business processes and know the best actions to take.
Mi9 RetailOrder ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)An integrated Order Management System that allows retailers to efficiently and intelligently manage orders across all channels
Mi9 RetailRetail AnalyticsAnalyticsDesigned by Retailers. For Retailers. A 100% retail analytics platform that delivers answers to the business questions retailers need now
Mi9 RetailPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareA complete solution for efficient retail store operations and customer engagement including POS, Clienteling, Order Management, Inventory, and more
Mi9 Retaile-CommerceeCommerce PlatformA complete solution for e-commerce including OMS, CMS, CRM and more
MicroBizPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEasy-to-use retail automation software designed to automate manual tasks that can consume operations at independent retailers
MicrosoftCommerceeCommerce PlatformElevate your brand with Dynamics 365 Commerce. Deliver personalized, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels.
Microstrategy, Inc.AnalyticsAnalyticsMicroStrategy's powerful analytical engine, comprehensive toolsets, variety of data connectors, and scalable, open architecture ensure you have everything you need to extend access to analytics across every team and business function.
Microworks POS SolutionsPrism POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareStreamline and Automate Management, So You Can Focus on What Matters Most—Hospitality
Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, PLCvariousLegal ServicesSince 1852, Miller Canfield's collaborative approach, deep resources and network of local, regional and worldwide relationships have helped our lawyers get work done quickly, efficiently and successfully for our clients.
Mist SystemsAI:rchitectTraffic CountingAmazing Shopping Experiences with AI The digital retail cycle starts from inventory to customer transaction, all being centered around the mobile endpoint. Direct ship from factory floors or cashless transactions at brick & mortar is the new retail ...
Miva, IncMivaeCommerce PlatformIn the current ecommerce landscape, there's no time for downtime. With 99.9% uptime and robust native functionality, Miva keeps your site live and engaging at all times.
Mobius Knowledge ServicesPIMworks RetailersProduct Information Management (PIM)Acquire, enrich, and distribute product content to multiple channels
Mobius Knowledge ServicesPIMworks BrandsProduct Information Management (PIM)Get your brands to market faster by reducing time and effort spent on creating product catalogs
ModularMerchantModularMerchanteCommerce PlatformeCommerce Shopping cart software for every kind of product: shipped goods, digital delivery and subscription services.
MoEngagemoengageCustomer Engagement Platform (CEP)Make orchestrating moments-based customer journeys a reality. With MoEngage, you can analyze customer behavior and then act on insights with personalized messaging on your customers’ preferred channel, at the right time.
MojixShipShipping SoftwareAutomate and validate the pick, pack and ship process from distribution centers to omni-channel fulfillment from your stores. Share item level event data in real time throughout your supply chain.
MoleQ Inc.eCommerce PlatformeCommerce PlatformMoleQ eCommerce Platform turns the complicated business requirements of e-commerce into simple solutions. With a powerful, human-friendly site management experience backed up by a technology stack engineered to scale with your business, we offer ...
MoleQ Inc.Windows VPOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePOS Solutions for Supermarkets. Store solution with extensive POS and BackOffice functionality.
MoleQ Inc.MG-POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePOS Solutions for small retailers. A multi-language NTEP certificated solution with extensive POS Register and Back Office functions.
MonetateMonetateExperience Optimization (Personalization)Monetate delivers intent-driven experiences to every customer, every time, to grow your everyday visitors into your best customers.
Moss Adams LLPAccountingAccountingOn top of the financial and operational difficulties most businesses face, retailers must contend with a variety of industry-specific challenges—including increased competition and the continued rise of e-commerce. Retail companies looking to not just ...
Movista, IncMovistaWorkforce Management SoftwareFlawless retail execution. End-to-end visibility. Insight and optimization.
mParticlemParticleCustomer Data Platform (CDP)mParticle is the customer data platform for brands leading the CX revolution. Unify data and simplify partner integrations with enterprise-class security and reliability.
mPower Beverage SoftwaremPower liquor POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwaremPower Beverage helps beer, wine, and liquor stores maximize sales, save time and increase revenue
Multidev Technologies, Inc.Mobile Point of SaleMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) SoftwarePut the power and technology into the hands of your sales associates!
Multidev Technologies, Inc.ChainDrivePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareA complete, intuitive and accurate POS, fully integrated to the total ChainDrive solution.
Multimedia Plus, Inc.INCITEWorkforce Management SoftwareINCITE® provides a turnkey solution that enables communications and training to keep up with today’s fast-paced environment. Ensure the frontline is prepared with the skills and information that impact customers. Give leaders visibility to results ...
MYPOS ConnectPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareMYPOS Connect is the next generation POS Software
MySize, IncMySizeIDProduct DataWe know online merchandise returns are a challenge for your store. We have a solution, MySizeID.
Mystor-EMystore-EWorkforce Management SoftwareWe developed an automated data-driven task management tool, explicitly designed for retailers, that guides all managers to excellence. Automation, cost reduction, and streamline operations are about to be the new norm.
Nadel ArchitectsStore DesignStore Design ServicesFor over four decades, Nadel, Inc. has designed a diverse array of innovative, award-winning projects. Our reputation for architectural excellence is built on creativity, service, integrity all while incorporating cost effective solutions.
NamogooNamogooCustomer ExperienceThe leading client-side platform preventing Customer Journey Hijacking to win back stolen online revenue.
NarvarReturnReturns Management SoftwareRemove friction from returns with a beautifully branded, self-service solution that simplifies the experience for customers and creates new opportunities to reduce costs and recapture revenue
National Retail FederationNational Retail Federation (NRF)Trade AssociationNRF is the world’s largest retail trade association. Every day, we stand up for, celebrate, educate and inspire the people who power the retail industry. Learn more about us.
National Retail SolutionsNRS+Point of Sale (POS) SoftwareNRS’ industry-leading Point of Sale Bundle comes with everything you need to offer customers a quick and seamless checkout experience, including Heavy-Duty-Hardware, State-of-the-Art Software, and unique integrations with Boss Revolution® and ...
National Retail SolutionsNRS+Point of Sale (POS) HardwareNRS’ industry-leading Point of Sale Bundle comes with everything you need to offer customers a quick and seamless checkout experience, including Heavy-Duty-Hardware, State-of-the-Art Software, and unique integrations with Boss Revolution® and ...
NAVCOEnterprise SolutionsLoss Prevention ServicesNAVCO designs scalable enterprise security solutions that optimize current systems and integrate emerging video technologies.
NCH SoftwareCopper Point of SalesPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareStreamline the retail checkout process for your employees and customers
NCR CorporationAloha POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePurpose-built for full-service, quick service, and everything in between
NetElixir, Inc.Organic SearchSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) ServiceNetElixir’s SEO solution is a full-service, end-to-end search engine optimization offering for retailers who want cost-effective, long-term, sustainable results. We give our clients the competitive edge they’re looking for through our intensely ...
NetRushNetRushMarketplace ManagementEverything your brand needs to maximize its potential on Amazon and other emerging marketplaces.
NetsertiveNetsertiveLocalizationGet the localization, business intelligence, and speed to market you need to drive more sales at the local level.
Newmine, LLCChief Returns OfficerReturns Management SoftwareAn AI-driven platform that integrates millions of enterprise-wide data points, distills this data into meaningful actions, and coordinates all activities with your business team.
NewStoreNewStoreMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) SoftwareA complete mobile POS that makes it simple for associates to adopt and serve today’s mobile-first shoppers. Give associates access to inventory and customer data across the enterprise to streamline checkout and create customer engagement.
Nobly POSPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) Software"POS Software for growing your business. Process transactions. View sales, reports and manage your stocks
Nosto Solutions OyNostoExperience Optimization (Personalization)Create shopping experiences today that win customers for life.
Nova Point of SalePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePoint of sale solution that aids owners and franchisees in managing and improving their business
NVIDIAAnyVisionAnalyticsInnovative retailers are using AI-powered solutions to navigate the next wave of smart retail. With intelligent video analytics (IVA), AI-powered inventory management, and customer and store analytics, they’re improving margins and delivering better ...
o9 Solutions, Inc.Demand PlanningDemand PlanningMove to o9’s AI solution for demand planning and upgrade to a digital platform featuring collaborative analytics, planning and continuous learning. Your supply chain does not have to live with low forecast accuracy.
OdooOdoo POSPoint of Sale (POS) Software"User-friendly Point of Sale. Set-up in minutes, sell in seconds. Compatible with any device."
OLROLRSystem Integrator (SI) - OracleTHE MOST EXPERIENCED ORACLE RETAIL AND COMMERCE CONSULTANCY Oracle are the global number one business software provider, with over 400,000 customers in 175 countries.
omNovosomNovosCustomer Data Platform (CDP)Retail Customer Engagement Solutions Build Magical Moments. Connect with your Customers. Create True Customer Loyalty.
One DoorMerchandising CloudSpace PlanningMERCHANDISING CLOUD The visual merchandising platform built for today’s retail Today, space planners for thousands of stores rely on the digital capabilities of Merchandising Cloud to create localized planograms, optimize inventory, and ensure every ...
onebeatonebeatMerchandise PlanningOnebeat offers a robust and innovative platform for ongoing operational improvement. The full planning-to-execution cycle requires in-depth analysis of historical data, a reactive and dynamic engine to instantly understand reality as it unfolds, and ...
OneView Commerce, Inc.Pickup AnywhereOrder Management System (OMS)Retail’s most feature-rich Pickup system provides a unified and streamlined experience to serve your customers anywhere. Empower your associates to delight customers with store, contactless and curbside pickups, fast. Created with iteration at its core,
OneView Commerce, Inc.Enterprise PromotionsPromotion ManagementThe OneView Digital Store Platform's enterprise promotions engine empowers retailers to design, build, and execute pricing and promotions strategies that address customer expectations. Your marketing and promotion team can now create complex, highly ...
OnFleetOnFleetTransportation SoftwareProvide delightful customer experiences, increase on-time deliveries and scale operations efficiently with the world’s most advanced fleet management platform.
OnQvariousStore Fixtures
OpenbravoOpenbravo Commerce CloudeCommerce PlatformRich mobile and cloud omnichannel platform enabling faster innovation and more efficient change management.
Opterus Inc.OpsCenterWorkforce Management SoftwareOpsCenter is an intuitive, multi modular, cloud solution designed specifically for retail to simply and effectively manage and execute store tasks and communications.
OptimizelyOptimizelyExperience Optimization (Personalization)Target your messaging, personalize your campaigns, and ultimately drive substantial growth for your business. Powerful, easy to use solutions, to test what messages, imagery, and offers help increase conversion, retention, and lifetime value.
OptimoveRelationship Marketing HubCustomer Data Platform (CDP)Optimove’s Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub drives measurable business growth, by planning, executing, measuring and optimizing personalized customer marketing, at scale.
OptoroOptoroReturns Management SoftwareOptoro’s technology integrates across returns touchpoints to deliver a hassle-free customer returns experience, data-driven supply chain processing, and best-in-class reCommerce.
OracleHuman Capital ManagementHuman Capital Management (HCM)Natively built for the cloud, Oracle Cloud HCM is a complete solution connecting every human resource process from hire to retire—including global HR, talent management, workforce management, and payroll.
OracleOracle SimphonyPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe Oracle MICROS Simphony POS system is built for complete restaurant management
OracleOracle MICROSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePOS Systems Built For Your Industry
OracleOracle Commerce CloudeCommerce PlatformSpeed Time to Value and Increase Revenue with the Commerce Solution Built for Retail Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), innovate continuously with modern retail ecommerce architecture, and leverage the power of data to curate engaging ...
OracleRetail Warehouse Management SystemWarehouse Management System (WMS)Manage and optimize essential supply-chain processes with complete visibility and control of orders and inventory throughout the distribution process.
OracleERP CloudRetail Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Gain resilience and agility, and position yourself for growth. Oracle Cloud ERP gives you the power to adapt business models and processes quickly so you can reduce costs, sharpen forecasts, and innovate more.
Oracle NetSuiteWarehouse Management SystemWarehouse Management System (WMS)Native NetSuite offers simple inventory management capabilities through multi-location inventory, bin tracking and cycle counting. Our WMS module offers additional functionality to streamline your warehouse operations using industry leading practices ...
Oracle NetSuiteSuiteCommerceeCommerce PlatformNetSuite makes it easy to deliver engaging brand experiences to online shoppers across any device with our SuiteCommerce family of cloud-based ecommerce solutions.
Oracle NetSuiteSuiteCommerce InStorePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSuiteCommerce InStore provides retailers with a solution that unifies the physical and digital shopping experiences within a single, cloud-based commerce platform.
Oracle NetSuiteSuiteCommerceOrder Management System (OMS)NetSuite Order Management provides the capabilities to meet and exceed rising customer expectations for omnichannel fulfillment while boosting profitability and enabling you to effectively scale your business.
Ordergroove, Inc.Relationship Commerce CloudOrder Management System (OMS)All-in-one platform designed to build and scale recurring revenue for your business.
Ordorite Software SolutionsPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePowerful, fast and easy-to-use Point of Sale (POS)
OsCommerceOnline MerchanteCommerce PlatformosCommerce Online Merchant is a complete online store solution that contains both a shop frontend and an administration backend which can be easily configured and customized with over 9,105 free add-ons.
OSF CommerceImplementation ServicesSystem Integrator (SI) - SalesforceOSF Digital helps you design and implement flexible applications to provide a better view into the activity of your existing customers, and support your growth into new markets. We help companies build customer loyalty and reduce the costs associated ...
OSF CommerceCloud Application DevelopmentSystem Integrator (SI) - SitecoreIf you are preparing to launch a new website, a service portal for customers and partners, or a portal for your employees, OSF Digital will find the right solution to maximize the benefits of your Sitecore investment. We provide prototyping, custom ...
OuternetsOuternetsStore DisplaysOuternets is an AI technology platform that bridges the gap between offline to online, powering displays with interactive content and capturing actionable data.
OVVIOvvi Smart POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareWe make it POSsible for you to perform tons of business-enhancing functions that offer efficiency, added customer-service and user-friendly operations, allowing your business to run more effectively
Pacific Amber TechnologiesAmberPOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareFast and easy to use transaction processing module to get your customer transactions checked out quickly and efficiently
Paladin Data CorporationPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareNo matter your business, we’re the solution
Panasonic Corp.ComputersComputersPurpose-built and rugged for your extraordinary work. Your work is extraordinary, and your devices need to match you step for step. That’s why we build rugged laptops and 2-in-1's that are trusted by hardworking people in the toughest environments ...
PAR TechnologyBrink POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareStay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges with intuitive software that makes digital ordering and detailed reporting easier than ever
Parcel PendingBOPILLockersOur engineers got right on it and designed BOPIL™, Parcel Pending’s Buy Online, Pick-up in Locker™ solution that delivers a streamlined and supercharged BOPIS process. If you are looking for an innovative way to advance your retail store, our click and...
Partner Tech CorpPOS Touch TerminalsPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareDiscover our POS solutions. Partner Tech POS solutions help you provide great customer service.
PAX TechnologyMobile DevicesMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) HardwarePAX mobile devices allow you to take secure payments anywhere your business takes you.
PayGoPayGo POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePayGo's Point of Sale software is built to work for independent retailers and restaurants
Paylitix, Inc.PaylitixLoyaltyBehavioral Telemetry for Business℠ Turnkey tools for driving loyalty, managing risk, and understanding your customers.
PeakActivityWeb & eCommerce GrowthDigital Marketing ServicesWe make the digital products, platforms, and experiences your business depends on – at speed
PeakActivityMobile SolutionsDigital Marketing ServicesWe accelerate new ways to work and play on the move with design thinking, agile engineering, and relentless optimization.
PeakActivityPeak Custom TechnologyTechnology DevelopmentInvesting in the right technology isn’t always enough. To truly unleash potential, businesses need to change the way they work.
PeakActivityPeak Digital MarketingDigital Marketing ServicesDigital Marketing is in our blood. And it’s more than just selling things in the here and now. We partner with clients to attract, engage, and delight customers at every touchpoint.
PeakActivityPeak TalentStaffingRoadmaps and aspirational goals mean nothing without the teams to get you there. At PeakActivity, we bring strategic and tactical expertise to help you grow with speed and agility.
PeakActivityPeak Innovation & Emerging TechTechnology ConsultingOptimizing business creates value. But unlocking new markets requires innovation. We help clients take big leaps to realize big returns.
Peerspace IncPop up retail spacesReal Estate - Short TermFind thousands of hosts with one-of-a-kind spaces where you can meet, create, or celebrate.
PerfitlyPerfitlyProduct DataBrands and retailers are having much better e-commerce performance, while enhancing their shoppers' experience
PersonyzePersonyzeExperience Optimization (Personalization)Personyze is a comprehensive platform for using machine learning and marketing automation to deliver dynamic cross-channel experiences that engage and convert.
Petrosoft LLCSmartPOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePetrosoft provides its line of POS solutions under the brand name SmartPOS. Retailers can rely on this sales assistant technology to reduce risk, increase sales, and keep inventory under control. All SmartPOS systems come as bundled hardware and ...
Phillips Edison & CompanyPop Up Shop Retail SpacesReal Estate - Short TermIf you’re looking for a short-term retail space for rent, Phillips Edison & Company’s national portfolio of shopping centers provides access to prime, well-trafficked shopping centers located in densely populated areas. Our team offers flexible rental ...
Phillips Nizer LLPvariousLegal ServicesPhillips Nizer delivers sophisticated legal services at cost-effective rates, giving our clients peace of mind by fiercely safeguarding and promoting their interests at every turn.
PHP Point Of SalePHP Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareGuaranteed to save you time, increase the accuracy of your inventory, and help you make informed decisions for your business
PimberlyPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Powerful Product Information Management to transform your omni-channel customer experience
PimcorePIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Tell a consistent product story across all channels. Manage, aggregate and distribute product data
PimcorePimcore Master Data ManagementMaster Data Management (MDM)Consolidate master data across complex, heterogeneous system landscapes with the most powerful open source MDM platform. It enables you to manage all aspects of any master record, including hierarchy, structure, validation, versioning, and enrichment with
PimcorePimcore Solid Enterprise DAM SoftwareDigital Asset Management (DAM)Pimcore's open source digital asset management (DAM) software centralizes all your media assets, including images, graphics, documents, videos, and other media content. It can integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and any amount of digital assets.
PimcoreDigital Experience PlatformContent Management System (CMS)Pimcore’s DXP is an integrated platform that lets you deliver exceptional digital experiences. It combines content, commerce, and community unlike any other platform.
PimcorePimcore Open Source CDP SoftwareCustomer Data Platform (CDP)Pimcore's Open Source Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables you to store and manage master data records of your customers. By aggregating customer activities from different source systems it provides a consistent and unified view of all related data.
PivofyDigital StrategyMarketing ServicesIt all starts with a good, long term and thorough plan. Everything is equally important to us - from designing your customer persona, identifying your value proposition, defining the user experience and building a solid and scalable platform to grow.
PivofyMobile/Web DesignMarketing ServicesWe gather a wide spectrum of graphics and then ask you to identify the most appropriate areas. Clear communication regarding visual styles allows the creative process to proceed quickly and provides results that better meet your expectations.
PivofyUser Experience DesignMarketing ServicesFunctional by design - this is our moto. We design clearly articulated blueprints, roadmaps, workflows and user cases proven to be converted on easy to use, result-driven and convertion-optimzied websites. And we let data guide us, fanatically.
PivofyPlatform ImplementationSystem Integrator (SI) - ShopifyOur team will help you define the platform that suits your business the best. We think out-of-the-box therefore we will see all the dimensions of your project to identify if Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce or Custom Solution is the direction to go.
PlanalyticsPlanalyticsData ServicesWeather is one of the largest external variables impacting a consumer-focused business. No other outside variable shifts consumer buying behavior as frequently, directly, immediately, or meaningfully as the weather. Planalytics identifies, analyzes ...
PlayerLyncPlayerLyncWorkforce Management SoftwareModern Learning Software for the Mobile Workforce
Plug and Play Tech CenterPlug and Play Tech CenterOther SoftwareJoin the ultimate innovation platform. We connect the best technology startups and the world’s largest corporations.
PlumSlice LabsMerchandise PlanningMerchandise PlanningMerchandise Planning for Growing Organizations
PlytixPlytix PIMProduct Information Management (PIM)PIM software built for collaboration so you can get your products out there faster
Podium CorporationFeedbackCommunications and MessagingLearn exactly what customers love—or why they're leaving—and get the answers you need to drive repeat business.
Podium CorporationInboxCommunications and MessagingWith Podium, you’ll be able to conveniently manage and respond to every message across multiple channels, all from one platform.
Podium CorporationTeamchatCommunications and MessagingEmpower your team to connect, collaborate, and get more done—all from the same platform where you interact with leads and customers.
Podium CorporationPaymentsPayment SoftwarePodium Payments is the best way to keep money coming in, even when people aren’t going out.
Podium CorporationWebchatCommunications and MessagingYour website is now your storefront. Capture and convert leads by allowing website visitors to click a button, type a question, and move automatically to a text conversation.
Podium CorporationReviewsCommunications and MessagingPodium Reviews makes it easier for your customers to rate your business so you can drive more web traffic even when foot traffic is down.
Point MobileMobile POS DevicesMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) HardwareSmart Beyond Rugged
PointOSPointOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePoint your restaurant in the right direction with a cost effective, full featured, all-in-one restaurant POS system
Pomodo SoftwarePomodo POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePomodo helps you efficiently manage your business, by giving you control over your Inventory, Order Management ,e-commerce integration and credit card processing in one seamless Cloud Based solution
Pop Up Shops LtdPop Up ShopsReal Estate - Short TermWe are a network for brands, retailers and space owners creating innovative pop up shops. Where do you want to pop up?
POS Prophet SystemsPOSExpressPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePOS Prophet Systems develops, delivers and supports cutting-edge point-of-sale software
POSBANK USAModular POSPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareAs a leading provider of POS systems, Posbank, for more than 20 years, has provided comprehensive and innovative range of solutions and services that made payment process quick and secure and reshaped business process in the retail and the hospitality ...
PoshmarkPoshmarkSocial ShoppingPoshmark is a leading social commerce platform for the next generation of retailers and shoppers. Our mission is to transform commerce by combining the power of people and technology, making shopping and selling simple, social, and fun.
Posiflex USAPOS PrintersPrintersPosiflex has four primary objectives - provide revolutionary technology, reliable quality, reasonable pricing and recognized service.
Posiflex USAPOS HardwarePoint of Sale (POS) HardwareEngage your customers in new ways with Posiflex POS terminals.There's no room anymore in consumer-focused retail stores for traditional POS stations. They're basically obsolete. This is not just because of their size, but also because of their limited ...
POSIMPOSIMPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePowerful POS software for today's modern businesses
Position Imaging IncorporatedSmart Package RoomShipping SoftwareThe Smart Package Room is Position Imaging’s package management solution for Multi-unit Residential properties, Office complexes, University campuses and Mail Centers. The system leverages Position Imaging’s user-friendly, innovative and unique ...
Positive MovesExecutive SearchExecutive SearchPositive Moves is a global executive search & advisory firm. We serve leading organizations globally across several industries. The firm has successfully hired 3,000+ leaders in over 50 countries across 6 continents. We build strong and sustainable ...
PowerReviewsStore Experience FeedbackCustomer ExperienceUnderstand and improve every facet of your store experience, while simultaneously generating in-store traffic, cultivating loyalty, and driving sales.
PowerReviewsCustomer Content ManagementUser Generated Content (UGC)Harness the power of customer-generated content across channels, to uncover actionable insights that drive brand advocacy and sales.
PowerReviewsProduct SamplingRatings and ReviewsGenerate fresh ratings and reviews content fast with end-to-end product sampling that delivers industry-best 86% average review submission rates.
PowerReviewsRatings & ReviewsRatings and ReviewsMaximize the volume and quality of the UGC you collect. Showcase it at high-impact moments in the shopper journey. Inspire buyer confidence to drive more sales.
PreciseTargetProduct Taste AudiencesMarketing DataLet us help you find customers whose buying tastes match your product assortment. It’s the first retail data set built from a federation of product and transaction metadata (e.g., price, fabric, color, brand, style, size, etc.). We’ve gone beyond ...
PreciseTargetBrand Taste AudiencesMarketing DataDrawing from 220 million consumer taste profiles, our Brand Taste Audiences tell you which retail consumers are most likely to buy a specific product brand. Take the guess work out of target marketing and let our Brand Audiences do the work of ...
PreciseTargetRetailer Taste AudiencesMarketing DataWondering how to acquire new shoppers? Improve campaign ROI by reaching the audience best aligned with your assortment. PreciseTarget has profiled the retail tastes of more than 200 million consumers, helping retailers acquire and create lasting ...
PreciseTargetCustom Data SetsMarketing DataWe love creating custom data sets for our retail customers. Perhaps you’re looking to acquire new customers only in certain geographic markets, or the consumers with high scores only in specific departments like womenswear or fitness apparel. We can ...
PreciseTargetConsumer Taste ProfilesMarketing DataWe know that customers who look the same demographically don’t shop the same. Enable your teams to augment existing knowledge and improve your ability to target. Whether you add Consumer Taste Profiles to your CRM, analytics or data management ...
Predict SpringMobile POSMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) SoftwareRetailers realize that the inefficiencies associated with legacy point of sale (POS) systems are costing their brand and are resulting in long lines and a poor customer experience. Innovative Retailers and Brands have started looking at a modern, ...
Preferred POSPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEasiest and quickest point of sale software on the market
PrehKeyTec USAProgrammable KeyboardsOther HardwareOur tailor-made keyboards for professional use are: Programmable, Configurable, Reliable & durable, Ergonomic & easy to use, and Easy & fast to integrate
PreitShopping MallsReal EstateWe are a retail Real Estate Investment Trust owning a portfolio of high-quality malls in which we create environments where retailers and customers connect. Explore our portfolio and company to learn why your future with us is bright.
Premium Cigar AssociationPremium Cigar Association (PCA)Trade AssociationThe Premium Cigar Association (PCA) is the leading authority and advocate for the premium cigar and pipe retailer industry. The PCA is dedicated to the current and future success of brick and mortar premium tobacconists.
PrestaShopPrestaShopeCommerce PlatformLaunch your online store right now. There’s a solution to suit everyone’s needs.
PRGX GlobalRetail Merchandise AuditLoss Prevention ServicesToday’s retailers operate in a complex environment – with thousands of vendors, tens of thousands of items in inventory and millions of transactions – plus an ever-changing web of pricing negotiations, promotions and service agreements.
PriceManagerPriceManagerPrice ManagementPriceManager’s powerful, web-based reporting and analytics tool... …provides both online-only retailers and multi-channel merchants with meaningful, actionable pricing and competitive intelligence to help retailers with day-to-day price changes.
Pricer ABSmartTAG HD – Graphic LabelsElectronic Shelf Labels (ESL)Fully graphic, E-ink displays – paper-like 30,000 full-memory updates per hour Up to 7 years battery life – easy battery change out Flash-ready and NFC-enabled Black & white, red colors available – yellow color coming soon
PricewaterhouseCoopersStrategy ConsultingManagement ConsultingAs part of the PwC network, Strategy& helps clients solve their issues from strategy through to execution. We do that by combining our strategy consulting expertise with the vast capabilities of the network, to help you move your business forward with ...
PrimasellerPrimaseller Point Of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareCloud-based POS and Inventory Management Software to take complete control of your Retail Stores and Online Channels
Prodco AnalyticsPeople CountingTraffic CountingWe transform shopper behavior data into insights that help highlight opportunities and drive performance for retail
Product LabsAmazon Channel ManagementChannel ServicesOur passion is to make your life easier. We know online sales and systems. Sadly, they aren't always as simple as they should be. So we've dedicated Product Labs to simplifying your business. Our goal is to grow your product sales without you lifting ...
ProductsupPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Helps brands and retailers validate, structure and enrich their product content for thousands of retail and digital channels
ProfiseeProfiseeMaster Data Management (MDM)Profisee provides a solution for the modern era of master data management (MDM). Profisee is, not only, the fastest growing MDM company in the market, but is recognized for its lowest Total Cost of Ownership for enterprise MDM solutions
ProGloveProGloveWarehouse - OtherAccelerate your Supply Chain with the leading hands-free scanner.
Progress RetailProgress RetailLearning Management System (LMS)A Platform For Retailers That Creates Behavior Change Renowned and personalized retail education, combined with retail operations tools that make retail easier, and assist in decreasing employee turnover up to 61% in one year.
ProphetlinePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareProphetLine delivers professionally managed, affordable, and full unified retail technology solutions to small and mid-tiered retailers, guaranteed
Prospect Media Group, IncvariousAnalyticsSimply put, we’re a retail focused, data-driven integrated media agency. Our value lies in applying dynamic customer transaction data, mixed in with our collective smarts to build the perfect media channel mix to reach your target audiences.
ProtivitiCustomer ExperienceManagement ConsultingAlign CX with the business to adjust and drive strategic priorities
PTX TechTaxFeedData ServicesDIGITAL ACCESS TO YOUR PROPERTY TAX VALUES WITH TAXFEED Easily process your property tax assessments and bills without opening the mail or manually entering data into your tax system.
PuncheyPunchey POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareWhether it's at the counter, over the phone or on the go, Punchey makes it easy and cost-effective for small businesses to get paid and grow
PunchhLoyaltyLoyaltyFrom Brand Loyalist To Superfan Dynamic, AI-driven, customized loyalty programs build relationships with your customers, increasing lifetime value
PureClarityPureClarityExperience Optimization (Personalization)PureClarity are specialists in intelligent ecommerce personalisation. Our software offers a wide range of features that helps you increase revenue and average order value, converting your online visitors into loyal customers.
Purple.AIEmail & SMSCommunications and MessagingSend targeted SMS messages and emails to customers proven to drive spend and increase engagement
Qu POSQu POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareQu goes beyond traditional Point of Sale technology with a singular focus on digital-first solutions for fast casual and quick service restaurant chains
Quad/Graphics, Inc.Marketing StrategyMarketing ServicesUse data-driven consumer insights to fuel campaigns that connect with your target audience
Quantum Metric, LLCContinuous Product DesignProduct Lifecycle Management (PLM)Introducing the customer-defined and quantified approach to continuously perfecting digital products.
QubitQubitExperience Optimization (Personalization)Qubit’s personalization software helps ecommerce teams match trading demands with customer affinities to turn a visit into a sale.
QuestudioMarketStudioProduct Information Management (PIM)Provides flexible state-of-the-art software products to collect and manage product content
Quid SystemsQuid POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSmarter Merchant Solutions for Independent Shop Owners
Quiet LogisticsReverse LogisticsThird-Party Logistics (3PL)An alternative to full-service fulfillment that’s designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing logistics strategy, our RMS helps businesses conquer the challenges of returns processing,
Quiet LogisticsE-Commerce FulfillmentThird-Party Logistics (3PL)Quiet helps grow your brand with exceptional fulfillment, speed, precision and personalization. We partner with today’s most innovative brands to build custom fulfillment solutions and grow businesses fast.
Quiet LogisticsOmni-Channel FulfillmentThird-Party Logistics (3PL)From big box retailers to small boutiques to order consolidation, Quiet has the experience and team to execute with speed and accuracy across multiple channels, delivering a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.
QuorsoQuorsoWorkforce Management SoftwareQuorso simplifies your data into 3 daily 'Quorso Missions' for every store, guaranteed to drive Sales and KPIs. Then measures, learns and scales what works.
RA - Lock Security SolutionsLocks and AccessoriesLoss Prevention HardwareServing North America and global markets, RA-Lock offers a full line of industrial and door hardware security products ranging from mechanical solutions to electronic access control. We represent and have partnered with many best in class manufacturers...
Radial, Inc.Radial Order ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)Today’s customer has different expectations when it comes to shopping and brand loyalty. For a retailer to be successful in the current market, you need to empower customers with options. This is where Radial Order Management (ROM) comes in. ROM is a ...
Radius8R8 WelcomerLocation ServicesHarness the Power of "When and Where" to Drive Online Engagement & In-Store Traffic
RadiusAI, Inc.RAI RetailVideo AnalyticsWe are an advanced analytics platform which integrates into your existing security cameras to provide insights you can’t get from POS data or the human eye.
Rain Retail SoftwarePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe all-in-one Retail POS built for you
Rapid Gun SystemsCORE POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareRapid Gun Systems is a 100% ATF Compliant point-of-sale solution providing software, hardware, installation, training and support for gun stores & ranges
Realtime POSPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareRobust Solutions for Serious Retailers
Recurate, Inc.RecurateMarketplace ManagementYour full service recommerce partner. Recurate enables a beautifully integrated resale marketplace directly on ecommerce stores.
Reevoo LtdReevooRatings and ReviewsShoppers trust a personal recommendation above anything else. That’s why the content we collect is so powerful. When your customers share images, tell stories or write reviews about your brand, your audience listens.
ReflektionCustomer Engagement PlatformExperience Optimization (Personalization)Choose Reflektion’s Customer Engagement Platform to deliver 1:1 real-time personalization across multiple channels.
Reflexis SystemsTime And AttendanceTime TrackingUsing Reflexis Time and Attendance, corporate and on-site managers track labor within the Reflexis ONE platform and remain compliant with labor laws and enterprise rules. Recognize and react to potential violations and irregularities in real-time, with...
Relex SolutionsRELEXDemand PlanningRELEX’s pragmatic AI and computational power automate demand forecasting with unmatched speed and accuracy. Empower your demand planners to innovate and tackle your biggest challenges head-on with our demand forecasting software.
Reliant Solutions IncInfrastructure OperationsOther ServicesRetail and hospitality IT departments are facing a whole new set of challenges in today’s markets. In addition to keeping up with customer demands for immersive, rich media experiences and omni-channel payments, companies must also address the latest ...
ReltioReltioMaster Data Management (MDM)The Reltio cloud-native master data management SaaS platform delivers connected customer data that enables retailers to better understand their customers and gain the insights that fuel connected experiences.
RemoteRetailRemoteRetailExperience Optimization (Personalization)Personalize your customer offering and achieve higher conversion rates. We built a lightweight omni-channel product suite that gives consumers access to category experts that help brands do just that.
RepairShoprPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe Most Complete Repair Shop Software Available
RepslyRepslyWorkforce Management SoftwareRetail Execution Software For Data-Driven Teams Real-time data points out opportunities at the shelf. Smart selling tools maximize your team's impact in the field. This is the future of retail execution.
Reputation.comReputation.comMarketing ServicesCapture Local Traffic Before Your Competitors Do Retailers with a high reputation score rank higher and stand out in local search.
Retail Industry Leaders AssociationRILATrade AssociationThe Retail Industry Leaders Association is the US trade association for leading retailers. We convene decision-makers, advocate for the industry, and promote operational excellence and innovation. Our aim is to elevate a dynamic industry by ...
Retail Management HeroRMH StorePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareRetail Management Hero (RMH) Store is a complete retail point-of-sale (POS) solution that enables retailers within any vertical to efficiently manage all their back office and POS activities.
Retail Management HeroRNH CentralRetail Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Retail Management Hero (RMH) Central enables any size retailer in a variety of vertical markets to process and report on point of sale (POS) and in-store functions for a multi-store environment. This means that all stores in the retail enterprise ,,,
Retail Pro International, LLCEnterprise POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareExperiential retail drives revenue & growth. Build it with Retail Pro Enterprise POS. Unified commerce has retailers rethinking their strategy to offer shoppers something they can't just get online: an experience.
Retail Properties of America IncRPAIReal EstateRPAI is a REIT that owns and operates high quality, strategically located open-air shopping centers, including properties with a mixed-use component.
Retail Tech, Inc.POS Hardware SolutionsPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareAs an authorized Business Partner for many reputable manufacturers of POS Systems, Retail Tech, Inc. is able to provide your company with a customized POS hardware solution to fit your budget and your needs. As the IBM POS Consignment Vendor, Retail ...
Retail Technologies, Inc.Chain Store SolutionsLabel PrintingControl shelf-edge media from the Home Office! Chain stores need a consistent look-and-feel across their many stores. DESIGN-R-LABELS Home Office allows the chain’s corporate office to control the appearance and release of signs and/or labels.
Retail ZiplineZipline for ComplianceCompliance SolutionsFinally, a way to ensure that stores see and understand new policies and procedures and complete tasks on time.
retailcloud6IXPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePowerful, Cost Effective, Easy to use Retail POS for Retail businesses
RetailMeNot, Inc.RetailMeNotOnline PromotionsDriving Growth Through the Power of Savings Engage consumers and influence purchase decisions both online and in stores using strategic promotions, deals and discounts.
RetailNextAdvanced People Counter Solution – Traffic 2.0Traffic CountingAdd texture to your traffic Go beyond basic traffic counting by leveraging data from Wi-Fi enabled smartphones. Get powerful insights such as visit duration, unique traffic, pass-by traffic, visit frequency, and entrance path analytics.
RevCascadeRevCascadeFulfillment SoftwareRevCascade offers the most turn key and cost effective dropship solution in the industry. Through RevCascade, retailers and vendors can easily share curated product data, update inventory, and manage the lifecycle of dropship transactions from ...
Revel SystemsPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareWe work with all businesses—from small merchants to global enterprises—looking to modernize and future-proof their operations
Reviews.ioReviews.ioRatings and ReviewsFor today’s customers, trust is king. That’s why we go further to help you collect genuine reviews. Driving down CPC, while boosting click-through response.
Revionics, Inc.RevionicsPrice ManagementPrice Yourself into Their Hearts Price remains king. As the top priority of consumers, your prices must be relevant in all channels. This means pricing that reflects your brand, competitive positioning and consumer demand at every moment so you are never
Revolution Retail Systems, LLCCash RecyclerCash Management HardwareRevolution's cash recycler products and solutions are designed with one goal in mind: Automate the Cash Handling Process. By recycling cash and improving store analytics, Revolution helps reduce costs and increase profitability.
RevTech VenturesRevTechInvestorsVenture Capital Firm Increasing the Growth of Retail Technology Companies
Rezku Restaurant Management TechnologyRezku POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEverything you need to run your business, in one impressive package
RGIS, LLCPhysical InventoryInventory ServicesHow It Works It all starts with us listening to you. A successful inventory doesn't just happen. It takes careful planning, open communications and continuous adjustment.
Rich Talent GroupExecutive RecruitingStaffingRecruiting critical leaders to drive your business forward.
RichRelevance, IncRichRelevanceExperience Optimization (Personalization)RichRelevance is the world’s leading personalization provider. Our cloud-based solution empowers the world’s best companies to personalize their customers’ experiences resulting in over $35B in attributable sales.
RicochetRicochet POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEmpowering consignment and retail stores with cutting-edge software solutions
RICS SoftwareRetail POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareMove more inventory with RICS Retail POS. RICS Retail combines a modern POS, smart product catalogs, and comprehensive inventory management to help you move more inventory.
RightHand RoboticsRightPickWarehouse - OtherTHE PIECE-PICKING SOLUTION ​RightPick is the future of e-commerce order fulfillment, combining the performance of traditional automation with the flexibility of traditional workflows.
RillavoiceRillavoiceAnalyticsForget surveys. Use our voice recognition AI to capture insights from the thousands of conversations your store associates have with your brick and mortar shoppers every day.
Rimini StreetRimini StreetOther SoftwareRimini Street (NASDAQ: RMNI) is the global leader in providing third-party enterprise software support services to nearly 2,100 active clients. We enable licensees of Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft and other enterprise software to enjoy ultra-responsive ...
RingCentral, Inc.RingCentralCommunications and MessagingWORK TOGETHER. FROM ANYWHERE.™ Bring employees and customers together with the world's #1 business communications platform.
Riversand Technologies, Inc.RiversandMaster Data Management (MDM)With Riversand, you can provide a unified omnichannel experience across digital and physical. At the same time, drive better conversions by connecting the dots between consumer demand and your ability to provide more relevant and contextual offers, ...
RMS CloudPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEndless POSsibilities. Fast and reliable POS software that grows with your business.
Robling LLCRoblingAnalyticsA system of insight Our mission is to fix the industry-wide problem of data access for analytics, making it possible for retailers to truly become data-driven organizations.
Rosen Consulting GroupReal Estate Economics ConsultingManagement ConsultingRosen Consulting Group is the leading independent real estate economics consulting firm. Founded in 1990 and with offices in Berkeley and New York, RCG provides strategic consulting and unbiased investment guidance through all market cycles.
Rosy Salon SoftwareRosyPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe First Cloud-Based Salon & Spa Software
RPE SolutionsRetail Systems ConsultingManagement ConsultingUnparalleled Retail Consulting Services to Help Retailers Reach Peak Performance RPE — a leading retail consulting firm — offers a comprehensive range of strategic, functional, and technical retail consulting services to retailers across the United ...
RSMManagement ConsultingManagement ConsultingDriving innovation and productivity for your key business functions With the challenges and opportunities in today’s marketplace, companies require innovative strategies and solutions to achieve their business objectives.
Rubikloud Technologies IncRubikloudPrice ManagementAI-Powered Price & Assortment Optimization HARNESS THE POWER OF AI TO INTELLIGENTLY OPTIMIZE YOUR PRICING STRATEGY AND PRODUCT ASSORTMENT.
Run.It SystemsPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareOmnichannel POS and inventory management designed for multi-store apparel, footwear, sports, and gift merchants
S-TRONVIDEO SURVEILLANCE SOLUTIONSCamerasS-TRON’s suite of innovative video surveillance products yield critical reporting metrics that provide security, safety and marketing-data rolled into one comprehensive solution. POS exception reporting Deep integration reveals employee data and ...
SagarmathaSummitExperience Optimization (Personalization)Our efficient, powerful AI engine enables us to analyze actual ongoing individual shopper behavior. Learn not just what shoppers buy but predict their shopping habits with other retailers and create the optimal offers/content for each shopper.
SageNetsageCONNECTNetworking ServicesSageCONNECT™ is the wise choice for connectivity. Broadband, SD-WAN, satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi, if it connects devices to your network, and people to your organization, SageCONNECT offers the technology and methodology to connect, manage and protect.
SailthruSailthruExperience Optimization (Personalization)Side By Side With Your Email, Personalize Web And Mobile Experiences
Sales LayerPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)The talent behind a revolutionary PIM
SalesfloorSalesfloorStore SoftwareSalesfloor is an award winning platform that combines clienteling, virtual selling and mobile point of sale tools. Store associates use Salesfloor to deliver personalized and convenient experiences for customers on any channel through live chat, video...
SalesforceSalesforce B2B CommerceeCommerce PlatformMake online buying easy, and generate more revenue now with our B2B ecommerce solution.
SalesforceMulesoftData Integration SoftwareUnlock and integrate data from any system to deliver critical, time-sensitive projects.
SalesforceSalesforce Order ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)Deliver seamless ordering with ease, clarity, and accuracy. Meet the customer-first order management system, built on the #1 CRM to handle your busiest days.
SalesforceSalesforce Commerce CloudeCommerce PlatformBuild intelligent commerce experiences everywhere. Customer behavior is rapidly transforming commerce. Consumer shopping and business buying are now just one part of a larger journey where commerce is embedded everywhere — in apps, social networks, ...
SalesforceSalesforce Interaction Studio (Formerly Evergage)Experience Optimization (Personalization)Only Evergage's real-time personalization and customer data platform (CDP) provides companies with The Power of 1.
SalsifyPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)A PIM Purpose- Built for the Digital Shelf
SalsifySalsify Digital Asset ManagementDigital Asset Management (DAM)Manage all of your digital assets in one place to power your commerce operations. We equip teams to deliver above-the-fold and below-the-fold rich content that fully expresses the value of the brand, adapts to new channel requirements, and improves conver
SamsungMobile point of sale (mPOS)Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) HardwareServe the customer where the decision to buy happens. Samsung Galaxy Tablets provide a convenient, secure mobile POS experience and empower sales associates to be customer-driven.
Sana CommerceSana CommerceeCommerce PlatformSana Commerce is an integrated e-commerce software that uses the business logic and data stored in Microsoft Dynamics and SAP to create beautiful, user-friendly web stores.
SAP IndustriesSAP Commerce CloudeCommerce PlatformProvide a superior omnichannel commerce experience Win business and build loyalty with unique experiences, fast time to value, and lower total cost of ownership.
SAP IndustriesSAP Master Data GovernanceMaster Data Management (MDM)Consolidate and centrally govern the master data lifecycle to increase the quality and consistency of information across your organization.
SAP IndustriesSAP Customer Data PlatformCustomer Data Platform (CDP)Activate rich customer insights to deliver hyper-personalized experiences in real time, while maintaining the data’s purpose.
SAP IndustriesSAP Omnichannel Point-of-Sale by GKPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareDrive great in-store customer experiences and build customer loyalty while reducing your total cost of ownership.
SAP IndustriesSAP Extended Warehouse ManagementWarehouse Management System (WMS)Take control of your warehouse operations to keep up with changing demand while lowering costs with warehouse management software from SAP.
SAP IndustriesSAP Mobile Consumer Assistant by GKMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) SoftwareEnrich customer experiences with smart mobile shopping and payment.
SASVisual AnalyticsAnalyticsInteractive reporting. Visual discovery. Self-service analytics. Scalability and governance. All from a single, powerful in-memory environment.
SATO Labeling Solutions America Inc.SATO Retail SolutionsLabel PrintingOur comprehensive product line includes tag & label printers, RFID smart printers and tags, high speed tag & label printers, label design software, price marking tools, Take-A-Number systems, specialty labels and tags.
SavitudeDesign StudioProduct Lifecycle Management (PLM)The Savitude Design Studio transforms design, by easily incorporating your visual inspirations, such as an element of architecture or art, into your design process. We do so while maintaining your Brand DNA - maintaining your taste and point of view,...
SavitudeAI CurationMerchandise PlanningAI Curation enables retailers to personalize the discovery of fashion giving guests a better shopping experience, and provide recommendations for clothing with a better fit, which translates an increase in sales and loyalty.
SavitudeAI Design IntelligenceMerchandise PlanningOur core technology, our knowledge base, understands how the body interacts with clothing silhouettes and design details. Our first product predicted how an item looked on consumers and now we design the best looks for each person in your customer ...
SavvySavvyGift CardsUnlock powerful reporting tools, and tap into smart, relevant actionable data Our state of the art Analytics and Processing tools combined with our deep industry expertise, give you the freedom and knowledge to make better decisions. Here's why brands...
ScanditScandit BarcodeOther SoftwareBarcode Scanning on Smart Devices Scandit Barcode scanning software turns smart devices into high performance and cost-efficient enterprise-grade data capture tools.
Scarsdale Security Systems, Inc.Scarsdale Retail SecurityLoss Prevention HardwareProtect your retail business, from local stores to corporate offices, Scarsdale Security knows the issues you're facing, and we have the systems and services you need.
Schiff Hardin LLPvariousLegal ServicesAs Schiff Hardin has grown from one office to seven and from two attorneys to nearly 300, there is no doubt that our full-service firm looks different than it did a century and a half ago. For starters, we got serious about diversity before it was ...
ScrafficScrafficTraffic CountingPowerful Data Ever evolving customer shopping behavior in-stores requires that retailers have access to reliable traffic counts, allowing them to evolve and react to customer needs.Scraffic traffic counting solution provides retailers with a ...
Se-Kure Controls IncSecurity Mirrors And DomesLoss Prevention Hardware
SeaWide ExpressOcean Freight ServicesShippingServices Twice weekly sailings to Alaska and Hawaii Twice weekly sailings Washington to Alaska Twice weekly sailings California to Hawaii LTL/LCL Service FCL Service Consolidation Services Vessel (Ship) service ...
Secret Sauce PartnersFit PredictorProduct DataPredicting the perfect size for 40 million users monthly.
Security Resources, Inc.Permanent Guard ServiceLoss Prevention ServicesA multi-layer, strategic approach to security. Take the complications out of running a nationwide security program and depend on the expertise, experience, and scalability of an established, experienced team of security professionals.
SegmentSegmentCustomer Data Platform (CDP)Segment is a customer data platform that makes good data accessible for all teams.
SelligentSelligentDigital Marketing SoftwarePOWERFUL B2C Marketing Automation Selligent Marketing Cloud enables full B2C Marketing Automation to engage customers across all critical channels.
SemarchyxDMMaster Data Management (MDM)Our xDM platform turns business users into data champions. It empowers organizations of any size to build trusted data applications quickly, with fast time to value using a single software platform for governance, master data, reference data, data quality
SenSourceSouce Selection & ImprovementSourcingSenSource has been working with factories in Asia for many years; we have developed an extremely reliable and responsive network with distinct capabilities and processes. Each factory is assessed through our proprietary auditing process prior to ...
ServiceCentral Technologiesrepair POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEnd-to-end, cloud-based retail management platform built for shops servicing virtually any consumer or business product
ServiceChannelServiceChannel ScoutSourcingServiceChannel Scout eliminates the guesswork and effort that keep you from having a great provider network by connecting you with providers who have a demonstrable track record of excellent performance.
SEWOOPOS PtintersPrinters
Shape SecurityShape DefenseLoss Prevention SoftwareShape Defense provides all-in-one security to protect your site from bots, fake users, and unauthorized transactions, preventing large scale fraud and eroded user experiences. Companies get the visibility, detection and mitigation outcomes they need ...
Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLPvariousLegal ServicesWe Partner With You To Design And Deliver Innovative Solutions. Our structured client solutions program delivers maximum value to you and strengthens our relationships through hands-on collaboration. We partner with you to identify and design a custom...
SHI International Corp.variousComputers
Shift4 CorporationPOSitouchPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareProvides a turnkey point-of-sale solution encompassing the complete spectrum of services with its client base spanning small, independent operators to the industry’s largest multi-unit chains
Shift4 PaymentsPayment Processing SolutionPayment SoftwareOur flagship offering gives you the best of both worlds: full payment processing with merchant services AND our secure payment gateway. Merchants and ISVs can save time and money by getting all their payment processing services directly from Shift4.
ShipupShipupShipping SoftwareShipup turns delivery into marketing.
Shopcore Properties LPMy Shop Pop-UpReal Estate - Short TermMyShop – Dream, Pop-up. Grow. by ShopCore Properties is a program that encourages small business owners who dream of opening a brick and mortar location to pop-up on a temporary basis and grow their business. ShopCore Properties is committed to ...
ShopifyShopify PluseCommerce PlatformFlexible and fast to launch. Shopify Plus is the only cost-effective enterprise platform that’s built for change. Start selling online now.
ShopifyShopify Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareCreate the experience you’re known for. In real life. Power immersive omni-channel shopping experiences with Shopify Point of Sale.
ShopifyShopifyeCommerce PlatformBuild an online business—no matter what business you’re in
ShopperApprovedQ&AUser Generated Content (UGC)Get Up To 4x More High Converting Search Traffic With Q&A Shopper Approved Q&A turns your customer’s product-related questions into valuable SEO content that Google uses to funnel laser-targeted traffic - with a high purchase intent - directly to your...
ShopperApprovedProduct ReviewsRatings and ReviewsTurn More Visitors into Active, Loyal Buyers with Product Ratings & Reviews Product Reviews are highly influential, and can have a significant, persuasive effect on your customer’s decision making and buying process.
ShopperTrakShopperTrakTraffic CountingCounting Visitors From small, temporary kiosks all the way up to large malls and concert venues, ShopperTrak counts visitors to your space using traditional traffic counting devices at entrances to deliver granular and accurate insights on consumer ...
ShoppingGivesShoppingGivesMarketing ProgramsCreate purposeful and profitable relationships with customers through social impact. The simple solution for eCommerce and Direct-to-Consumer brands to seamlessly give back.
ShoptelligenceInteractive EnsemblesProduct Discovery SoftwareBRING INSPIRATION AND SHOPPING TOGETHER WITH INTERACTIVE ENSEMBLES Shoppers begin their journeys looking for inspiration online but almost always close in-store. You need a website that shoppers remember to be the store they visit. Shoptelligence ...
Shoptiques.comShoptiques POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareRetail is demanding. Set yourself up for success with Shoptiques POS.
Shyft Technologies Inc.ShyftWorkforce Management SoftwareShyft helps retailers increase sales by ensuring the sales floor is fully staffed. Shyft saves time for managers and empowers employees with scheduling flexibility to reduce absenteeism and improve retention.
SiffronStore SuppliesStore SuppliesThere's nothing worse than not having the right supplies when you need them. From food preparation to cleaning supplies, to safety equipment and janitorial supplies, you'll find the perfect fix for your food preparation, cleaning, stocking and ...
Signature SystemsSSI POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSSI POS optimizes your growing food & beverage operations and ensuring sustained profitability
Silverware POSPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareLeading developer of advanced technology solutions for the Hospitality Industry
Simplain Software SolutionsVendor PortalVendor ManagementVendor portal is the most recent product introduced by Simplain. This software facilitates efficient collaboration and data exchange between Retailers and Vendors using an easy to use common platform.
SimpleConsignPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEasy to use Web Based POS and Management Consignment Software
SimplrSimplrCall CenterSimplr helps online retailers scale amazing customer experiences that drive loyalty and increase conversions. We can respond to chats, emails, DMs, and texts as well as your highest-performing, most-tenured CS team member or BPO agent.
Singletree Technologies LLCIntellimasMaster Data Management (MDM)Effective Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) strategies rely on data being input or generated somewhere in the business process. Whether the data comes from your ERP, PLM, CRM, or any of your enterprise systems, or from
SitecoreExperience CommerceeCommerce PlatformBuild connections that drive outcomes with Sitecore Experience Commerce™ (XC): the only solution that extends Sitecore® Experience Platform™, delivers personalized experiences for commerce, and is an extensible and flexible platform.
SiteSpect, Inc.SiteSpectExperience Optimization (Personalization)Optimize Everything Seamlessly test, target, and personalize every aspect of your digital presence.
SitooRetail mPOSMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) SoftwareA cloud-based mPOS built for our new ways of shopping Sitoo is the Point of Sales platform for retailers with high order volumes who are looking to sell everywhere and fulfill anywhere. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace the future today.
SizebaySizebayProduct DataCustomers favorite Virtual Fitting Room and prefered by ecommerce
SkillnetSolution DeliverySystem Integrator (SI) - OracleMore than 100 companies from small store operations to large Tier-1 retailers have trusted SkillNet with their retail implementations. As a current Oracle Gold Partner specializing in Oracle Retail solutions, we have been serving the industry for the ...
SkookumDigital StrategyManagement ConsultingWe help you answer those questions and more. With Skookum’s help creating a holistic digital strategy and designing your customer experience, your team can drive self-service, acquire new customers, increase retention, leverage new channels in a smart ...
Sky SystemzPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSky is a complete payment and business management solution with point of sale, checkout, hardware, accounting, customer management, and payment technology that enables payments virtually anywhere
SkyPostalMail Delivery ServicesShippingThe SkyPostal mail division specializes in offering hand delivery of mail and periodicals into Latin America. Our mission is to provide our customers with a consistent, secure and reliable mail delivery service of the highest standards into Latin America
Slalom ConsultingStrategyManagement ConsultingMove confidently through ambiguity and risk We've been where you are. It's not easy to make intelligent, future-forward choices amid too many inputs and too few real insights. Our consultants provide deep, cross-industry expertise and a courageous ...
Smart AccessSmart AccessWorkforce Management SoftwarePlace managed, scannable stickers on objects in your workplace to launch tasks for your deskless workforce. When scanned, training, communication, and operations are launched on your worker's mobile devices.
Smarter SortingClassification PortalProduct DataImprove supplier and retailer communications and classifications. Easily request, receive, and manage classifications for every item in your store in three simple steps.
SmartwerksPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareMuch more than just Point of Sale, we have the tools you need to improve every part of your business
SMG - Service Management GroupCustomer Experience ManagementCustomer ExperienceCustomer expectations are sky high, and every interaction with your brand can be the difference in earning lifetime loyalty or losing that customer forever. That’s why SMG’s customer experience management (CEM) solution encompasses every touchpoint in ...
SMITHSAP DevelopmentSystem Integrator (SI) - SAPTHE ARCHITECTS OF FUTURE COMMERCE™ The next big thing isn’t what you’ll buy. It’s how you’ll buy it.
Smith Micro SoftwareSafePathOther SoftwareSafePath is a proven, white-label solution that enables wireless carriers and cable operators to bring to market branded digital family safety solutions.
SofteonWarehouse Management SystemWarehouse Management System (WMS)Softeon’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides a powerful wms system for optimizing distribution, loaded with innovative, differentiated capabilities that comprehensively handle the basics (receiving, putaway, inventory management, order picking ...
SofteonDistributed Order ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)Intelligent hub for order sourcing, routing and fulfillment Superior customer fulfillment with Softeon Distributed Order Management Distributed Order Management (DOM) systems have become critical to supply chain execution, notably in omnichannel ...
SophelleRetail System OptimizationManagement ConsultingAt Sophelle, we design, implement and optimize retail technology against industry best practices to ensure that your technology investments are always returning peak ROI. From customization to proactive business process changes as well as expert vendor...
SophelleRetail System ImplementationManagement ConsultingSurprises are costly, both in their direct and indirect impact. At Sophelle, we believe in a ‘No Surprises’ approach and do everything possible to eliminate them, and to make sure you are always prepared and in the know.
SophelleRetail System SelectionManagement ConsultingWhen it comes to retail system selection, retailers understand that there is no ‘one size’ fits all technology platform. With hundreds of technologies across each and every processor silo plus thousands of integrators, the selection process can easily ...
SophelleOmnichannel StrategyManagement ConsultingTo meet customers’ always on demands, winning retailers are transforming their business with an omnichannel approach. Sophelle’s retail consultants work closely with clients to uncover new opportunities and create cost-effective, high-performing retail...
SourceAmericaAdministrative ServicesOther ServicesWe keep you operating at maximum efficiency For 30+ years, SourceAmerica has been providing administrative support and contract management to companies and organizations across the country. Our employees know the latest technologies and software, ...
SovosTax and Regulatory ReportingTax Management SoftwareBoost filing accuracy, ensure compliance, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency with Sovos tax information reporting software.
SovosTax DeterminationTax Management SoftwareDo business anywhere, with global, real-time tax determination that saves time, increases efficiency and gives you peace of mind.
SpacePole, Inc.POS MountsPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareThe world’s leading technology mounting solution SpacePole POS Mounts, or our Essentials range of point of sale solutions, were created to work with your existing hardware or furniture by offering robust ergonomically designed mounting options that ...
Spark FoundrySpark FoundryMarketing ServicesAT SPARK FOUNDRY, WE BRING HEAT TO BRANDS: HIGHER ENGAGEMENT, AFFINITY, AND TRANSACTIONS. Unlike other agencies, we combine the nimble spirit of a startup with the marketplace clout and deep partnerships of a global powerhouse.
Sparkwork Software, Inc.SparkworkWorkforce Management SoftwareSpakwork’s platform is a perfect rendition for retail enterprises of all sizes. Our proven research methodologies enable you with the ground-breaking learning landscape.
Specialized Business SolutionsKeystroke POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEasy to use, inexpensive, and full featured, Keystroke POS will efficiently run your retail store
Spectralink CorporationMPOS DevicesMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) HardwareHelp your employees stay connected - no matter where they are. Spectralink's mobile communication solutions offer secure, intuitive and purpose-built devices for industries like Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality.
Speed CommerceOmnichannel Fulfillment ServiceFulfillment SoftwareIt's simple: customers want their orders when promised. They want them to be right, and they want the ability to easily return something when it’s not what they expected. Of course, the process of making this magic happen is anything but simple. That's..
Spencer TechnologiesPOS INSTALLATIONS & POINT OF SALE ROLLOUTSStore ServicesWith over 40 years of experience, Spencer Technologies strategically utilizes employees and technicians across the United States, Canada and Europe in support of the retail industry.
SpotOnPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareHelping restaurants and small businesses to compete and win with intuitive software, point-of-sale systems, and payment solutions
Spree Commerce IncSpree CommerceeCommerce PlatformSpree Commerce is an open-source ecommerce platform for Rails 6 with a mobile-first UX, an optional PWA frontend, REST API, GraphQL (coming soon), numerous official extensions and an ecosystem of third-party integrations.
Springboard RetailSpringboard RetailPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSpringboard Retail point of sale and retail management software was designed specifically for retail, empowering brands and retailers to harness their data and sell more, profitably.
Spruce LabsSpruceOther SoftwareSpruce is an Experience Platform (XP) built to give physical retailers the power to harness new and existing technologies to create unforgettable experiences and build long-lasting relationships.
SPS CommerceSPS CommerceEDI SoftwareSave time with retail supply chain automation from SPS Commerce. Our industry expertise, processes and innovative technologies can put time back in your day by reducing your manual labor. Our customers agree, that SPS EDI document automation in supply...
SquarePoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareBecause every business is different, Square has a variety of POS options to help you take yours where you want it to go
SSI SCHAEFER GroupE-PickFulfillment SoftwareE-Pick is a cost-effective stand-alone solution for setting up and operating Pick by Light systems. The picking tasks in your warehouse benefit from greater reliability and efficiency.
Staley TechnologiesCommunications Equipment - variousCommunications and Messaging
Star MicronicsPortable PrintersPrinters
StellaServiceStella ConnectCustomer ExperienceMaximize Frontline Performance and Efficiency Stella Connect lets customer service teams have it all. Empower your frontline team with real-time feedback, coaching, and QA while maximizing efficiency – no matter where they sit.
SterlingDrug & Health ScreeningLoss Prevention ServicesMaintaining a safe and productive work environment is critical for businesses and employees. Sterling’s Drug and Health Screening services offer comprehensive pre-and post-hire drug screening to help your company stay compliant and meet work policy ...
Stibo SystemsPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)It’s product information management / PIM, evolved
Stibo SystemsStibo SystemsMaster Data Management (MDM)Better data. Better business. Better world. Success in the digital economy requires a transparent approach to master data to know exactly what your customers want, when they want it. Stibo Systems empowers you to deliver it, creating a single, ...
Stitch LabsOrder ManagementOrder Management System (OMS)Manage all your orders from a single platform built to help brands move fast and shake up their industries.
Store Display USAvariousStore Fixtures
StoreForceStoreForceWorkforce Management SoftwareRetail Workforce Management is not only about scheduling staff at the right time, but also the right people. StoreForce combines Workforce and Performance Management into a single solution.
StorefrontStorefrontReal Estate - Short TermAs a professional, your time is precious. Let a local Storefront concierge search on your behalf and find the perfect space matching your exact requirements.
Storis, Inc.Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareSolution that helps businesses increase profitability, improve efficiencies, and enhance the customer experience
STRATACACHEDigital SignageStore DisplaysAs part of the STRATACACHE family of companies, world-leading digital signage platform ActiVia for Media provides a powerful digital signage software solution that successful businesses are using to introduce, implement and optimize top-of-the-line ...
Stylumia Intelligence Technology PVT LTDStore.YMerchandise PlanningDistribution Localized Every store, every city, every country has its own nuances of taste. It’s not enough to buy the right product, the right quantities at the right time. It’s very important that the products are distributed to the right ...
Sunrise Technologies IncImplementationSystem Integrator (SI) - MicrosoftIf you’re looking for a trusted partner that can advise you on the best way to implement Microsoft technology for your business, you’ve come to the right place.
SuperUpSuperUpeCommerce PlatformSuperUp is the world's first PaaS which hybrids personalized eCommerce with contextual targeting capabilities, taking mobile shopping into a whole new dimension.
Surdell & Partners, LLCvariousMarketing ServicesWe’re obsessed with retail. In a really, really good way. Let us help your brand find a better way to connect with your audience.
SuzohappCashCompleteCash Management HardwareCash Management is a Cross-Functional Challenge On a daily basis, IT, Operations, Loss Prevention and Treasury teams face numberous challenges related to cash management. Below are critical challenges per functional area where CashComplete™ can be a ...
SwyftLockersLockersSwyft's solutions fill a variety of needs including unattended retail, parcel lockers, shrink mitigation, food service automation and last-mile delivery. All are fully integrated with the extensive Swyft Synergy platform and suite of machine learning ...
Symphony CommerceSymphonyeCommerce PlatformSymphony provides you with a single, complete commerce system that’s delivered as a service to free you up to focus on your core business of marketing and selling great products. That’s Commerce as a Service.
Symphony RetailDemand ForecastingDemand PlanningTake account of all relevant data to reduce forecast errors by 75% and manage all items, from promotional to ultra-fresh food, in one forecasting platform.
SyndigoPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Take control of your product content. Ensure your information is accurate, up-to-date and disseminated everywhere you need it to be shared
Systems Integration SpecialistsEnterprise Pricing SolutionPrice ManagementAchieve greater pricing synergies and local market optimization through Dynamic Pricing Functionality
Syte Visual ConceptionDeep TaggingProduct Tags and LabelsBuild and deploy robust product tags automatically.
Tableau SoftwareTableauAnalyticsHarness the power of your data. Unleash the potential of your people. Choose the analytics platform that disrupted the world of business intelligence. Choose Tableau.
TalechPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePowerful yet easy to use point of sale software with rich analytics and deep insights
TalkootTalkoot PIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Lightweight, cloud-based product information management system built for creative teams that need to produce large volumes of high-impact product content to fuel ecommerce growth
TangibleeTangibleeContent Management System (CMS)Tell better stories with existing product content. A scalable, fully customizable content platform for online retail.
Tata Consultancy ServicesTCS OmniStorePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareTCS OmniStoreTM is a unified commerce platform that completely revolutionizes the way customers shop and will be at the heart of everything you do. It serves as an antidote to retailers who had to contend with a patchwork of haphazard systems that ...
Taubman CompanyLeasingReal EstateTaubman owns and operates best-in-class shopping centers. We continually reinvest in our assets to ensure fresh, innovative centers that make an emotional connection with shoppers.
TDX TechIntegration & StagingStore ServicesOur integrated warehousing, staging and distribution process is the most cost-effective way to ensure a successful rollout of in-store systems. This process will provide a foundation for increased availability and productivity over the life of your ...
Teamwork CommerceMobile POSMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) SoftwarePerform extensive store operations exclusively on Apple’s sleek, cutting edge iPad device. The core of our commerce platform, Teamwork POS was engineered to join together the robust features of an enterprise POS system with the flexibility and ...
Techfino LLCNetSuite ImplementationSystem Integrator (SI) - NetSuiteOur approach to NetSuite Implementation has been carefully refined and enhanced over the past 10 years.
Technology Recovery Group Store POS Deployment / CollectionStore ServicesThe Next Generation of Retail Management TRG’s Retail Managed Services provide a comprehensive solution to managing your business’s devices and a single source for all equipment being collected or deployed.
TechSeraDeliver EZShipping SoftwareFor your customers, the thought of having to plan one’s schedule around when their packages are set to arrive is very stressful. Will it be shipped to my home or office? Will someone be here to accept it? If it's left outside my house do I run the ...
Telaid Network ServicesRemote Help DeskManaged ServicesPurpose-Built Complete Site Service Program lets you maximize ROI on your technologies
TellermateLive Drawer ManagerCash Management SoftwareReal-time visibility of cash in the drawer, virtually eliminating cash loss at the point of sale
Temabit LLCvariousTechnology DevelopmentWe specialize in creating products of all scales: from simple development projects to crafting complex products for big businesses Our team provides professional services for all popular kinds of platforms and devices
Temporary Spaces, LLC dba PopUp ShopsPopUp ShopsReal Estate - Short TermTaking the hassle out of finding spaces and brands to work with, we are the original marketplace for popup shop brands & retail spaces to connect without booking fees.
TERAOKA DIGIPOS for Mass MerchandisersPoint of Sale (POS) Hardware
Texel3D Scanners - variousOther HardwareComplete solutions for creating 3D photos and digital avatars. Universal software opens up possibilities for post-processing of 3D models of any complexity.
TG3 Electronics, Inc.Standard KeyboardsKeyboards
The Cawley CompanyName BadgesStore SuppliesWearing a name badge opens the lines of communication between your customers and staff, builds rapport, and helps make staff approachable. Name badges identify staff as professionals and promote your brand. We have the solution for you by offering ...
The Integer GroupBrand CommunicationsMarketing Services
The Parker Avery GroupRetail ConsultingManagement ConsultingWe have a portfolio of offerings based on over 500+ years of collective industry experience working with some of the world's leading retail and consumer goods companies. We provide strategy, process design, organization assessment, solution evaluation...
The Pinnacle CorporationPinnacleCarteCommerce PlatformPinnacleCart is the all-in-one webstore solution obsessively engineered to increase visitors and conversions while growing sales.
The Zellman Group LLCLP AnalyticsLoss Prevention SoftwareThe Zellman Group’s Loss Prevention analysts are industry-recognized leaders who have expertise with a wide array of analytics tools for the retail, hospitality and food & beverage industries. Our system agnostic approach provides your organization ...
TheatroTheatroWorkforce Management Software32 million hourly service employees are under-performing without access to mobile apps Even when all of your customers are connected, why are hourly workers so disconnected? In fact, only 10% of hourly workers have access to mobile technology. There ...
ThinkTime, LLCTask ManagementWorkforce Management SoftwareThinkTime provides a clear, consistent and user-friendly platform for every task - from complex corporate initiatives to simple to-do items. Each assigned task appears in a personalized dashboard with a priority level so associates know exactly how to...
ThriftCartPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePoint of Sale and Inventory built for a Thrift Store
ThronTHRON DAM PlatformDigital Asset Management (DAM)More than just DAM: manage and distribute all your content and product information on any channel, directly from THRON.
TidelSmart SafesSafesTidel smart safes provide advanced technological features that enable the automation of cash management functions within a busy retail environment. By providing automated bill counting and deposit functions along with extensive reporting capability,
TigerPOSTigerPOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareTigerPOS was developed by store owners for store owners
TillpointTillpoint POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePoint of Sale & Management Software for Every Part of Your Retail or Restaurant Business
Tilt CreativeStudioManaged Services40’x60’ Corner Cyc HD Cameras G&E Studio Rental Floorplan↓
Tilt CreativeProductionMarketing ServicesIn-house Producers Video Photography Casting Location Scout
Tilt CreativePost-ProductionMarketing ServicesEditorial Motion Graphics 3D Animation Audio Original Music
Tilt CreativeCreativeMarketing ServicesInsight Strategy Concept Development Art Direction Copywriting
ToastToast Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEmpowers restaurants of all sizes to build great teams, increase revenue, improve operations, and delight guests
Tompkins Roboticst-SortSortation EquipmentRevolutionizing Unit and Parcel Sortation Tompkins Robotics' t-Sort solution is the world’s first portable, robotic unit & parcel sortation system.
ToshibavariousPoint of Sale (POS) HardwareIn-store customer experiences are game changing opportunities. Thankfully, our commitment to designing the best POS system makes it look easy.
TouchBistroTouchBistro POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareAll-in-one POS and restaurant management system that makes running a restaurant easier
TouchrateDisplaysStore DisplaysWorking alongside the world’s leading retailers, we have developed one of the most interactive touchscreen platforms for engaging consumers at the point-of-experience – where it matters most.
TPNDigital CommerceMarketing ServicesWe develop and execute digital commerce strategies that optimize growth by delivering revenue targets, protecting margin and building brands.
Trade 'EM Inc.Trade 'EmGift CardsWE ARE THE FASTEST GIFT CARD PURCHASE ON THE PLANET! TRADE ‘EM is a revolutionary new app that lets you store, use, gift, or trade your gift cards, punch cards, or awesome promotional items!
TransUnion, Inc.IDVisionLoss Prevention SoftwareWith our holistic fraud solution, businesses and consumers can safely and seamlessly transact in a digital world.
Trax RetailRetail ExecutionWorkforce Management SoftwareTrax Retail Execution is an in-store execution product that helps consumer goods companies win at the shelf with a comprehensive real-time view of store and field performance across all retail channels.
TRAYPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareA powerful Point of Sale platform designed to run your entire business
TrendalyticsTrendalyticsAnalyticsThe closest thing to a crystal ball. You have the art. We’ll bring the science.
TrextelManaged ServicesNetworking ServicesWe cut through the noise to reduce tickets and keep your network humming while you focus on your core business.
Tri-TechAIMPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareAIM is a completely integrated and robust point of sale and retail management solution that offers inventory control, automated purchasing, customer management and loyalty programs, sales reporting, employee security and more
Trinity InsightUX Design & Development​​Technology DevelopmentNow, more than ever, the customer’s experience is everything. Our team is ready with quick solutions, lightweight technologies, and a can-do attitude.
Trinity InsightSearch Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) ServiceOptimizing your brand for organic search requires a multi-faceted plan layered with authentic content and relevant interactions.
Trinity InsightEmail Marketing & AutomationMarketing ServicesOur proven approach drives engagement through automated, personalized messages thoughtfully designed to create a more cohesive and meaningful brand experience.
TriptentSTRATEGYMarketing ServicesGrowth Strategy Brand Strategy Campaign Strategy Rollout Strategy Promotional Strategy Project Strategy Customer Strategy
True FitTrue DiscoveryProduct DataDiscover fashion true to you with AI-driven personal style rankings for individualizing any assortment, catalog, or offer; all powered by fashion’s richest data set.
TrueCommercePIMProduct Information Management (PIM)PIM Software for Brands, Distributors, and Retailers
TrueCommerceNexternaleCommerce PlatformOffering Everything Your Brand Needs to be Successful Online Beautifully Branded, Custom Designed Stores
Truno Retail TechnologyTimeForgeHuman Capital Management (HCM)Employees are your most valuable asset. Having the right human capital management tools in place helps you take care of your employees and keep your business running. By consolidating these tools into a single portal and integrating into operational data,
TruRatingTruRatingRatings and ReviewsPush today. Better tomorrow. We're changing the way the world gains insight. With the single push of a button, we make it easy for customers to give feedback.businesses to grow.charities to thrive.
Trust-PlaceTrust-PlaceProduct AuthenticationAuthenticate the item with an augmented ownership certificate, which protects its value, shares its story, and facilitates its transmission with confidence
TrustpilotTrustpilotRatings and ReviewsGrow brand trust. Show brand trust. Trustpilot reviews get you closer to your customers and power your business forward
TrustSpotTrustSpotRatings and ReviewsTrustSpot helps you collect & display customer reviews, photos, videos, Q&A, and more to increase your trust, conversion rate and social proof.
TSYSVital POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe Cloud-Based POS System for Small Businesses that can help you run and grow your business wherever you are
Tulip RetailClientelingCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)A more personalized shopping experience Better engage customers with a personalized customer experience and recommendations your shoppers look for.
TurnTo NetworksVisual ReviewsUser Generated Content (UGC)The easiest way to capture the most customer-created product photos and videos
TurnTo NetworksCommunity Q&AUser Generated Content (UGC)The fastest answers from the most relevant sources to the most types of questions
TurnTo NetworksRatings & ReviewsRatings and ReviewsDrive conversions and build shopper trust with best-in-class Customer-Generated Content.
Tusk VenturesVenture CapitalInvestorsBreaking through in regulated markets. We protect startups from politics. We take on the entrenched interests and politicians trying to stifle innovation and competition so our portfolio companies don’t have to. Disrupting any industry also means ...
TVPageStorefronts for AmbassadorsMarketing ProgramsThe ambassador’s personalized storefront is where shoppable videos, photos, and live events come to life.
TwikTwikExperience Optimization (Personalization)The first real-time personalization engine
Unbxd Inc.Unbxd Product Information ManagementProduct Information Management (PIM)Unbxd Product Information Management (PIM) offers a centralized, single source of truth for all product data in simple and intuitive user experience.
Unbxd Inc.Unbxd RecommendationsExperience Optimization (Personalization)Deliver personalized and relevant product suggestions to your shoppers across the shopper journey
Unbxd Inc.Unbxd Site SearchOnsite SearchOffer higher conversions through AI and ML empowered Site Search
Unbxd Inc.Unbxd BrowseExperience Optimization (Personalization)Offer 1:1 personalized browsing experience to each shopper with AI-based intelligent automation and powerful merchandising controls
UnilogCommerceeCommerce PlatformUnilog understands the complexities of B2B buying. Your eCommerce site must support purchase orders, multiple levels of reviews, quick order pads, access to lines of credit, and more. Unilog ranks as one of the strongest eCommerce sites in supporting the
UNIONUNION Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareFirst POS built exclusively for high volume high touch venues and their unique operating requirements
UnionPay (USA) LLCUnionPayPayment SoftwareAt present, more than 10 million overseas online merchants accept UnionPay Online Payment. These merchants are based in 200 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Macau, Europe, the US, Japan, South Korea, covering fields of retail, online travel boo
UpperEdgeIT SourcingSourcingUpperEdge maximizes the value our clients receive from their key IT supplier relationships by helping them develop and execute fact-based sourcing, negotiation, and project execution strategies.
UpserveUpserve POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareRestaurant POS and management software built to make restaurants wildly successful
USTGlobalDigital Transformation ConsultingManagement ConsultingUST Global brings a company-wide entrepreneurial spirit that seeks the fastest path to value in today’s digital economy
UTC RetailWinRetail Merchandise ManagementMerchandise PlanningWinRetail is a fully integrated, enterprise-wide retail merchandise management, catalog and e-commerce solution. Scalable to grow with your retail organization, WinRetail provides robust functionality to meet the needs of the most demanding Buyers and...
UTC RetailReadyStore POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareUTC RETAIL’s ReadySTORE POS solution is an enterprise software solution designed for multi-store retailers. ReadySTORE POS is a Java based solution providing valuable functionality, rapid scalability and strategic architecture that allows retailers to...
UTC RetailReadyStore Mobile POSMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) SoftwareReadySTORE Mobile POS extends the Point of Sale you already know onto a handheld device. Whether it's mobile checkout, inventory management or store management functions, ReadySTORE Mobile POS provides a full-featured mobile in-store solution that can...
UTC RetailReadySTORE Gift Card and LoyaltyLoyaltyReadySTORE Gift Card and Loyalty has one of the lowest total costs of ownership of all solutions on the market today. Designed by retail experts exclusively for the retail industry, ReadySTORE Gift Card and Loyalty is a stand-alone solution you control.
UTC RetailReadySTORE Gift Card and LoyaltyGift CardsReadySTORE Gift Card and Loyalty has one of the lowest total costs of ownership of all solutions on the market today. Designed by retail experts exclusively for the retail industry, ReadySTORE Gift Card and Loyalty is a stand-alone solution you control.
ValassisEmailEmail Service Provider (ESP)Deliver personalized content to attract new shoppers to your retailer or brand
Vector SecurityVector SecurityLoss Prevention ServicesBusinesses need protection, too. Whether your business is large or small, Vector Security provides solutions tailored to fit its unique needs. Our experts get to know your business, understand your challenges and implement a security solution that is ...
Veloce POSPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareOptimize your efficiency and profitability with the most reliable point of sale (POS) system, fully tailored to your needs
VendPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareEffortlessly sell, manage and grow your retail business with Vend, the unparalleled, cloud-based point of sale system
Veras RetailVeras CheckOutPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePROVEN, FLEXIBLE POS PLATFORM Using real-time enterprise inventory data, centralized order visibility and alerting, Veras CheckOut brings the power of ecommerce to your stores.
VerishopVerishopSocial ShoppingBrowse, discover and shop — or just come for the inspo. The Verishop app is a social shopping platform where you can explore women’s and men’s clothing and accessories, makeup, skin care, decor and more through engaging videos and aspirational imagery.
VersiTechVersiPOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareA better point of sale platform
Vertebrae IncVertebraeProduct VisualizationMake the most of your 3D eCommerce strategy. Digital merchandising is now three-dimensional. Vertebrae’s end-to-end solution empowers brands and retailers to create, manage, distribute, and optimize 3D & AR commerce experiences. Deliver a better ...
Vertex, Inc.Consumer Use TaxTax Management SoftwareCreate a reliable, repeatable accounts payable process with automated tax content and functionality for the procure-to-pay process.
Vertiseit ABDigital In-store AgencyDigital Marketing ServicesWe put all the pieces together Your one-stop digital in-store partner. Our retail clients come to us looking for a strategic partner and full-service Digital Signage provider. We take great pride in building successful solutions that evolve our ...
Vice VenturesSeed Stage Venture CapitalInvestorsVice Ventures is a seed stage venture capital fund conquering stigmas and striving towards superior returns...
Vinculum GroupVin ListerMarketplace ManagementVin Lister is an automated catalog listing tool for brands to automate product listing across 20+ marketplaces in less than 5 min.
Vinculum GroupVin MDMMaster Data Management (MDM)Vin MDM is a flexible next-generation multi-domain Master Data Management solution helping keep your master data clean & consistent across multiple channels.
Vinculum GroupVin eRetailMarketplace ManagementWith ready integrations to 150+ leading webstores, marketplaces, 3PLs and last-mile fulfillment providers, Vin eRetail is enabling the multichannel collaboration. It makes easy for Retailers, eTailers, Marketplaces, 3PLs, CPG companies and Sellers on ...
Vinculum GroupVin RecoMarketplace ManagementVin Reco is a powerful tool for Marketplace Reconciliation that can help you recover lost money from marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and more.
Virto CommerceVirto CommerceeCommerce PlatformB2B Digital Commerce for Enterprises Get to market faster. Solve your most complex ecommerce needs with Virto Commerce.
VirtualAPT CorpVirtualAPTVideo ProductionOffer a one-on-one presentation from a brand ambassador filmed in your physical store Integrate one-click interactive hotspots for additional product information or to drive online purchases Offer alternative customer engagements to crowded ...
VisaVisa DirectPayment SoftwareVisa Direct enables fast payments to billions of endpoints worldwide
VisuWall TechnologiesVisuWallShopper MarketingEYE-LEVEL MEDIA Leverage the VisuWall network of storefronts to deliver brand messaging and capture analytics on traffic and engagement.
VladsterIncoPOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe all in one solution for your business. Manage your sales and inventory like never before.
VMwareTanzu Mission ControlOther SoftwareCentralized Kubernetes management Operate and secure your Kubernetes infrastructure and modern apps across teams and clouds.
Volanté SystemsVolanté POSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareCutting edge hospitality and restaurant point-of-sale software solutions
VolusionVolusioneCommerce PlatformEcommerce for everyone Everything you need to sell online. Try it free for 14 days. No credit card required.
VTEXVTEXeCommerce PlatformBoost performance with a faster time-to-revenue. Bypass replatforming overhead and improve conversion rates with an optimized digital commerce experience.
VUI, Inc.CareCall CenterReduce your operating costs and improve customer experience
VUI, Inc.Q+ACommunications and MessagingRespond to customer requests immediately & accurately
VUI, Inc.CommerceCustomer ExperienceInstantly drive purchases with easy search
VUI, Inc.Call Center + IVRCall CenterMake your IVR system conversational
VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)VWO Experience Optimization PlatformExperience Optimization (Personalization)Accelerate Growth by Delivering Optimized Digital Experiences
WachterNational RolloutsStore ServicesWachter deploys any technology anywhere – at one location or thousands. We’re the experts in national rollouts.
Weezmo LtdWeezmoData ServicesWeezmo empowers retailers to create a complete customer journey by connecting offline and online identities. We deliver actionable insights and help increase revenue for retailers.
Wicklander-Zulawski & AssociatesExecutive TrainingTrainingDisciplined Listening Method ``Use the Truth to Your Advantage`` Executive Training for Sales, Negotiating, Leadership
WidenPIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Builds high-performing software that empowers organizations to create impactful, measurable, and consistent brand experiences
Wilson Safe CompanyvariousSafesWith over 200 pre-owned safes in inventory, we have the one that fits your needs. Check out the vast selection to get a superior product at a significant discount. Discover the quality, performance, and value of our used safes.
Window Film DepotEnergy Savings Window Film InstallationOther ServicesHeat Control By working to reject ultraviolet (UV) and electromagnetic energy and better moderate indoor temperature, heat control window film is a financially sound investment that pays for itself.
WindstreamRetail IT SolutionsNetworking ServicesBusiness advisory services, tools and technology to drive innovation in consumer business
WinShuttleEnterworksMaster Data Management (MDM)MULTI-DOMAIN MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT Leverage a central repository of reliable, up-to-date master data consolidated across all enterprise applications with powerful tools to improve data quality and governance.
WinShuttleEnterWorks PIMProduct Information Management (PIM)Enables organizations to go faster, be more agile, and improve the quality of their most important data — so they can compete and thrive in the digital world
WiproData, analytics and AI servicesAnalyticsIn today’s digital world, data, analytics and AI play a key role in transforming native business operations, creating new business models and unleashing process improvements. Wipro’s data, analytics and AI services, enable organizations to deliver value
WisePlumWisePlumCustomer ExperienceHelping retail leaders maximize their return on customer experience investments.
WiseShelfWiseShelfWorkforce Management SoftwareWiseShelf brings real time insight from standard retail shelves in traditional stores enabling them to become a part of the IoT revolution
wJewelPoint of SalePoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareFull-featured POS Software that handles all aspects of a jewelry retail business
WongdoodyStrategyBrand MarketingBrand Strategy CX Strategy UX Strategy Digital Strategy Retail Strategy Content Strategy Account Planning Research Analytics/Reporting
WooCommerceWooCommerceeCommerce PlatformBuild exactly the eCommerce website you want WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. Get started quickly and make your way.
WooPOSWooPOSPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwareThe Most Complete POS And Inventory Management Software For Retailers
WorkJamWorkJamWorkforce Management SoftwareThe Frontline Digital Workplace The platform industry leaders choose to unleash the full potential of their non-desk workforces. Built for the complexities of your business.
WyndOrder Management SystemOrder Management System (OMS)Our omnichannel Order Management System solution Improve order deliverability and optimize order management on every channel, throughout the value chain.
XcartX-Cart CloudeCommerce PlatformStarting Your Journey Has Never Been So Easy Quickly launch and grow your eCommerce business on a platform designed to meet your needs today, tomorrow and in the future.
XCCommercePromotion Management ModulePromotion ManagementThe Promotion Management Module is a browser based application that provides the ability to create and manage promotion definitions centrally or at the store level.
XRC LabsAcceleratorInvestorsXRC Labs is an innovation accelerator for the next generation of disruptors in the retail technology and consumer goods sectors.
XY RetailPoint Of SaleMobile Point of Sale (MPOS) SoftwareThe next generation cloud based, enterprise-grade platform for omnichannel brands and retailers
Y CombinatorIncubatorInvestorsY Combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups.
YantriksYantriks Personalized Fulfillment PlatformFulfillment SoftwareThe Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform optimizes inventory and fulfillment for retailers. Powered by Yantriks Scaligent™ Technology – a combination of scalable, highly performant microservices architecture and artificial intelligence – the ...
YextReviewsRatings and ReviewsYour customers are your most important source of feedback. Their ratings and reviews impact how search engines and other customers make decisions about your brand everyday.
YieldifyYieldifyExperience Optimization (Personalization)Yieldify is a fully-managed website personalization platform for eCommerce. Easily create engaging online customer journeys with behaviorally triggered messages and dynamic content.
YotpoRatings & ReviewsRatings and ReviewsReviews. Your Best Revenue Driver. Turn your customer content into sales by collecting and leveraging reviews, ratings, and Q&A with Yotpo’s AI-powered solutions.
YuansferYuansferPayment SoftwareExpands your reach across multiple markets by accepting all major global wallets with a simple integration online and in-store.
Zebra TechnologiesMobile PrintersPrintersBoost Productivity And Accuracy
Zello IncZelloCommunications and MessagingZello is the highest rated push-to-talk app, connecting 140 Million users globally, empowering frontline workers, teams, and communities through instant and crystal-clear voice messaging.
Zettle by PayPalZettle POS systemsPoint of Sale (POS) SoftwarePoint-of-sale (POS) products designed to simplify every workday. Take payments and track every sale, all in one place.