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Profit Optimized Store Replenishment applies a sophisticated economic model that analyzes demand patterns, inventory costs, margin, case pack size, lead times, and other supply chain parameters to determine the inventory level that maximizes profitability

4R's Initial Buy Optimization solution can turn that hit-or-miss exercise into a consistently profitable, and measurable, process.

4R’s breakthrough solution for Assortment Optimization will change the way you think about how you manage your product offerings. Combining cutting-edge computing techniques, an agile continuous improvement methodology, and flexible customization ...

4R DC Replenishment delivers you true multi-echelon reorderpoints for every SKU, at every distribution center, every week.

4R’s Initial Buy Optimization solution can turn that hit-or-miss exercise into a consistently profitable, and measurable, process.

4R’s Seasonal Allocation Solution brings advanced analytics to an age-old retail challenge­—to never be out of stock on the products customers demand while ensuring you don’t overstock.

Stay ahead of Trends with Industry-specific Planning & Allocation

Afresh uses artificial intelligence to transform your fresh supply chain.

A retail planning software that offers a simple solution that is cost-efficient, easy to adopt, and gives a breadth of integrated function that is unique in the marketplace.

Optimizing business performance in retail

Coming in 2019, the Planning Robot offers the next evolution in merchandise planning. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Robot learns with you to correct irregularities, smooth data history, and empower your merchants.

daVinci Buying is a software application designed to eliminate individual spreadsheets on users’ desktops which are error-prone and inaccessible to the rest of the organization. daVinci Buying is a collaborative platform that unifies all buy plans ...

daVinci Merchandise Financial Planning is a software application that gives retailers the ability to develop and manage to their strategic financial merchandising goals. Your planning team can identify opportunities to increase or decrease product ...

daVinci’s Assortment Planning software inspires merchants to buy inventory with our state-of-the-art buy calculation engine to support their omni-channels.

A pioneering leader in retail pricing technology for decades, DemandTec is ushering in the new era of unified autonomous merchandising.

Built for small and medium B2B and B2C retailers, Iris M, a web-based, self-serve SaaS tool consisting of patent-pending algorithms, performs millions of computations within a few minutes of runtime.

Leafio floor planning and planogram management is a full-cycle macro and micro space management solution for retail companies that enables automated planogram generation and optimization, execution control and shelf space performance improvement.

Lucidworks Predictive Merchandiser lets you visually optimize the shopping experience for your customers.

With Live Merchandise, products automatically tell you where they are, in real-time. Get instant alerts when shelves are feeling light, so you can restock on time, every time.

Onebeat offers a robust and innovative platform for ongoing operational improvement. The full planning-to-execution cycle requires in-depth analysis of historical data, a reactive and dynamic engine to instantly understand reality as it unfolds, and ...