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Solution Type



Boost Productivity And Accuracy

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews. Your Best Revenue Driver. Turn your customer content into sales by collecting and leveraging reviews, ratings, and Q&A with Yotpo?s AI-powered solutions.

Experience Optimization (Personalization)

Yieldify is a fully-managed website personalization platform for eCommerce. Easily create engaging online customer journeys with behaviorally triggered messages and dynamic content.

Payment Software

Expands your reach across multiple markets by accepting all major global wallets with a simple integration online and in-store.

Communications and Messaging

Zello is the highest rated push-to-talk app, connecting 140 Million users globally, empowering frontline workers, teams, and communities through instant and crystal-clear voice messaging.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Provides the configuration and flexibility to execute modern product data processes

Point of Sale (POS) Software

Point-of-sale (POS) products designed to simplify every workday. Take payments and track every sale, all in one place.

Experience Optimization (Personalization)

Intelligent Engagement at Scale Engage your visitors in-the-moment with predictive, personalized 1:1 AI-based engagements that delight, drive loyalty and revenue growth.

Onsite Search

Znode?s feature-rich native site search drives conversions and great customer experience by empowering administrators to manage search across multiple stores with automatic indexing, reducing management complexity, scale issues and heavy technical demands

Order Management System (OMS)

Znode provides the visibility to display real-time inventory. Also the native extensibility allows for integration to 3PLs and logistics platforms addressing modern shipment demands, ensuring all channel?s orders are fulfilled.

Content Management System (CMS)

Znode?s built-in CMS offers out-of-box, responsive site themes and page templates.All content is stored in a single database, allowing for seamless integration with other systems and the ability to update content globally any time.

Experience Optimization (Personalization)

Zoovu helps your customers bypass choice overload by quickly leading them through a product selection process to narrow down choice to a personalized selection of products and to a purchase.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Create the fastest online shopping experience using bot technology