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Chatbots: The Future of Mobile User Experience is Here

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll help you identify the right chatbot that can revolutionize the way customers interact with your business. No more long support phone calls, complicated web forms,...

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NFTs & The Metaverse: Ready for take-off?

Setting the scene for Lifestyle Brands, Sports, and Gaming Organizations on their NFT journey. The global NFT market has emerged as a significant and growing subsegment of the digital assets...

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The Metaverse, Marketing and Future of Privacy

In this special edition of Thinking Caps, Christopher Wylie shares his thoughts on the metaverse, marketing hurdles, and the future of privacy issues. For instance, who is regulating how the...

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On-Demand Webinar – Metaverse 101 (PART 2)

This is the second part of our webinar “Metaverse 101” where we discussed the difference between the consumer and enterprise metaverse, how digital twins – clones of real world objects and systems – can...

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Metaverse 101: How It Works and What It Means For Businesses And Investors (Part 1)

This wide-ranging discussion covered the difference between the consumer and enterprise metaverse, how digital twins – clones of real world objects and systems – can create value for companies, and the role A.I. will play...

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Webinar: The CMOs guide to the metaverse

Technology is enabling creation of alternative realities and virtual worlds, creating opportunities where you can visit the moon, the Himalayas and the Amazon without having to fly anywhere. Watch the...

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The emergence of virtual worlds will transform how we live, work, shop, and socialise in the future, opening up entirely new frontiers for organisations across all sectors to serve tomorrow’s customers in...

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Implementing Inventory Management Best Practices

Is your manufacturing business running too short on inventory on the shop floor? Running out of space? Safety stock levels too high? Production schedules a mess? All resulting in late...

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Personalization: The Foundation for Great Commerce Experiences

What you'll learn: How a CDP powers personalization in terms of product discovery and content management Why personalization is the key to delivering connected commerce experiences The reason so many...

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Secrets to Successful Ecommerce (Re)Platform Deployment

B2B TECHNOLOGY GAME PLAN Webinar Series – Part 1 According to Digital Commerce 360’s October 2021 Distributor report,  over 40% of distributors indicated interest in re-platforming in 2022. These days,...

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Top Ecommerce Trends for 2022

The pandemic accelerated ecommerce growth and there’s no going back. 86% of marketing leaders believe digital commerce will be the most important sales channel within the next two years, Gartner...

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Designing In-Store Experiences That Drive Sales & Engagement

In this presentation you will learn:  The key pieces of this emerging marketing strategy and technology The gap between attention and information Path to purchase pain points Mapping digital experience...

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