Smart Decision-Making and Forecasting in a Volatile Retail Environment

As they continue to grapple with inventory disruptions, retailers are having a hard time predicting consumer behaviors in today’s uncertain economy. But the right tools and data can change that:...

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Keeping Up With The Speed Of Retail

Rapid changes in consumer technology have also created a new speed of retail. Technology upgrades for new payment options and tracking inventory are just two examples of deployments needed to...

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From Preaching to Practice: How to Harness the Power of Composable Commerce

Analysts and industry experts have been preaching about composable, headless, and, more recently, MACH and digital experience composition (DXC) for the past decade. But what does this mean for brands...

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On-Demand Webinar: A Guide to Marketing in Turbulent Times

As consumer spending habits shift due to inflation and a possible recession, marketers need to stay in front of trends, adopt strategies that meet customer expectations, and continue to work...

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