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Designing In-Store Experiences That Drive Sales & Engagement

In this presentation you will learn:  The key pieces of this emerging marketing strategy and technology The gap between attention and information Path to purchase pain points Mapping digital experience...

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How to Use Data to Enhance the Customer Journey and Mitigate Supply Chain Challenges

Supply chain constraints are making it more difficult for retailers to get the right products to the right customers at the right time. But with an effective data management strategy,...

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The Future of Retail is Getting Personal

The role of the retail store is evolving from primarily moving products to a role where brands and retailers deliver remarkable experiences - to move the hearts and minds of...

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Promo Plan : How to Profitably Grow E-Commerce Sales with Individualized Promotions

As we approach a post-pandemic retail environment, brands are assessing what online marketing tactics will be critical to their future success. For example, what role will on-site promotions play in...

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Making Customer Service Your ‘Secret Weapon’ in Building Customer Loyalty: Lessons from Retail Innovators

The connections between strong customer service and key business benefits like increased customer loyalty, repeat purchases and even upselling have never been stronger, thanks in part to the impact of...

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Inside Holiday 2021: The Top Trends That Shook the Season…and will Drive 2022 Priorities

With the 2021 holiday shopping season in the books join us as we take a look back on another record-breaking holiday season. This webinar will examine the real shopping behavior...

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How to achieve the greatest ROI from partnership marketing

While affiliate marketing to drive direct and immediate sales might be the strategy that gets the most buzz, there are several other flavors of partnership marketing available to retailers today...

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