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Use Email to Build an Emotional Connection in 2019

Build your brand community with a loyalty program and email to drive revenue and engagement. Make 2019 the year you move from a transactional conversation to building an emotional connection...

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Connecting with Gen Z Through Effective Email Marketing

The majority of marketer’s attention may be paid to Millennials, but Gen Z is quietly the largest generational cohort in the U.S. at nearly 74 million strong. But what makes...

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Legislative, Regulatory, Tax Impacts on Retail/Ecommerce: What You Need to Know

You thought the world of retail and ecommerce taxation was complicated before, but the landscape has gotten increasingly more complex with the Supreme Court ruling on S. Dakota v. Wayfair...

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Expand & Grow on E-Commerce Marketplaces: Where Should You Sell Next?

You’ve conquered the basics and mastered Amazon and eBay. Now you’re ready to explore the e-commerce opportunities that await in other marketplaces. But before you delve into new territory, you’ll...

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Peak & Post-Purchase: How this holiday could change your operations

Do any of these apply to you? You use postal delivery for some or all your shipments. You rely on your carriers to provide tracking information to your customers. You’re...

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Managing Transportation Risk in the Age of Amazon

Retailers are moving away from traditional distribution models to more flexible, adaptable strategies in order to reach consumers directly, at optimal cost and within an ever-diminishing delivery window. This takes...

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Why More Brands Are Moving Direct to Customer

Upstart digital native brands that market and sell direct to customer (DTC) have turned the traditional consumer products distribution model inside out. CPG brands are learning that they too can...

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Reshaping the Shopping Experience for the Coming Decade

In the aftermath of the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in January, retailing’s biggest event, retailers and brands are charged up with new ideas for improving the customer experience. But...

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The Coronavirus Effect: How Ecommerce Operations Are Tackling the Challenge

The ongoing global coronavirus outbreak has upended life as we know it, with the upheaval escalating in early March 2020. So how are retail and ecommerce companies coping? What kinds...

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Consumers Face the Reality of COVID-19: Observations and Implications for CPG and Retail

The modern world has never experienced what is happening in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the virus and its impact—on consumers, businesses and markets—continues to accelerate, health concerns...

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What Does the Coronavirus Federal Stimulus Package Mean for Municipalities & CRE?

Congress’ $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package is the rare legislative agreement that will have an immediate and lasting impact on ordinary citizens around the country. State and local governments will...

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Reimaging the Store in the Digital Age

Digital and physical retail are converging. The beauty and strength of stores are combining with the efficiency and intelligence of digital technologies to create a convergence that is redefining retail....

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