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Cyber Storm: Protect Your Retail Business From Cyber Attacks

Retail executives call Cyber Storm a “must-read.” The first step in protecting yourself from cyber criminals is being educated. Cyber Storm offers retail executives insight into the tactics they can use to protect themselves from data breaches and the resulting “cyber storm” of fines, lawsuits, and customer loss.

Best-selling author and One Step Retail Solutions and Secure IT CEO, Scott Kreisberg, knows that data breaches can cause major interruptions and cost big bucks. He points out that 60% of businesses close six months after a security breach.

After reading Cyber Storm, you will know how to:

· Prepare for a cyber attack

· Educate your employees to act as your first line of defense

· Keep viruses and malware off your network

Since the release of Cyber Storm, the book has become a #1 bestseller on Amazon in the categories: “Privacy & Online Safety,” “Computer Network Security,” and “Internet & Telecommunications.”

Title : Cyber Storm
Author : Leading Cybersecurity Experts
Publisher : Technologypress
Publication Date : 14/04/2022

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