Marketplace Best Practices: Transforming Commerce in the Platform Economy

Marketplace Best Practices is a new book that explores the online marketplace model as a means of platforming an e-commerce business. Written by Tom McFadyen and the online marketplace experts at McFadyen Digital this text covers the what, who, and how of online marketplaces from those who have been creating both retail and business-focused marketplaces for over 15-years. Speaking to anyone curious about building an online marketplace, Marketplace Best Practices takes a look at what constitutes an online marketplace, who is currently succeeding with the marketplace model, and how an organization can build and grow an online marketplace of its own. Going beyond the superficial and taking a deep look at the nuances and possibilities of the marketplace model, this book discusses everything from market motivations, various models of the marketplace, building a business case, making strategic decisions, selecting the right technology, then building and launching a new marketplace property. The book’s three main sections cover: WHAT IS AN ONLINE MARKETPLACE? Learn about the various models and applications of the online marketplace model. WHO IS SUCCEEDING WITH THE MARKETPLACE MODEL? Learn who is currently profiting from this exciting model of digital commerce. HOW DO WE BUILD AND LAUNCH A MARKETPLACE? Learn how both retail and B2B organizations can strategize, build, launch, and mature their own marketplace.

Title : Marketplace Best Practices: Transforming Commerce in the Platform Economy
Author : Tom McFadyen
Publisher : Independently published
Publication Date : 10/03/2021

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