Rant of a Retailer: True Stories From a Retail Manager

Rant of a Retailer outlines the true-life adventures of Macy May Marcus, a seasoned department store manager, complete with insane customers, worse employees, and one horrendous boss. This is a non-fiction humor book on the trials and the (mild) triumphs of working in retail. According to The Wall Street Journal, roughly one of every 10 Americans is employed in the retail sector. This means 30 million of your readers will be able to relate to Macy’s stories of agonized fitting room explosions and the horrors of the holidays. All stories are 100% true: every crazy, silly, disastrous, bumbling, lunatic story comes straight from the linoleum-covered racetrack of a major big-box retail store. With Chapters like, “Crazy Customers Make It All Worthwhile”, “Returns, or Seriously? You’re Really Returning This?”, or “Loss Prevention, or Don’t Steal! (But if You Do, You Won’t Get Caught)”, plus a bonus chapter on how to actually get what you want from bored, burnt-out, unmotivated retail employees. This is a laugh-out-loud, must-have manual for anyone who works – or shops – retail!

Title : Rant of a Retailer: True Stories From a Retail Manager
Author : Macy May Mar cus
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date : 22/10/2015

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