Web3: A New Era Of Shopper Experience And Expression

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The success of any brand hinges on its ability to deliver personalized and immersive customer experiences. Enter Web3, which unlocks a new infrastructure and new capabilities for digital teams to give shoppers more control over their experience. Chris Silver, Co-founder of the customer loyalty platform BambuMeta, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise on this topic as he and his team explore the various ways brands can embrace Web3 to enhance customer engagement and drive loyalty.

During this episode of Retail Remix, host Alicia Esposito chats with Chris about his history in retail and how he analyzes the new opportunities that come with new channels and technologies, such as AR, gaming and metaverse experiences. Check out this episode to learn:

  • Why Chris helped start BambuMeta to enhance the customer experience through loyalty programs and omnichannel technology;
  • The importance of data security and identity protection in this new era of customer experience; and
  • How brands can determine when and how to jump into the evolving world of Web3.