Accelerating time to value with AI in Retail and Ecommerce

Building AI systems to improve merchandising, enhancing customer care, optimizing marketing strategies can be challenging projects with long iteration cycles, costly and time consuming data labeling requirements, and more. With the right architecture and tech stack, however, your team can mitigate these roadblocks and accelerate the path to deployment.

In this webinar, Labelbox Solutions Engineer Robert Wood and Google Cloud Platform Sales Engineer Akash Gupta will share a series of technical demos and reference architectures that leverage powerful foundation models and the seamless integration between Labelbox and Google Cloud to deliver successful AI systems in significantly less time. Join the event to learn how you can:

  • Establish shorter development cycles for personalized search and recommendation applications with state-of-the art data management and labeling solutions
  • Lower your dependency on human labeling by automating key processes and leveraging foundation models
  • Deploy a visual layer on top of your data warehouse, allowing your team to perform weak supervision, similarity search, and bulk labeling tasks
  • Draw deeper business insights within Google BigQuery and as you engage in multiple data science and machine learning activities across your ML lifecycle
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Rob Wood, Solutions Engineer, Labelbox, Akash Gupta, ISV Sales Engineer, Google
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