Awareness of Audience Hijacking Among Online Retailers

Competition for customer loyalty — and share of wallet —  is fierce. Are your online customers being lured away or distracted by unwanted pop-ups or competitor ads? It’s estimated that Audience Hijacking tactics can disrupt 15% or more of eCommerce site visits. Akamai’s Retail Industry Strategist, Susan McReynolds, sat down with Emily Lyons to discuss key findings and insights from the research report Awareness of Audience HIjacking Among Online Retailers.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The business impact of the most common Audience Hijacking tactics
  • How to reduce affiliate fraud to protect revenue
  • Why gaining visibility into Audience Hijacking should be a cross-functional business priority
Organizer :
Retail Dive
Speaker :
Susan McReynolds, Industry Strategy Manager, Akamai, Emily Lyons, Product Marketing Manager, Akamai
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