How to Build the Right Loyalty Program in Retail and Consumer Goods

Featured Speakers:

Matt Marcotte, Global Head of Retail and Consumer Goods Industry Advisors, Salesforce
Fredy Afif, Senior Manager, Global Retail & Consumer Goods Industry Perspectives, Salesforce
Vlad Hanzlik, Director, Global Retail & Consumer Goods Industry Perspectives, Salesforce

Consumer loyalty is on the decline. In response, retailers and brands have turned to loyalty programs to improve customer retention. But many programs struggle to engage customers, some outright frustrate customers, and most simply fail to stand out from the 15 loyalty programs the average customer joins. To be successful, modern loyalty programs must tap into consumer emotions and deliver highly personal end-to-end experiences. You can make this happen with a single view of the customer journey with real-time insights.

Learn how to create engaging loyalty experiences for your business in our upcoming webinar featuring a customer spotlight and our latest loyalty guide.

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Matt Marcotte, Fredy Afif, Vlad Hanzlik
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