The Future of Retail: How Edge AI Is Transforming the Industry

In this webinar, you will learn how Insight and Intel are helping retail and QSR organizations adopt, optimize and maintain intelligent edge solutions for improved business outcomes. You will discover how edge AI can enhance customer experience, operational efficiency, health and safety, and scalability in the retail industry. You will also see how Insight’s data and AI experts can help you leverage edge AI for data-driven decision-making and innovation.

Webinar highlights:

· Explore the importance and benefits of edge AI in retail.

· See how connected platforms can transform your retail infrastructure from proprietary, specialized and monolithic to virtualized, open and interoperable.

· Learn how omnichannel solutions can help you digitize every step of the customer journey and integrate across departments, sites and datasets.

· Find out how Insight’s modern data platform, business intelligence and AI capabilities can help you optimize your data infrastructure and cloud, and implement data strategy and governance.

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Carm Taglienti, Chief Data Officer, Insight, Kristen Call, Sr. Industry Advisor, Intel
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