The Influencer Marketing Landscape – A PSFK Webinar

In this influencer strategy webinar, the PSFK iQ research team examines the current state of the influencer marketing landscape across the creator economy, diving deep into best practices and real examples of innovation as brands seek to partner with influencers and community stakeholders in ever-evolving ways.

Attendees will come away with a thorough understanding of the practical ways in which brands can optimize and enhance their influencer marketing practices, as well as gain deeper insight into where the long-term opportunities exist for building an impactful and rewarding influencer marketing program.

What you will learn from this event:
  • What the current state of the influencer marketing marketplace is
  • Why brand and retailer participation in the creator economy is important
  • How brands are changing their approaches to working with influencers
  • The key trends fueling the influencer marketing landscape
  • How brands can leverage new tools and platforms within the creator economy to improve ROI and performance
Organizer :
Retail Innovation Week
Speaker :
Pers Fawkes, Founder, PSFK & Retail Innovation Week
Price :