The State of AI in Retail: A Playbook for Success

Artificial Intelligence in retailing is not new, but generative AI is introducing innovations and outcomes that have never before been imagined. In this webinar, Salesforce and Slack will examine the key possibilities and use cases for generative AI across the entire retail process model.

We’ll begin with a refresher on the different phases of AI technology and then provide a glimpse into how retailers are driving results with various types of AI today. We’ll also demystify common buzzwords to help retail operators deploy a more successful AI strategy.

Attendees also will hear how Salesforce and Slack are embedding trusted AI into their products to help retailers equip their teams for success. Register to learn:

  • The ways that generative AI can transform omnichannel retailing;
  • What retailers should consider when crafting their AI strategy; and
  • AI adoption examples and use cases in retail.
Organizer :
Retail TouchPoints
Speaker :
James Murphy, Salesforce, Duane Peck, Slack, Alicia Esposito, Retail TouchPoints
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