Trend Watch: How Customer Journeys Are Changing E-Commerce

Between recommendations from friends, creator commentary, brick and mortar encounters, email blasts, brand partnerships, and endless digital channels, how a customer finds your brand and ultimately makes a purchase varies drastically person to person. The once linear customer journey has quickly turned into one with infinite touchpoints. In a saturated e-commerce market, retailers must ensure their brand story is cohesive and compelling whether a customer’s first touchpoint is on the product page, category page, or something entirely different.

Join Retail Brew as we sit down with The Line Studios’ Co-Founders, Lindsay More Nisbett and Robert Harkey, for an exclusive look at their recent trend report on e-commerce imagery. Lindsay and Robert share their findings on the changing customer journey and what recommendations they have for how retailers should be testing new creative, analyzing consumer insights, and keeping their online experience fresh. Following this segment, Disco’s CEO and founder Conner Sherline will join us. He’ll discuss how brands can optimize the post-purchase environment, the potential benefits of a modern collaborative marketing infrastructure, and how brand partnerships can lead to next-level synergy and attract high-intent shoppers.

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Retail Brew
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Robert, Harkey, Co-Founder and Director of Operations, The Line Studios, Lindsay More Nisbett, Co-Founder and Brand Director, The Line Studios, Conner Sherline, Founder & CEO, Disco, Elyssa Margolis, VP, Head of Creative Studio, Morning Brew, Josh Sternberg, Executive Editor, Morning Brew
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