Retail Agility

Retailers, brace yourself
As we look ahead to the new year there are more unknowns confronting retailers than in decades. Much is subject to change at a moment’s notice, in directions that can’t be accurately predicted, and to magnitudes that may have a significant impact.

Retailers, prepare yourself
Mindy Grossman, now President & CEO at WW, coined the phrase “Agile is the new smart.” This has never been truer. We’re not fortune tellers, but we can tell you what successful retailers have done and are doing.

Invest In Agility

Needing to make big decisions without a crystal ball, your best option is to invest in your company’s ability to change. People, processes, and systems should all be considered.

Self Assessment

  • Agility in your hiring strategy: Are permanent vs. contract considerations made to facilitate possible future change or are all hires permanent to fill headcount limits?
  • Agility in your hiring profiles: Are candidates judged based on their ability to learn and adapt or more on their ability to do the immediate job at hand?
  • Agility in your process development: Are processes designed to be changed effectively and efficiently or are they designed with only current requirements in mind?
  • Agility in your solution selection: Is solution flexibility scored in your RFP or not?
  • Agility in your solution contracting: Are your software subscription fees tied to all potential future business changes or just increases in revenue?

For a more in-depth assessment and a discussion on how to best address gaps, please feel free to contact us.