AI-Powered Product Recommendations Propel Apparel Retailer’s Revenue by 91%


A European apparel retailer was struggling to optimize product recommendations on their website, leading to irrelevant item suggestions and missed revenue opportunities. The retailer’s previous personalization platform exclusively presented customers with generic top-selling product recommendations, which lacked relevance to individual shoppers’ needs and preferences. For instance, a customer browsing men’s jeans might receive a recommendation for red lipstick simply due to its popularity. This approach lacked relevance to the customer’s original search query, ultimately resulting in a loss of potential sales.

Seeking to enhance customer experience and drive revenue, the retailer turned to Sophelle for their proven ecommerce personalization track record


Sophelle’s Digital Experience consultants utilized artificial intelligence as a co-pilot to re-engineer the recommendation logic, replacing generic top-sellers with custom suggestions. The new AI algorithms leveraged real-time consumer behavior data such as clicks, add-to-carts, and purchases, as well as page context, to generate tailored product recommendations.

As a result of this strategic adjustment, customers browsing men’s jeans were now presented with items relevant to their preferences. These recommendations included men’s apparel items like matching shirts, socks, and other related products, creating a more engaging and personalized shopping experience.


Sophelle’s adjustments to the retailer’s AI algorithms were immediately evident. Within two weeks of implementation, the retailer witnessed a staggering 91% increase in Revenue per Session from product recommendations. 

With Sophelle’s expertise and the power of AI-driven personalization, the European apparel retailer successfully optimized their product recommendations, providing a seamless shopping journey for their customers and establishing a strong foundation for future success.